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The northermost quintan, abutting the Rivermouth district, is home to the Great Market of Liminal, a massive market square. The extraplanar merchants of Rivermouth frequently set up their exotic wares in the rented stone stalls of this market. This area also sees a number of permanent merchant's shops and inns that cater to travelers.

The blocks south of the Great Road in the Market Quintan are what are called Guilds-blocks: clusters of shops all based around a single craft, their owners all cohorts in the same Merchant Guild. Guilds-blocks are often built to include the guild-hall for one of the Guilds in Liminal, making them highly sought-after shops by the members of that Guild. The Guild itself usually owns the shops there, and its masters and journeymen finagle and maneuver to attempt to secure the rights to such a shop.

Gates & Other Landmarks

  • The Tallygate (G6): The gate into Accord
  • The Gate of Coins (G10): The gate into Fest Quintan.
  • The Gate of Wayns (G11): The gate into Workman's Quintan.
  • The Rivergate (G17): The gate into Rivermouth.
  • The First Guildsbank of Liminal (M1): The literal first bank to be created on the continent of Rinhony, the First Guildsbank is a massive edifice where thousands of monetary transactions happen every day. Several stories in height, and rumored to have multiple levels of subterranean vaults, the First Guildsbank is extremely well defended by an elite force of defenders, the Guild Banksguard. They also maintain several Guild Spellwrights on staff, in service and defense capacities.


  • The Great Market (M2): The Great Market is a huge open square, with a cluster of semi-permanent booths in its center, and ringed by a selection of permanent market-shops whose space can be rented by the enterprising merchant. Every day of operation, the Great Market is filled with bustling peoples the planes over, buying and selling their goods. It closes at night, with a special detachment of the Watch assigned to guard against thieves.
  • The Garments Market (M3): A Guilds-block of high-priced shops dedicated to all manner of cloth and garment-making, the Garments Martket has it all: otherplanar fashion, the finest of silk-dyers, tapestry weavers and nearly everything else one might want.
    • The Foremost Wardrobery (M4): The largest of the buildings in this Guilds-block is the headquarters for the Most Nurturing Guild of Clothiers in Liminal.
  • The Woodcrafts Market (M5): This Guilds-block is dedicated to the fine craft of woodworks. All manner of craftsmen ply their trade here, from furniture crafters to instrument makers to coffin-crafters. It is common to see large wagons filled with raw wood outside the Woodcrafts Market, with journeymen from the shops haggling for a portion of the wagon's contents.
    • The Grand Lathe Hall (M6): The largest of the buildings in this Guilds-block is the headquarters for the Attentive & Precise Guild of Woodturners & Lathesfolk in Liminal.
  • Elmadinn's Otherworldly Jewels (M7): The Spellwright Elmadinn is a renowned enchanter of gems and jewelry of all sorts. His husband by dwarf-rite, the dwarven master jeweler Dorgrond, also maintains his workshop out of the place, but his work is exclusively used in Elmadinn's enchanting.
  • The Silver Horn (M8): A shop of curiosities, curios and trophies, the Silver Horn is a strange and wondrous place. Filled with stuffed beasts of a bewildering variety - animals and monsters alike - the Silver Horn specializes in both taxidermy and in providing magicians and craftsmen with the rare parts of myriad animals for their work.
Market Quintan Dwellings
  • Cottage: 440 gp
  • Manor: 44,000 gp
  • Quarters: 1100 gp
  • Stone Building: 3300 gp
  • Wood Building: 1650 gp

Government & Nobility

  • Marigold House (House Desiram) (M9): Named for the carvings of marigolds that wind up both of its outer stone towers, Marigold House is a residence of House Desiram. It is also sometimes called the Lady's House, for its principal resident, Lady Arkasia Desiram is a half-elven lady of great style and wealth. She also frequently hosts the ladies of her House - her sisters and nieces, usually - in multiple day retreats that involve entertainment and the arrival of some of the foremost craftsmen to the Marigold House to tempt the ladies with their finest wares. The Guilds are extremely solicitous of Lady Arkasia's favor as a result.
  • Sunglass Gardens (House Caelmont) (M10): The tall domed building of Sunglass Gardens is a grand sight on the skyline of the quintan. Crafted mostly of a fine, lightly golden glass, this Caelmont residence features massive sections of glass floor in many of its main rooms, permitting the light from above to pierce all the way down to the bottom floor - the so-called Garden Chamber, known for its floors of glass that cover a field of ever-blooming flowers, the results of an incredible enchantment. The Caelmont family does not install any single individual here, but tends to give rooms to those of their number who oversee household investments and the like, providing them with the means to entertain investors and important Guildsfolk.
  • Arncook Manor (House Keviam) (M11): A walled-in manor house done in the style of the Noble Quintan estates, this is the home of House Keviam, one of the minor Houses of Liminal. Arncook Manor is a beautiful, old construction, extremely lavish in its decorative style and maintenance.

Taverns & Inns

  • The Claw & Mandrake (Tavern) (M12): A magician's and adventurer's tavern.
  • Golden Arrow Tavern (M13): A very high-profile tavern with prices that prevent all but the wealthiest and most noble from frequenting it.
  • The Hammer & Loaf (Inn) (M14): An inn favored by merchants selling at the Great Market.
  • The Pikeman (Tavern) (M15): A favorite tavern of Watchmen.

Mages & the Arcane

  • Sundaryn's Philtres & Elixirs (M16): An eladrin Spellwright that specializes in the making of philtres, potions, ointments and similar alchemical and magical mixtures.
  • The House of Warin'Matha (M17): A reclusive githyanki magician known for his mastery of planar magics, it is said that the Garden of Warin'Matha houses strange plants from all over the planes.

Temples & Monasteries

  • None

Military & Mercenaries

  • Daedmont's Company (M18): A merchant company that only takes Guilds contracts, Daedmont's Company specializes in caravan guarding and protection of shops. They also provide bodyguards to important Guildsfolk.
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