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Hyperspace Communication

In this period, the Holonet exists in its early stages - however it is somewhat unreliable and access is mostly limited to major areas of civilization, due largely to the requirements of needing a massive communications dish known as a Hyperspace Relay Transciever Array.

Handheld Holonet Communicators are available, but are only operable within the range of one of these Transcievers. Non-Holonet based FTL communication is also widely in use, but instead is reliant on the network of Hyperspace Navigational Beacons - which mark out safe travel zones throughout the galaxy. These communicators are audio only, and messages are delayed based on the distances between the two parties - making long distance real-time communication difficult.

Hyperspace Navigation

In this ear, the navigational tools found during the Time of the Empire, are in use - but much less sophisticated. Starship Navicomputers and Astromechs contain star-charts and predefined Hyperspace Jump Routes - and are invaluable when navigating through space. Unfortunately however, there is no centralized system for keeping star-charts and jump routes up-to-date. The vast majority of commerce and trade use the network of Navigation Beacons to simplify travel as these massive stellar devices maintain constant communication with each other and therefore the jump routes between them are always current.

When navigating beyond the Beacon Network, Hyperspace Sextants are required. These devices are roughly the size of a dinner plate and are constructed with a Hyperspace Antenna, which allows them to assist with the identification of potential navigational hazards between to points in space. Unfortunately, the range of these devices are limited to a few light-years and a Navigator must make use of his Sextant, experience and Navicomputer/Astromech to plot safe and successful jumps.

Blaster and Armor

Personal blaster technology has remained largely unchanged in the last thousand years - has as protective armor. There is simply only so much advancement that can be made.


While labor and servant droids have been in use for millennia, Astromechs are a relative new-comer, having been introduced roughly five hundred years ago. The technology that allows for the "droid-brain" to function and gives artificial beings their intelligence is widely known and understood - and while advancements are always possible - the simple truth is for most the level of investment and resources required simply isnt worth the small gains in effectiveness and efficiency that are produced. Further, there is lingering unease regarding any artificial intelligence that is vastly superior to organics - and it is common practice to restrict droids from altering the programming of other droids.