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Sources: FO (Fully Operational) • LbE (Lead by Example)

Item Effects Cost & Rarity Sourcebook
1.4 FD P-Tower Light Anti-Vehicle Battery Turret-mounted, single barrel laser cannon battery. Treated as a small,immobile vehicle with the following profile: Silhouette 1 • Speed 0 • Handling – • Defenses 1/–/–/0 • Armor 0 • Hull 3 • System Strain 5 • Crew: one remote gunner • Weapons: One 1.4 FD anti-vehicle battery (Fire Arc All; Dam 4; Crit 4; Range Close; Breach 1; Inaccurate 2; Slow Firing 1) 4000cr/2 LbE49
AlderaanMotors Heat Sink Power Generator Portable power generator; medium output generator capable of powering a single modular base or equivalent structure. 550cr/2 LbE49
CryonCorp Mk.I Cat's Eye Multipurpose Sensor Suite High resolution sensor emplacement that functions as a general scanning system for use in permanent or semi-permanent military camps. Typically operated by six sensor techs; provides comprehensive, long-ranged, 360º combination active and passive sensor net that can detect ground, air, and orbital units, with auxiliary systems that provide internal security networks equipped with multi-optic cameras and sensitive audio pickup systems. Easily detected from orbit due to power output. Uses planetary range scale, with Long range, adding Boost-die.pngBoost-die.png to Computers, Perception, or Vigilance checks to detect incoming traffic, and adds Setback-die.pngSetback-die.png to Stealth attempts made by land units. 2750cr/5R LbE49
DefenStar Ltd. Nyalsan II Planetary Shield Generator Medium sized shield generator used to protect company-sized, vehicle-reliant units. Includes generators and the necessary equipment to set the system up and activate it, requiring a crew of 18 engineers and techs to operate. Provides Ranged Defense 2 to each quadrant of a base; points can be reallocated to different quadrants as per a vehicle. 460,000cr/4R LbE49

Delvin Constructs MBS Com C-52 Command Center Compact module with a main chamber with room for command stations and holotables, plus a handful of smaller rooms useful as comm stations, offices, and private meeting spaces. 1750cr/2 LbE49
Delvin Constructs MBS BKR B-70 Reinforced Bunker Sturdy armoplast-faced ferrocrete structure that can be configured as a sealed bunker, an open-topped fortification, a weapon emplacement, or as a protective structure to house power or shield generators. Can hold six humanoids or one large piece of equipment; provides 2 Ranged Defense to contents. 4900cr/3 LbE49
Delvin Constructs MBS Fac L-120 Motor Pool Combination garage, workshop, fabrication facility, and shelter, designed to hold ground vehicles and their support equipment. Can hold up to 6 total Silhouette worth of land vehicles and all the tools, lifts, and equipment needed to keep them fueled and working. 1200cr/2 LbE49
Delvin Constructs MBS HNG F-104 Hangar Combination garage, workshop, fabrication facility, and shelter, designed to hold air or space vehicles and their support equipment. Can hold up to 12 total Silhouette worth of air or space vehicles and all the tools, lifts, and equipment needed to keep them fueled and working. 2200cr/2 LbE49
Delvin Constructs MBS MilBar F-221 Barracks Structure providing room and support facilities to house a platoon of troopers and all their attendant gear. Features common area, smaller rooms that can be made into heads, lounges, or offices, climate control to maintain internal temperatures, and proofing against chemical and biological attacks. 2000cr/3 LbE49
Golan Arms DF.11 Anti-Infantry Battery Short range, turret-mounted, double-barrel, light laser cannon mounted atop a short, armored, lightly shielded tower. Includes power generator, and requires a crew of three (gunner, tech, fire control op) to operate. Treated as a small, immobile vehicle: Silhouette 1 • Speed 0 • Handling – • Def: 1/–/–/0 • Armor 2 • Hull 5 • System Strain 7 • Crew 3 • Weapons: DF.11 (personal scale) Fire Arc All; Dam 15; Crit 2; Range Long; Blast 10, Inaccurate 2, Linked 1, Pierce 4, Slow Firing 1. 7500cr/5R LbE49
TacNet Tactical Data Network Real time updating data display of tactical information. Computers (Difficulty-die.pngDifficulty-die.png) to use, subtracting Setback-die.png from all Leadership checks until end of encounter. Additionally, may spend Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png or Triumph-result.png to add Boost-die.png to all Leadership checks until end of encounter using the TacNet to direct forces. 1000cr/3 LbE49

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