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At A Glance
LTG Codes: 1206
Size: 363 square kilometers
Population: 218,000 (Human 65%, Elf 11%, Dwarf 2%, Ork 19%, Troll 2%, Other 1%)
Population Density: 601 per square kilometer
Per Capita Income: ¥32,000
Corporate Affiliated Population: 63%
Hospitals and Clinics: 7
Voting Precincts: 5
Education: Less than Twelve Years: 30%; High School Equivalency: 42%; College Equivalency: 26%; 2%
District Mayor: {{{mayor}}}
Major Corp Facilities: Bowman Metal Works, Federated Boeing, United Oil
Criminal Syndicates: Choson Ring (Seoulpa), Gianelli Family (Mafia), Shigeda-gumi (Yakuza)
Major Gangs: None
Minor Gangs: The Blood Brothers
Security Ratings: AA - D

Auburn is a blue-collar district. It is a major manufacturing center, notable for the "Auburn Hum," the incessant noise of manufactories that run twenty-four/seven. There are more than four hundred such facilities, including factories, metal refineries and petrochemical plants. The manufacturing industry provides the vast majority of the district's jobs.

Criminal Syndicates

  • Gianelli Family (Mafia): The Mafia control's Auburn's trucking companies and unions.
  • Shigeda-gumi (Yakuza): The Shigeda runs most of the vice industry in Auburn.


Algona (A - B)

  • Algona Hospital: Hospital • A Renraku-owned hospital that specializes in artificial organs and limb replacements.
  • Community General: Hospital • A Catholic-run charity hospital catering to the disadvantaged from Auburn and Puyallup.

Auburn (B)

The center of the district has gone downhill fast in the last twenty years. Its once-impressive luxury apartment complexes have been gutted and turned into smaller housing for the working poor.

  • Auburn District Courthouse: Municipal • District courthouse
  • Auburn District Hall: Municipal • City hall
  • Auburn Junction: Shopping Mall • Multi-building apartments and retail space
  • Mama Pani's Talisman Shoppe: Talismonger • Talismongery owned by Mama Pani, a Hindu ork.
  • Max's Ironworks: Gym • Old fashioned boxer's and freeweights gym.
  • The Supermall: Mall • Massive mall of over a hundred shops
  • United Oil Research & Development Laboratory: Corporate Facility • Highly secure corporate facility.

Berrydale (B)

Largely manufacturing area.

  • The Aurora: Bar • Rough bar with street-types
  • Wynaco Correctional Facility: Prison • Maximum security UCAS federal prison.

Black Diamond (C)

Largely manufacturing area extending from Lakes Morton and Sawyer to the Green River.

  • Green River Inn: Hotel • Family style economy hotel with two floors of cubes and eight floors of normal rooms.

Boise (D)

Run down neighborhood, formerly suburban, now very run-down with squatters and gangs.

Covington (B)

Nice middle-management neighborhood, with a high Japanese population.

  • Covington Rent & Rest Hotel: Hotel • Economical cube hotel.
  • The Filthy Dragon: Bar • Filthy bar known to be under control of Yakuza

Enumclaw (B - C)

Bedroom community with several small factories that operate without the din and mess of many of the district's other facilities.

  • The Barn Burner: Restaurant • Southwestern Sioux BBQ
  • Enumclaw Moneymaker Hotel: Hotel • Low price no-frills by-hour hotel, popular with local prostitutes.
  • Eric's Italian Restaurant: Restaurant • Run down Italian restaurant.

Federated-Boeing Auburn Facility (Corp Site)

A massive facility that features - in addition to its many corporate research buildings, business offices, warehouses, and hangars - a small museum of air history that is open to the public during daytime business hours.

Georgetown (B)

Bedroom community for Lake Wilderness offices.

Lake Wilderness (AA)

High-class luxury corporate area.

Lake Tapps (C)

Area around Lake Tapps, with extensive manufacturing presence along western edge of lake. Eastern edge is more residential.

  • Bowman Metal Works: Smelting Plant • Smelting plants that pollute Lake Tapps and do work for Federated Boeing.
  • The Ultra Resort: Resort • Exclusive island resort in Lake Tapps; source of great controversy and mystery, and often protested by locals.

Maple Valley (B)

Bedroom community.

Pacific (A - B)

Upscale retail and residential area.

  • Auburn Mall: Mall • Shopping mall
  • Magician's Feast: Restaurant • Salish and American restaurant known for its regular magical illusion shows.

Stuck (C)

A tiny "city" of six square blocks created by a legal loophole. Owned and mayored by one Mitchell Stuck. A known center for the local black market.

  • Stuck's Bag-Your-Body: Body Mods
  • Stuck's Carnvial: Nightclub & Casino • Casino and cabaret act nightclub, turned up to 11.
  • Stuck's Sleephouse: Hotel • Cube hotel
  • Stuck's Zeotrope: Entertainment Media • Known as a source of illegal chips and sims

Sumner (B - C)

Extensive corporate facilities and factories on the eastern side of White River.

  • Casey's: Bar • Neighborhood dive bar, near Clone Zone Mall
  • Clone Zone Mall: Mall • Cheap electronics
  • Dieringer Sleep Company: Hotel • Trashy cube hotel along the highway.

Timberlane (B)

Middle-high class residential area with lots of parks and green space.

  • Lake Wilderness Hospital: Hospital • Easily mistaken for a private resort hotel, a hospital that specializes in treating patients holistically in soothing, natural environments. Well-known for its Awakened treatment programs.


Auburn has no major gang presence.

Minor Gangs

Various small gangs along Route 18 and Route 14, and on Sumner near Puyallup border or downtown near Tacoma border.

  • The Blood Brothers: The all-black Blood Brothers are one of Seattle's few ethnic gangs.
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