Knights of Dorrin

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100 years ago, a great rebellion destroyed the old Trevayin Dynasty. The Trevayins, a Dragonborn lineage, were tyrants of a terrible and decadent sort. They took their pleasures whenever and however they chose, for their power knew no equal in the lands of Adamar.

At the height of their power, one the city’s archmages, Astaria Stormhawk divined the great city’s future if the Trevayins were allowed to remain in charge. She saw that their thirst for power and control would eventually darken the land and claim the lives of millions—including her own.

Inspired by this revelation, Astaria set out to build a rebellion by uniting the working class with the servant/slave class. She was able to persuade 11 other leaders in the city to join her cause: Aegir Tallowhof— Great Literary and Official Scribe of the Dynasty, Dunatis Cawl—Master Warrior, Vathor Bruin—Merchant and Adventurer, Scorpius Hayze—Arch Mage, Silvanus Marille—Herbologist and Master of Potions, Balinor Shir—Historian and Enchanter, Cornis Grey-Beard—Hunter, Sulus Krael—Goldsmith, Pelagus the Great—Explorer, Lord Thiryn Royal Scientist and Tactician, and Riven the Black—Engineer and Weaponsmith.

Together, the group that would eventually become known as The Founders of Dorrin or “The Founders” organized a coup that freed every slave and laid waste to the infrastructure of the Trevayin Dynasty. The city; originally named DragonCrest was renamed Dorrin—a celestial word for Freedom. The Great City of Dorrin is now the "Jewel of the Sacred Sea"; a city of knowledge and equality.

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Lord Merrin
Chair of House Vathor
The Great Council of Dorrin

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