The Church of Dom

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The Dom Pantheon

The deities of the Church of Dom are the acknowledged pantheon of Dom, a human dominated city on the small continent of Domshal. The Church of Dom is the dominant faith in Threxantra. The pantheon was given its original shape on another world and brought to Manix by long forgotten priests who had founded the city of Dom. Due to wars amongst mortals and gods, many of the names have changed and some of the roles have shifted slightly, but otherwise the primary power portfolios remain the same as they had millennia ago. The deities of the Church of Dom are separated into three separate Pillars as shown below.

Older and newer pantheons and individual deities outside this list are counted amongst either dangerous old gods or upstart new gods. Numerous deities in this list were once counted amongst those until circumstances settled them into the roles of those they had replaced, allied or merged with. Until the Dom church officially recognizes such changes, it is considered heresy to actively worship other powers. Depending on the region and the deity in question, cultural reaction to such “heresy” varies from general indifference to lynch mobs and burnings. Those who worship other beings, such as arch-fiends, other powerful planar denizens, mages with delusions of grandeur, totemic spirits, etc are likewise categorized as heretical.

Some nations, cultures or races commonly worship heretical powers, though the church frowns upon it. While many elves and dwarves respect or even hold some of the deities recognized by the church in places of high esteem, they choose to continue to worship their old pagan gods that were never recognized by the human dominated church. Many of the fae in Katrica worship the sidhe and recognize Mab as their queen in that region, though no one has heard from their enigmatic queen in centuries. The people of Darshiniath still worship the old Olympians and call upon the rulers of the elemental and lower planes to make pacts and bargains for power.

Druids and rangers do not worship gods, but the spiritual world entity as a whole. They are not part of the church, but their place and the “power” they worship is recognized as a crucial part of the pantheon as a whole. It’s frequently stated that the gods and goddesses are the Pillars for all things to be built upon, where the druids revere the foundation that the Pillars stand upon.

The Pillar of the Illuminated

  • Lathander - civilization, dawn, birth, youth vitality, athletics, Keeper of the Stave of Spring
  • Chauntea - agriculture, farmers, gardeners, Keeper of the Stave of Summer
  • Reorx - artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
  • The Triumvirate of the Arts:
    • Oghma - knowledge, invention, inspiration
    • Deneir Ro - literature, art, glyphs, images & cartography
    • Ayonae Ro - music, poetry, song, eloquence
  • Selune - moon, stars, prophecy, divination, good & neutral lycanthropes
  • Celestian - navigation, travel
  • Fharlanghn - portals, exploration, caravans, questers
  • Rallos Zek - war, battle, warriors, conquest, strength, might & victory
    • Tallon Zek - strategy
    • Vallon Zek - tactics
  • Mithaniel Marr - valor, duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins
  • Erollisi Marr - love, guardians, protectors, protection
  • The Tribunal - justice & laws
  • Waukeen - commerce, trade, money, wealth, deals done above and below the table
  • Sune - beauty, passion & ecstasy
  • Tymora - good fortune, skill, victory, fun, adventurers
  • Eldath - peace, healing, natural springs
  • Bahamut - wisdom, reflection, good dragons

The Pillar of the Mysteries

  • Mystra - magic, spells
  • Hel - death & the dead
    • Jergal - fatalism, proper burial, guardian of tombs
  • Morrell Thule & Terris Thule - twins, he is keeper of dreams & she is keeper of nightmares
  • Umberlee & Prexus - oceans, currents, waves, sea winds (Prexus is lord of the deep places, where Umberlee governs where the sea meets the shores and the skies)
  • Brell Serilis - caverns, darkness, the Underdark, the Nulldark
  • Talos & Karana - Karana is the god of weather, Talos is god of natural disasters, chaos & rebellion and the two feud over all things that may fall in between
  • Kossuth Ro - elemental fire, purification through fire, aggression, pride
  • Akadi - movement, speed & air elementals
  • The Triumvirate of Water:
    • Tarrew Marr - water, water elementals, purification
    • Povar - vapor, mist, fog & steam
    • E’ci - cold, ice & snow, Keeper of the Stave of Winter
  • The Rathe - earth, solidity, changelessness, oaths

The Pillar of the Veiled

  • Bane - hatred, tyranny
    • Hoar - revenge, retribution, poetic justice
  • Loki - lies, intrigue, strife, deception, illusion & madness
  • Cazic-Thule - fear
  • Lolth - murder, assassination, spiders, dark elves
  • Shar - dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets
  • Beshaba - random mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidents
  • Mask - thieves, thievery, shadows
  • Tiamat - greed, evil dragons, evil reptiles
  • Loviatar - pain, hurt, agony, torment, suffering, torture
  • Talona - toxin, venom, poison & affiliated creatures
  • Bertoxxulous - plague, disease & undead created through necromancy
  • Malar - the hunt, evil lycanthropes, bestial savagery, rage, bloodlust, berserkers


  • “Earth Mother” - growth, wild nature, forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, intelligent & talking beasts, all seasons, druids (not a god, but recognized by Dom)
    • The Earth Mother has many names and many agents, some of them bear names, but many more do not.