The Illuminated Heavens

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The Illuminated Heavens is the Cult's name for the Gods of Day and the Illuminated Ones, as well as the rare few others, like Shen Aru, the Herald of the New Age. These are the Great Powers who work to bring about the Cycle of Day for the benefit of Creation. The Cult's members know that they owe their worship to the Gods of Day, and they owe their assistance and if need be their lives to the Illuminated Ones.

The Gods of Day

The gods of day are not a single pantheon or roster of related gods. Instead, they are the gods of the Celestial Bureaucracy who have sworn to see the Cycle of Day brought to fruition, and work tirelessly against the Gods of Night to accomplish this. All cells have local Gods of Day to whom they direct worship. The Cult also maintains a list of gods to whom all cells render worship, as follows:

Celestial Gods

  • The Incarna: The Cult teaches that the Incarna are on the side of the Cycle of Day, though they are aloof. This is not out of disinterest, but out of value for Creation: they wish to determine if Creation contains enough gods and mortals of virtue who can bring about the Day, rather than rendering such a gift as that on those who are unworthy. Thus, the worthy must work to bring it about.
  • Wun Ja, the Shining Metropolis, God of Cities & Director of the Bureau of Humanity: The god of the very concept of cities, Wun Ja seems to support the return of the Solar Exalted as the rulers of cities.
  • Lytek, Daimyo of the Division of Exaltation, Bureau of Heaven: One of the Cult's most open supporters in Heaven, Lytek is the god of Exaltations, pruning away memories from previous incarnations and setting the Exalting shards free to find those whom they're fated to Exalt.
  • Ghataru, Shogun-Regent of the Seasons and Weather: X
  • Green Frowning Bear, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Air: X

Terrestrial Gods

  • Gods of the North
    • Vanileth, the Shogun of Artificial Flight: A formerly-Celestial god tucked away in the cold recesses of the North, the plans of the Cult have met with his approval.
  • Gods of the Blessed Isle
    • The Gods of White Egg Temple (Lord's Crossing): Turning Point, a minor god of stoneworking and masonry; Stone of Clouds, a god of white marble; and Unintended Wealth, a god of the discovery of unexpected veins of gemstone.
    • Three Peerless Courtesans (Sion): A trinity of prostitution goddesses , the Three Peerless Courtesans lend their unique talents to the benefit of the Cult when they are called upon.
  • X: X

Known Illuminated Ones

There are a few who may very well be Illuminated Ones, currently in training in the training camps. Only time will tell if they are truly Illuminated Ones, however.