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* Find Independence from her Family. - PC Aspiration
* Find Independence from her Family. - PC Aspiration
* Rescue the Dreamer
* Investigate the reason for my Fathers strangely Enthusiastic Haunting. - PC Aspiration
* Investigate the reason for my Fathers strangely Enthusiastic Haunting. - PC Aspiration
* Be initiated into the 11th Question. - Player
* Get Home - PC Aspiration
=== Aspiration Ideas ===
=== Aspiration Ideas ===
* Defeat in combat a chauvinist who has laughed at her. -Player/PC
* Defeat in combat a chauvinist who has laughed at her. -Player/PC
* Be initiated into a Legacy - Player
* Get Home - PC Aspiration
* Rescue the Dreamer
===Resolved Aspirations ===
===Resolved Aspirations ===

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La Maupin
Virtue: Righteous • Vice: Hasty • Aspirations: x
Path: Moros • Order: Adamantine Arrow • Legacy: None • Cabal: x • Obsessions: x
Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 1, Crafts 1, Investigation 2, Medicine 0, Occult 1, Politics 1, Science 2
Physical: Athletics(Riding) 3, Firearms 2, Weaponry(Sword) 3
Social: Empathy 1, Expression 2, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1,
Mental: Trained Observer 1
Physical: Fighting Finesse 2 (Swords), Fighting Style: Light Weapons 3
Social: Status (Adamantine Arrow) 1, Resources 2, Striking Looks 1, Contacts (London Society) 1. Retainer (Angelica) 2, Retainer Merits 2,
Combat: {{{CombatMerits}}}
Awakened: High Speech 2
Health: 7, Willpower: 5, Wisdom: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 11, Defense: 6 (Armor: x), Initiative: 7
Mana: 11/2 • Yantras: 2 • Ritual Interval: 3 hours • Arcana Limits: 3/3 • Paradox: 1 • Combined Spells: 1
Obsessions: 1
Arcana: Matter 3, Death 1, Time 3
Rotes: Athletics, Medicine, Intimidation

Hurricane's Strength (Windstrike, Matter •••; Athletics)
Alchemist's Might (Shaping, Matter ••; Athletics)
Furious Stillness (Veil of Moments, Time ••; Intimidation)
??? (Wonderful Machine, Matter 3;Athletics)
Praxes: Postcognition(Time •), Choose the Thread(Time ••)
Magical Tools: x

{{{NimbusTilt}}}• Spend 1 Mana to activate Immediate Nimbus (roll Gnosis for Strength)
• Spend 1 Mana to deliberately place Signature Nimbus on person, place, or object.
Mage Sight
Peripheral: Always Active. Automatic sensory awareness of supernatural phenomena.
Active: Reflexive Action. Perceive Ruling Arcana phenomena for [Gnosis] minutes or one scene (1 Willpower); -2 to non-magic rolls while active. Instant Action. Spend 1 Mana/Arcanum to add a Common or Inferior Arcanum.
Focused: Used to engage in Scrutiny and Revelation of Mysteries.
Ruling Arcanum:
Other Abilities
Pattern Restoration: 3 Mana to heal 1B or 1L or 1 Mental Condition or 1 Physical Tilt
Pattern Scouring: Physical Attribute -1 or 1 resistant Lethal to gain 3 Mana
Current Conditions
The Fairer Sex
Despite being ruled by a Queen, Victorian England was a difficult place to be a woman, betimes. Victorian attitudes toward the capabilities of women often drove interactions between the genders, and it didn't help that women's garments frequently seemed to conspire to support those attitudes! As a woman, take a -2 penalty to Social checks when engaging outside of "a woman's world." Likewise, take a -1 penalty to Physical checks that might in any way be limited or burdened by the sorts of garments women were expected to wear. A woman who chooses to forego such garments instead gains a -2 penalty to all Social checks, as Victorian society, top to bottom, conspires to put her back in "her place."

