New Dawn, Old Shadows

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A D&D 5th Edition campaign

"Hodor." - Hodor

Player Characters

The Dearly Apotheosized

Player Character Info

General Knowledge

Who's Who




  • The Church of Dom
  • The Creed of the Beacon
  • The Olympians
    • The Olympians are the dominant faith in Darshiniath. Long ago these gods and goddesses held dominion throughout most of the world until it was usurped by the Dom pantheon.
  • The Creator Ra and the Pantheon of Ydis
    • The ancient faith of Ydis is still recognized in that broken land. They believe that Set had long ago stolen Ra's golden eye and hidden it beneath the world. Ptah had crafted him a new eye, which is the smaller pale blue sun of modern times. The fei of Darshiniath and a few of the scindo of Threxantra continue to worship the gods of their ancestors.
  • Divine Courts of the Summer Kingdom & the Dynasty of Zhan
  • Nonhuman Pantheons
  • Masters of the Lower Planes & the Abyss
  • The Others




Greeph's Burden (Party Inventory)

New Dawn, Old Shadows:House Rules

Rose Magi Mission Statement


Hero Points and Plans Page