Minah's Log

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Day One -- research on space travel.

By installing a rare magical helm chair in an ordinary ship we will be able to fly through the sky. Others have visited our ports in the past but were informed enough to list other ports of origin in our world. The "helm" chair also creates a bubble of air that will last an I determinate length of time, but is definately limited.

Ships travel quickly through the space between celestial spheres called the void or the sea of Philosogen. Spheres contain the sun and surrounding planets. It can take months to travel within a sphere. Most spheres have their own set of deities which can cause problems for clerics, although Selune reigns over space and spelljamming (flying ships with a caster's magic) so she is worshiped in most spheres.

Our sphere is called Realm Space. It was previously ruled by the Shou Empire and the Elves of Evermean who command a fleet of renowned. There are also Nieogi, Illithid, various beholder trives, and dwarves. The dwarves reside in the tears of Selune.

Day Two

We have loaded our ship with 9 sailors, 7 marines, and 12 canaries (for air control). We have 3 tons or 4800 man-days worth of supplies. This should last us 228 days and be pleanty of time to travel with.

The ship is extremely fast and windy when near land and the air is still once you reach the stars. A coin bounces when flipped overboard and floats away overhead. A arrow penetrated what I presume is the edge of the air field, and slowed but sailed onward.

We set course for Selune's tears, and were surrounded by rocks in two hours time. The air field is somewhat protective and smaller rocks bounce off it, although larger ones require finesse.

Very large rocks will draw crew members towards them from the ship.

A Shool of huge brightly colored jellyfish floated past. Each fish was hand sized to forearm sized. They pulse red and amber when frightened and ran from our ship.

Many of the rocks we are passing have plants upon them, like small islands in the sea.

5 15 foot black fish with white spots were able to move into our air field or wake.