The Anago Chronicles

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The Anago Chronicles details the adventures of a small pack of young Lunars aboard the Sublime Huntsman, a strange hammerhead-shaped ship of (non-Artifact) First Age design. The West has always been a place of danger, but something new has begun showing up. Rumors speak of the "Writhing," a strange disease of some kind, which attacks small, outlying communities. People become feverish and strange-acting, until they are killed by bellyfuls of writhing, slick, glistening eels. Entire villages have been decimated by the Writhing. Stranger still, a few seasons after such destruction, the entire islands themselves are just gone, without a trace. The Sublime Huntman is connected, somehow, to the Writhing. In fact, its little god - a confused, old mariner-spirit with vague memories of the First Age - speaks of the Writhing as part of its purpose for existing, speaking of it as the Anago. Sublime Huntman doesn't truly remember everything - its mind is muddled by extreme age, slumber through the centuries, and the general disrepair of the ship itself.

Player Characters

What's New

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Chronicle Resources

Other Resources

  • Combat Example: An example of how combat works in Exalted, Second Edition. [1]
  • Crews of Creation: The standard shipboard positions and offices of responsibility aboard ships in Creation.


Places maintained by Joe

The West

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House Rules

  • Exalted Downtime Rules, a set of suggestions for handling swathes of downtime in Exalted.
  • Four Flaws of Invulnerability, an alteration to the Flaws that apply to the Perfect Defenses of the Exalted.
  • Silver and Jade, a rule set to reflect the fluctuation of Resources, and the system of investments meant to increase such, in Exalted.



  • You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3. No single roll may benefit from more than three dice worth of specialties, either.


  • Occult Basics, the Thaumaturgy that anyone with at least one dot in Occult can perform.
  • Gaining Thaumaturgy Specialties costs the normal cost for Specialties.
  • Procedures must be purchased individually, using points derived from the Thaumaturge Background.
  • Art of Spirit Beckoning: Additional Procedures for the Art of Spirit Beckoning.

War of Ages

A rule set intended to replace the Second Edition Mail & Steel system.