Note that not all women characters in a Victorian chronicle are required to take this Condition; it is for those who wish to engage with the era's misogyny on-screen. Female characters without it are assumed to deal with these situations behind the scenes, but it need never come up during actual play.
Possible Sources: Being a woman in Victorian England.
Resolution: Successfully living as a man, or moving some place that does not weigh women down with Victorian assumptions (such as many frontier areas)
Beats: Gain a beat anytime someone makes life difficult for you because you are a woman, or anytime you fail a roll that receives one of the penalties above.
Shaken: Mists & fogs
You feel true fear. You cannot spend Willpower, and receive a -2 to rolls that don't involve flight or escape.
Possible Sources: Enemy gains Exceptional Success against you: Brawl, Firearms, Intimidation, Weaponry; facing a breaking point, psychic powers.
Resolution: The character gives into her fear and fails a roll as described above.
Swooning: Alexander(Albert Monroe)
Wild about someone; -2 to any roll that adversely affects them; they gain +2 on Social rolls against you, and treat your impression as one level higher.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Persuasion, Subterfuge; mental powers, having another help you fulfill your Vice.
Resolution: Your character does something for his love interest that puts him in danger, or he opts to fail a roll to resist a Social action by the specified character. Alternately, if the target of your interest does something to badly damage that interest, you may resolve this Condition as well.
End condition to gain a point of Willpower and reduce exceptional success from 5 succ to 3 when taking an action pertaining to inspiration.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Crafts, Expression; Inspiring Merit, mental powers
Resolution: You spend inspiration to spur yourself to greater success, resolving the Condition as described above.
Briars-Lost (Persistent)
Your character is one of the Awakened in the city of the Greenjack, where the power of Arcadia is quite strong. You may use the city itself as a Location Yantra for any Fate or Time magic, worth +2 dice; if you use this yantra and are not an Acanthus, you also may negate the Mana surcharge for using non-Path arcana. Using any magic from the Forces arcanum inflicts a -2 penalty to the dice pool, however, and adds +1 to the Mana cost of the spell. You also gain a second Vice, "Fickle" (regain one Willpower when you follow your random compulsions that utterly derail the main plot or cause your character difficulties in doing so). Finally, all Paradox dice pools are reduced by 2 automatically while in Greenjack London.
Possible Sources: Awakened transported to Greenjack London
Resolution: Depart Greenjack London once more
Beats: Run afoul of the Greenjack or any of the other Huntsmen, or their minions and servants.
Abyssal Imago
The Abyss has warped your ability to clearly envision your Supernal will. Whenever you cast a spell, yo must spend additional Reach equal to the successes earned on the Paradox roll that inflicted this condition. If you do not, the spell automatically fails and adds dice equal to your spellcasting dice pool to the Paradox roll.
Possible Sources: Paradox
Resolution: You successfully cast a spell that does not risk Paradox, you Scour the Condition from your Pattern, or you allow the Condition to lapse based on Wisdom


Born: 1860

Growing up Rowena was always more her Fathers daughter then her Mothers. She showed only limited interest in the lessons considered appropriate for her sex and class, preferring to spend most of her time outside. The only traditional lessons she really took to involved playing the Violin, which she has always greatly enjoyed. Unlike her Mother, Father always indulged her in this,

Her Father, Sir Richard Sutton, died in October of 1878. Wracked with grief, Rowena shunned the London Scene and spent several months at home in Benham Park. During this time she was tormented by visions of her father, always seeing him out of the corner of her eye and and hearing his voice in the distance.


  • Rowena is prone to bouts of illness, despite seemingly to be in perfect health most of the time. I wonder what habits she indulges in.


  • Virtue: Righteous: Regain Willpower when your character’s refusal to let injustice go unopposed puts her in danger.
  • Vice: Hasty: Regain a point of Willpower when your character forces a scene to start by taking decisive action.


