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The Cha'meha Krin cartel is a gang of spice-dealers and smugglers operating out of the Halo Frontier cluster in the Kanz Sector. The Krin is fast and mobile, made up of largely-anonymous smuggling vessels as their fleet, and small gangs of dealers in settled areas, most of whom keep their affiliation with the Krin a secret (even if it's just an open one, in some cases).


The Cha'meha Krin are led by a notorious twi'lek smuggler and spice baron who is known only as the Eas'kabah, a Twi'leki word that means "warlord."

  • The Eas'kabah has a flagship with a complement of starfighters to provide him defense.
  • No one sees the Eas'kabah save for the Krin's lieutenants. They are invited to his ship occasionally to tend to business there.


The Cha'meha Krin is decentralized and only loosely organized, quite deliberately.

  • They are an informal network of smugglers and spice-runners who bring goods in for the Krin's network.
  • The Eas'kabah arranges for shipments of spice to his lieutenants, who them apportion it up to be sold by their networks.
  • There are Cha'meha Krin gangs in all the major settlements of the Frontier: all the major cities of Kobagari (where they work closely with the Sons of the Razor), the settlements of Lekanton (though to a lesser degree), and across Gandria's cities.
  • Individual dealers – who may or may not be directly associated with the Krin – can often be found in smaller settled areas and colonies. About half the time they are locals who are shipped goods by lieutenants; others deal directly with Krin smugglers.

Halo Station Gang

Deh Chobah
Leader of the Halo Station Krin
A very recognizable Twi'lek man who bears full-body tattoos done in the style of some zabrak. He frequently puts on airs of sophistication, but he is ultimately delighted when he is feared. He is frequently attended by a quartet of Twi'lek and Togruta dancing boys, any number of which may actually be one of his bodyguards. Deh Chobah himself is a former bounty hunter, and well-known to be quite dangerous.


  • The Vertigo: A nightclub built into the Under-Market, the Vertigo is a seedy establishment that caters to low-lifes and spice-heads, with loud, driving music and stim-holo displays. It is dark, with all sorts of small alcoves for the buying and using of spice, and its security is tight enough to hold off station security to allow its patrons to escape through one of the dozen passages out into the Under-Market maze. Deh Choba has a VIP balcony-platform overlooking the main floor that can actually activate a ray-shield to defend it. Most of the Station's Krin business is conducted out of this platform.


  • Bounty Hunters: Deh Chobah has close ties with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, having formerly been a bounty hunter himself before falling in with the Cha'meha Krin. He maintains one of the few Guild Terminals on Halo Station in the VIP area of Vertigo, and he offers one of the Guild expeditors aboard the station, Joshen Misk, a permanent spot in his lounge.


  • Voidfang Syndicate: Though traditionally rivals, the Halo Station Krin have an uneasy truce with the Voidfang Syndicate at the moment, though it's the sort of tenuous peace that could break out in violence at the slightest provocation.