The Gate of Gods

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Theme Song: Run to the Water, Live

"Your training with us is at an end. You have sufficient understanding of the Mysteries to see you on your way; you have the basis from which true enlightenment and communion with the Supernal Realms can grow. It is time that you founded a cabal of your own - formed your own unique bond with one another, outside of the auspices of this cabal which has trained you - and discover what Fate has in store for you."

"To that end, we'd like to give you a little gift. In the town of Astoria, on the Oregon coast, there is an old hotel. It was built in the 1880s, as near as we can tell, according to certain occult principles. We don't know who built it, or why. We do, however, know that the rooftop garden is the site of a potent Hallow, the most powerful one in the area, and it deserves to be protected by those who can defend it, and explore its connections to the Supernal Realms."

"Time is of the essence. You must pack your things and leave immediately. Some strange things have been going on here in Portland, and we fear the worst. We're not sure what is coming, but there are whispers of...certain things. The Hierarch of course has someone working on the issue, but there is danger on the horizon - danger against which even potent mages cannot be assured of their survival."

"For your protection, we are laying a geas on each of you to not return to Portland - for any reason - until 2011. We've set up living arrangements for you in Astoria, and we have people working on getting you solid ownership of the Hotel Regina there. It may take a little while. The place is protected by potent wards, which can only really be bypassed by mages who own the place - who literally walk through its doors with the deed in hand. It's going to take a while, but you should go there anyway, and set yourselves up in town."

"We hope we're just being superstitious old women, jumping at shadows and hearing whispered threats where there are none. With all of you safely in Astoria, we can focus our concentration on things here. We hope that it's nothing. But we'll know by Midwinter."


With that, your mentors - the mages who made up the cabal of alchemists called the Magnum Opus - sent you away to the small town of Astoria, Oregon.

The process of gaining ownership of the Hotel Regina, a long-abandoned luxury hotel of the Thirties, has been far more arduous than expected. Ophelia Rosetti, a lawyer once in the employ of the Magnum Opus and a Sleepwalker capable of perceiving the workings of magic without risking Paradox, has been your biggest ally in this endeavor, but even her skills haven't been enough to quite acquire control over the hotel. She claims that she's close, however.

As your mentors feared, though, something happened in Portland. You simply lost all contact with your mentors, both mundane and magical. It is simply as though they disappeared without a trace - not even divinations reveal whether they are yet alive or dead.

But you have other things to worry about, now. Something is happening in the town of Astoria - something magical. The prescient among you have seen something strange on the horizon: the black places between the stars seem to stare down at this place, and only you stand between that gaze and whatever it intends.

Will you be strong enough?

The Gate of Gods is a Mage: the Awakening chronicle intended for up to five players. Characters will be beginning Mage characters.

Player Characters

The Fivefold Vigil, a cabal based out of Astoria, OR.


Chronicle Resources

Mage Society Info

Cabal Grimoires

Imbued Items

  • Fivefold Vigil Tokens: Teleport items for cabal (Magic Shield, Potency 3; Teleport, Potency 6; Mana capacity 12)
  • Panic Buttons: Acceleration items for cabal (Acceleration, Potency 5; Superlative Luck, Potency 5; Mana capacity 12)
  • Evacuation Tokens: Teleport items for Ophelia and Tanya (Teleport, Potency 6; Mana capacity 11)
  • Guard My Heart Tokens: Blessing necklaces for Danny and Samantha (Blessing, Potency 10)
  • Regina Security Glasses: Eyes of the Building glasses for Issa (Eyes of the Building, Potency X)
  • Ghost-Healing Stone: Transfer Anchor item for Autumn (Transfer Anchor, Potency X)
  • Hatchet of Spirit Wrecking: Destroy Spirit item for Serafina (Supernal Dispellation, Potency 7; Destroy Spirit, Potency 7; X, Potency 7)

Victorian Houses for Rent

Rules Changes & Additions


House Rules

  • Natural Healing: An alternate take on natural healing in the World of Darkness Storytelling System.
  • Mind Magic and Social Buffs: Bringing the Mind spells that augment Mental and Social abilities more into scale with other spells.

Former Player Characters (earlier iteration of Chronicle)

External Resources

Mage the Awakening - Spells Cheatsheet Scribd document. Has rote dice pools plus resistance.