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Lawful Evil
Lesser God of Tyranny and Vengeance
Also called The King-in-Iron, Father of Tyrants, the Iron Lord
Cleric Domains
Light, War
Tenets of Makoryn
Makoryn is the god of tyranny, imprisonment, punishment, and torture. His powers and those of his servants are concerned with concepts of misused authority, fear, intimidation and the lust for power.
Makoryn is most often depicted as a tall, lordly figure, clad in leathern robes set with rivets and clasps made of cold, dully grey iron. His garments are set here and there with dark, blood-red garnets, and he wears a mask-crown made of tall, sharp edges, with only pure void staring out of the eyeholes in the mask. He wields a long-handled mace crafted of cunningly interwoven iron shards, similar in design to his mask-crown.
Makoryn's holy symbol is an iron pendant, diamond-shaped, depicting a jagged-headed mace-scepter. The faith's other symbols include jagged, sharp iron or iron chains, iron masks that limit vision, hearing and breath, garnets of all kinds, and web-spinning spiders (due to their imprisonment and torture of their prey). Makoryn's favor is sometimes shown by a ruddy, maroon radiance.
The sun goddess Khoro crafted Makoryn when she seized up the ever-transforming essence of the primordial Vabrosyn, and imprisoned it in iron and leather restraints which she imbued with divinity and fashioned into the King-in-Iron. He imprisons the eternally transforming and growing flesh-elemental Vabrosyn by slicing away all of his changes and growths, keeping him stagnant and in one shape forever by virtue of containment.
The Hellshards (Hell)
A loud, clanging realm of eternal noise and a thousand-thousand sharp iron edges, the Hellshards were crafted to eternally cut at the flesh of the primordial Vabrosyn, a great web of eternally-reshaping flesh and sinew. Those who abused their power over others, or threw over justice in favor of vengeance are banished here, to be painfully tormented and hunted by the iron devils of Makoryn.
The Almanni Theocracy, the Iron Fist Heresy, the Makorynite Orthodoxy of Liminal, the Sudmunari Sect

The Faithful

Worshippers of Makoryn


Priests of Makoryn


Clerics of Makoryn


Paladins of Makoryn


Orders & Locations

Known Temples

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Known Cloistered Orders

  • The Order of Saint Ilithra: The Order is something of an outside faction, practically a sect in its own right and for good reason: they forbid adherence to the hierarchy or tenets of any single Makorynite sect, but teach that there is a vital truth to be found in all of them. They have a reputation as wandering scholars and are generally welcome in most places where Makoryn is worshipped, even in the monasteries of the Inquisition (although not in its temples or public places).

Known Knightly Orders


Known Sacred Sites


Favored Servants of Makoryn

  • Devils: A number of devils serve Makoryn, as any of the Talion gods. In particular, Makoryn favors vizier devils, occasionally sending them to advise the faithful and pain devils to administer his holy torments. His noted favored servants among devilkind, however, are the kytons, the so-called chain devils. The Hellshards are administered by a cohort of pit fiends called the "Masters of Clangor."
  • Spiders: In the Hierophantine Codex, there is a vision in which one of the Iron Hierophants - ill with a prophecy-plague contracted during a visit to the Eternal Hells - describes seeing Makoryn's robes open. Within the vast expanses of his holiness, there beats a glistening, slithering, twisting heart-thing that is all that remains of Vabrosyn. It is bound up in jagged iron webs, spun by a thousand-thousand spiders that dwell in the darkness of Makoryn's being. Spiders and the patterns of their webs have often been the source of omens for Makorynite prophets, and the god himself has on more than one occasion sent great demon spiders to do his bidding.

Saints of the Makorynite Church

  • Saint Ilithra Illuminator: An ancient scribe and scholar of the early Makorynite priesthood, Saint Ilithra taught that some of Makoryn's faithful must simply watch and discover information - the more closely guarded the better. He swore an oath of neutrality and was largely trusted by all facets of the early church, a trust that continues to be extended (however guardedly) to his sworn followers today.
  • Saint Chobinn the Manacled: Also called Saint Chobinn the Merciful, Chobinn was a wandering ascetic of Makoryn driven by a single purpose: to see that the imprisoned were cared for. He embodies the "cruel mercy" of some Makorynite priests, who hold that those who ought be suffering must be shown compassion and healing, that their souls might be purified by the suffering they experience during life. In short, the longer they live, the more they suffer, and so a little compassion is holy and needful. He often broke into prisons and dungeons to feed and heal those within, but never freed them. He was captured and starved to death within the dungeons of a tyrant in what is now one of the portions of the Empire of the Nine.
  • Usmanax the Sainted: Terrifying but wise, Usmanax is said to be a great spider of immense size that dwells in a cavern in the Ilandor Mountains. This cavern is a place of pilgrimage for some powerful servants of Makoryn, for Usmanax understands more about the nature of Makoryn than any mortal or devil in existence. Those who show themselves to be merciless, powerful and yet humble may find wisdom and power given to them by the great Sainted Spider. Those who fail to measure up in his eyes are eaten.
  • Saint Dovis of the Mace: The patron saint of the Brotherhood of the Scepter, Saint Dovis was a powerful dwarven paladin and master of mace combat and guerilla tactics. According to the Hierophantine Codex, he died in the war against the Great Tyrant, the founder of the Iron Heresy, his death serving as warning against the power of that terrible warlord who would have come to rule all of Rinhony.
  • Saint Erithania the Pilgrim, the First High Watcher: Only canonized within the Sudmunari sect, Erithania was a warrior-priestess of Makoryn who received a vision of how to properly destroy the tyrants of Sudmunar and prevent others from taking their place. She is revered as an oracle and a great general, who raised an army not by money or political power, but by the power of her words and the justice of her cause.

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