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Remotes are droid-like constructions capable of performing uncomplicated actions such as scouting, recording footages, or searching for pre-determined items or persons. They are controlled by a user through a linked datapad or advanced slicer gear. (Commanding a remote requires a maneuver, though more complex commands may require an action and a Computers skill check.)

Generic Remote
400 credits • Rarity 2
Simple drone remotes capable of performing basic preprogrammed tasks.
Source: SM53
Butterbug Remote
700 credits • Rarity 4
Palm-sized remotes hat transmit localized information to one another and to the user. They are often linked together into a networked swarm.
Source: SM53
Service Patch Remote
900 credits • Rarity 3
A remote that analyzes damage to a starship's systems and repairs broken circuits. Slickers sometimes use them to compromise physical security measures protecting computers.
Source: SM53
Shield Remote
1100 credits • Rarity 5
An asymmetrical remote with an armored shield on one side and motion-tracking sensors across its shell. The remote places itself between agressors and the user, physically impeding attacks.
Source: SM53



xx credits • Rarity x
Source: xx