Sea of Stars

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A D&D 4th Edition Campaign

Player Characters

NonPlayer Characters

  • Lady Andaria Eliskar, a noblewoman of the city of Blackwall. Deceased.
  • Winternight, an eladrin prophet of the moon goddess Sehanine.


  • Game begins in the Kingdom of Culthrain, a kingdom known for its proximity to the ruins of a long-fallen empire, as well as a major trading nexus for many nations, including a nearby dwarven thanedom and an elven foresthold.
  • They are in the city of Blackwall, on the eastern edges of the kingdom, a place built in the ruins of a long-fallen city, of which the massive walls of black obsidian that surround the city are the only things that remain.

Arc One

  • The Temple of Stars (1st Level): In which Our Heroes are hired by a noblewoman to venture in search of the Temple of Stars, an ancient ruin that was old even during the Old Empire.
  • Cataclysm of Eyes (2nd Level): In which Our Heroes struggle to survive in the aftermath of the Stone of Eyes: a massive stone that fell from the sky, cracking open and unleashing the contents of an entire brood-hive of beholders on the city of Blackwall.

Campaign Resources