  • Find Independence from her Family. - PC Aspiration
  • Investigate the reason for my Fathers strangely Enthusiastic Haunting. - PC Aspiration

Aspiration Ideas

  • Defeat in combat a chauvinist who has laughed at her. -Player/PC
  • Be initiated into a Legacy - Player
  • Get Home - PC Aspiration
  • Rescue the Dreamer

Resolved Aspirations

  • Prove herself in Battle.
  • Resolve the situation with my Fathers Ghost at Benham Park.
  • Find out what caused the Tatoo on Angelica Clarke's back. - PC Aspiration
  • Find Clarke - PC Aspiration


  • Of Fogs and Miasmas -
    • Take one dot in the Trained Observer Merit. Your paranoia and fear of the mists has made you exceedingly wary and alert in general.
    • When you are subject to thick fogs and mists, you immediately take the Shaken Condition.
    • When the fog rolls in, Rowena stays indoors as much as possible. She can often be seen staring out her window at the Fog, studying it with her magics and Mage Sight. If she must go out on fog bound days she is more likely to take a coach, despite her normal preference for walking.


  • Possessions: Fine Clothing
  • Weapons:
    •  ???: Rapier, Damage: +1, Initiative: -2, Strength: 1, Size: 2, Armor Piercing 1, Again(Find the Balance), 8 Agains for Spell casting when used as tool(As Above So below, Permanent)
    • Light Revolver: Damage: +1, Range: Long, Initiative: 0, Strength: 2, Size: 2
    • Rifle: Damage: +4, Range: Extreme, Initiative: -5, Strength: 2, Size: 3
    • Iron Blade Longsword, Damage: +3, Initiative: -2, Strength: 2, Size: 3, Armor Piercing 1, 8 Again(Find the Balance),
  • Arcane Objects:
    • Goblin Silk Garments (Armor 1/0), May be Permanently shaped using Matter 2,
      • + Armor 2/1
    • Thornberry Jam - 1 Pot(24 hr duration, Register as Fae, Iron is a Bane)

Merit Details

  • Resources 2 Procure one Resources 2 item per month.
  • Striking Looks 1 : +1 top all Social rolls that would benefit from looks.
  • Trained Observer 1: 9 Agains on perception rolls.
  • Contacts 1 (London Society): Manipulation + Social Skill roll to gather info, including finding another characters Social Merits and relevant social Conditions
  • Retainer 2 + 2 for Merits: Angelica
    • Retainer Merits(4): Sleepwalker 1, Banner Bearer 1, Professional Training 2(Ladies Maid)
    • Asset Skills: Socialize, Empathy; Contacts: London Servants, London Fashion
  • Fighting Finesse 2 (Swords): Use Dexterity instead of Strength when fighting with swords.
  • FS: Light Weapons 3
    • Rapidity (•): You can sacrifice your character’s weapon damage rating to add her Weaponry score to her Initiative for the turn. The weapon becomes a zero damage weapon for the turn.
    • Thrust (••): At any time, you can sacrifice points of Defense one-for-one to add to attack pools. This cannot happen if you’ve already used Defense in the same turn. If you use this maneuver, you may not sacrifice your full Defense for any other reason. For example, you cannot use Thrust with an all-out attack.
    • Feint (•••): With a flourish in one direction, your character can distract an opponent for a cleaner, more effective follow-up strike. For example, if Feinting with a two damage weapon with three successes, the attack causes no damage. However, your next attack ignores five points of Defense, and causes three extra points of damage.


Angelica Clarke
Ladies Maid

Rowena's Ladies Maid. A Sleepwalker and the Granddaughter of Oberon (26 years)

Lady Ceony Stonor
Best Friend

Rowena's Best Friend, Ceony is the Daughter of the Baron Camoy. (20 years)



