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Contribution Rating

  • As Duty slowly climbs to a rating of 100, the organization in question recognizes the achievements of the characters in question.
  • Once Duty reaches 100, it resets to 0, but the Contribution level of the characters in question increases by one, resulting in the increase of their esteem and standing in the organization in question.
  • Contribution 0 (Trainee): Those of this Contribution rating are not full members of the organization. They are inevitably in trainee positions of some kind, and still learning the ropes.
  • Contribution 1 (Recruit): Those of this Contribution rating are accepted - if junior - members of the organization. They are often still learning their trade or duties, but are definitively part of the organization now.
  • Contribution 2 - 4 (Cohorts): Those of this Contribution level are tested and trusted, within their ranking in the organization. They gain access to better tactical-level equipment and vehicles.
  • Contribution 5 - 8 (Officers): Those of this Contribution rating are veterans and other personages of importance. They must often fulfill other requirements to achieve these ranks beside the accrual of Duty, and are very respected and trusted by the organization's senior leadership as a result.
  • Contribution 9+ (Leadership): Those of this Contribution rating are the senior leadership of the organization (though there are likely still rankings within this category). They are highly respected and frequently turned to by their fellows to achieve great things on behalf of the organization.

Increases in Contribution Rating

  • When a group increases in Contribution standing, each character is acknowledged by the organization in question, and given access to some resource. This is less of a reward and more of an acknowledgement that the tasks they complete require such access.
    • Equipment: The character may gain a single piece of equipment of Rarity equal to no more than the new Contribution Rating +3. This may include Restricted gear, if appropriate.
    • Vehicle: Alternately, the group as a whole may select a new vehicle, of up to a Rarity equal to the new Contribution Rating +3.
    • Other Assets: Finally, the group as a whole may be granted access to some strategic access used by the organization in question, from safe houses to temporary use of a powerful ship to the aid of soliders or other operatives for missions, and the like.


  • The Jedi Order: From the days before the rise of the Empire.
  • The Rebel Alliance: For those allied cells seeking to overthrow Imperial tyranny.