The Brain Trust (CrimeNet)

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The Brain Trust is a nefarious organization that has been thought defeated a few times in the last decade, only to arise again not long later with a new membership of villains and a new wave of crimes. They are the local chapter of the national organization known as CrimeNet. Dozens of villains have been members of The Brain Trust over the years, drawn in by offers of everything from riches to help recovering from battle... but mostly by promises that in joining The Brain Trust they increase their chances of success by coordinating their efforts.

While CrimeNet has operated across the nation, they’ve only appeared in Portland as The Brain Trust, making occasional, but well-planned attacks. Only a few local Portland villains have been known to be members of The Brain Trust — more often villains seem to join CrimeNet before coming to Portland. The organization seems to be trying to recruit Stormers who have recently gained super abilities to their cause.

A villain recruited into The Brain Trust offers up their plans for wealth and conquest, and The Brain Trust helps to improve those plans in return for loyalty and a portion of the take from their crimes. Often, The Brain Trust sends other super-powered villains to assist a member with their scheme. Nearly always, The Brain Trust coordinates the timing of a villain’s plans so that their attack coincides with those of other members, splitting the forces of heroes who might try to stop them.

Authorities suspect that while The Brain Trust has appeared in many forms over the years, there is a single person pulling the strings for the entire organization, guiding dozens of villains from behind the scenes. Villains thought to be this mastermind in the past have turned out to be following the orders of someone else—and in at least one case, they were actively mind-controlled by an outside force! Cascading Justice knows that the individual behind the Brian Trust is The Big Brain.

The Big Brain
Head of the Brain Trust
Mental Dominator
Martial Artist, Darkness Control, Teleportation
Lord Quake.JPG
Lord Quake
Subterranean King
Powered Armor Bad-ass
Fiery Speedster