  • Sir Richard Sutton : Rowena's Father, Born 1821, Died in 1878. His ghost continues to Haunt the Benham Park Estate.
  • Dowager Lady Harriet Anne Sutton: Rowena's Mother, Sir Richards 2nd Wife, Married in 1845. (53 years)
    • The Dowager Lady remains at Benham Park.
  • Mary Evelyn Cochrane: The oldest sister (37 years).
    • She is recently married to Blair Onslow Cochrane (28 years) in May 1881.
    • Her husband is a military man, with a command on the Isle of Wight, and the couple live there now.
  • Georgina Mary Sutton: The second sister. (36 years)
    • With Mary Evelyn having married, Georgina now remains at Benham Park to help care for their mother.
  • Helen Mary Sutton: The third sister. (34 years)
    • Helen Mary lives in a small townhouse in London, with her sister Maud.
    • She is chairwoman of several charitable organizations and committees.
  • Maud Ethelreda Sutton: The fourth sister. (33 years)
    • Maud Ethelreda lives in a small townhouse in London, with her sister Helen.
    • She is a socialite, though she lends her sister Helen just enough assistance with charitable causes to be able to (graciously) brag about her good deeds at salons and dinners.
  • Winifred Aline Sutton: The fifth sister. (31 years)
    • Winifred lives at Benham Park.
    • She works very closely with the local Anglican parish; the family jokes that if they'd been papists, she'd have been a shoe-in for a convent.
  • Beatrice Zoë Sutton: The sixth sister. (30 years)
    • Beatrice lives at Sutton Gardens in Holborn.
    • She acts as lady-of-house at Sutton Gardens until such a time as Sir Richard decides to marry. Beatrice has also taken it upon herself to head up the hunt for a good wife for him.
  • Sir Richard Francis Sutton: Oldest Brother and the 5th and current Baronet. (28 years)
    • The new-made baronet and head of the family lives in London, at Sutton Gardens in Holborn.
    • He is an avid socialite, enjoying his rounds of the scene and the attention his eligibility as a baronet earns him.
  • Anna Harriet Mary Moreton Macdonald: The seventh daughter. (27 years)
    • She was the first of the daughters to marry, in 1874, marrying Lt. Colonol Augustus Henry Moreton Macdonald (33 years).
    • She and her husband have five children: Islay Mary Cecil Moreton Macdonald (7 years), Cara Mary Emily Moreton Macdonald (5 years), Hilda Maud Moreton Macdonald (3 years), Evelyn Geraldine Moreton Macdonald (1 year), and the just-born Muriel Harriet Moreton Macdonald (0 years).
    • They live at Hillgrove, Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight.
  • Emily Judith Levinge: The eighth daughter. (25 years)
    • She was the second of the daughters to marry, in 1876, marrying Sir William Henry Levinge, the 9th Baronet of Highpark (in county Westmeath). (32 years)
    • They have two children, Richard William Levinge (4 years) and Thomas Vere Levinge (1 year).
  • Sir Arthur Edwin Sutton: The second son, and current heir. (24 years)
    • Sir Arthur is, like his older brother, enjoying the benefits of being a very eligible bachelor in London's social set.
    • He also has a room at the Sutton Gardens.
  • Alexander George Sutton: The third son. (19 years)
    • He serves with the Hampshire Yeoman Cavalry.
  • Henry Cecil Sutton: The fourth son. (13 years)
    • He is away at Harrow, a very well-regarded public school, where the young man boards. He is part of the Knoll, one of the Harrow Houses (their colors Gold and Black).


  • Money: While Rowena's family is vastly wealthy, she has very little direct access to funds instead relying on credit with certain approved shops.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Rowena likes wearing dresses in darker Jewel tones that offset her hair. She eschews the more elaborate styles worn in society, preferring to see elegance in simplicity. Most of her jewelry is silver set with green jewels.
  • Food: Rowena prefers simpler fare over the overly rich gravies and sauces favored by the nobility. She enjoys the many spices that the Emnpire has brought to London, and wishes that her family would embrace curries and other foods with more enthusiasm.
  • Hobbies & Distractions: Playing the Violin, Riding to Hunt, Shooting, Drawing/Sketching.
  • Housing:
  • Days: x
  • Evenings: x
  • Weekly Occurrences:
    • Sunday: La Maupin always scourges her Dexterity on Sunday, accepting her additional clumsiness while fulfilling her familial duties.


Rowena XP Log

Character Experiences
Current Beats: 3
Unspent Experiences: 3
Spent Experiences: 6
Experiences Earned
Rote(Wondrous Creation) 1, Gnosis 2, Time 3
Arcane Experiences
• Current Arcane Beats: 2
• Unspent Arcane Experiences: 3
• Spent: 4