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One of the corporations native to the Halo Frontier, Tiliq Mining Consortium is quite easily the biggest of them. Built by a conglomeration of investors from Gandria, Kobagari, and the Lekanton Sovereignty, Tiliq has long since outgrown its origins, becoming an economic power in the Halo Frontier. Though they have spread to other parts of the Kanz Sector, they largely remain a local entity.


  • Prex: x
  • Vice-Prex: x
  • Representative to the Halo Board: Nonis Korraay sits on the seat allocated to Tiliq Mining Consortium aboard the Halo Station. Though born on Kobagari, Nonis does not adhere to the Masque Stricture of his people (unless visiting there, which rumors say he goes out of his way to avoid). Nonis is engaging and welcoming, promising very little but faithfully relaying the wishes of others to his superiors.

Offices & Operations



The following pieces of equipment are fairly ubiquitous to Tiliq Mining Consortium operations.


Koensayr IE-440 "Nighthawk"-series Multi-Role Starfighters
Tiliq invested heavily in Koensayr's Nighthawk starfighters shortly after the Colonies-based corporation introduced the design before the Clone Wars. Today, Nighthawks are nearly synonymous with Tiliq, to the point where representatives of the corporation get touchy about others – particularly other corporations or governments – fielding them.
Mendel Baudo "Baudo"-class Star Yacht
Executive Transports
The favored transport for Tiliq's upper echelon of executives, there's never any question whether such a vessel is Tiliq property or not: they are all decorated with the company's iconography and accompanied by a minimum of four Nighthawks.
Sienar "Marauder"-class Corvette
Security Corvette
The backbone of Tiliq security forces, Marauders are dispatched as central security patrols in Tiliq-held areas, notably over Sacaya and in the Gandria Nebula near Arvoth. Most of the Tiliq Marauders are fitted with upgraded hyperdrives, which allow them to arrive quickly to places where security is needed, bringing with them their dozen Nighthawks in-hangar.
Mobquet MMT-class Medium Transport
Standard Cargo Hauler
For the majority of Tiliq cargo-hauling – particularly of bulky, heavy ore – the corporation deploys MMTs. These workhorses can get sizable cargos from one place to another, usually accompanied by at least four Nighthawks.
CEC/Gallofree "Gozanti"-class Armed Transport
Precious Cargo Transport
Though rarer, there are some particularly valuable ores, minerals, and gasses harvested by Tiliq operations. These goods are not entrusted to the lumbering MMTs. Instead, the combat-capable Gozantis are deployed, along with a flight of at least six Nighthawks, to better fight off pirates and other thieves. Particularly large cargos may be split between two of these vessels, with a dozen starfighters and a Marauder corvette as escort.

Tiliq Asteroid Mining Rings


One of the distinct innovations of the Mining Consortium are its mining rings, a proprietary technology that combines starship engineering with state of the art harvesting technology. Mining rings can be maneuvered to capture asteroids and other smaller chunks of free-floating space ore, capturing them and even able to transport them around a given system at sublight speeds.

The installation then drives a spar down into the captured material. This spar is hollow and is the means by which miners gain access to the surface of the material. The spar also contains the means to gather and sort ore and deposit it within the ring's upper chassis, in the ore-storage compartments there.

The can generate an energy field that keeps the asteroid or any of its particles from spinning off into space as it is broken up. Instead, the spar is equipped with a "catapult" system that ejects worthless rock at high speeds away from the ring.

Defenses: Each shift of work, Tiliq ensures that its rings are protected by a patrol of four to eight IE-440 "Nighthawk" starfighters, who act to defend ring installations. They usually spend their shifts patrolling the area, warning off any approaching ships. Attacks by pirates or other assailants that can't be easily handled by the patrol are reported to the Consortium, who respond by sending in a Tiliq security force consisting of a single Marauder-class corvette and its complement of twelve Nighthawks.

In emergency situations, a mining ring's catapult system (which is really more of a projectile gun emplacement) has even been used to defend a mining ring against attacks. By and large, though, this is the extent of the defenses a mining ring has available to it.