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The Rivermouth is imbricate to a Elemental Chaos city called Basinadath, in a realm called the Great Confluence, where many great planar rivers criss-cross. Basinadath is a great trading city, as the rivers of the Great Confluence flow away to touch on many realms and planes.

Gates & Other Landmarks



  • Dolanmere Hall (RX): Guildhall of the Sacred Stonewright's Guild.
Rivermouth Dwellings

Though hard to come by, property in Rivermouth is inexpensive compared to some of the other imbricate districts, particularly when combined with the likelihood of prosperity to be found here. The downside, of course, is that all residents are required to make an oath to answer when Basinadath has need of defenders.

  • Cottage: 440 gp
  • Manor: 44,000 gp
  • Quarters: 1200 gp
  • Stone Building: 3600 gp
  • Tower: 17,000 gp
  • Wood Building: 1700 gp

Government & Nobility


Taverns & Inns


Mages & the Arcane

  • The Spellwright's Guildhall (RX): A massive tower complex, the Spellwright's Guildhall is the massive headquarters of the Most Numinous Spellwright's Guild. It's massive gold-and-glass towers are a distinctive sight on the skyline of Rivermouth, and the strange flying batlike creatures that patrol its edges are usually enough to warn fools away. Those interested in joining the guild may present themselves at the Master Officiary, where the potential of would-be apprentices is tested.

Temples & Monasteries

  • Temple of the Serene Tempest (RX): A monastery located in the district known as Rivermouth, the monks of the Serene Tempest temple study the "Eye of the Storm", a martial arts style deeply invested in themes of balance, which uses the roaring elements as inspiration for finding one's center. Many of those who study in this temple take the Elemental Initiate, Watershaper or Windlord themes.

Military & Mercenaries


The Crossroads City
Imbricate Cities