The War of Storms

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For centuries, the Kingdoms of the Shinitai Forest have been at war. No one really remembers what started it, but the reasons for it continuing are simple: they are rivals for the rich resources and trading contracts with the Guild caravans that come through there occasionally.

But something is brewing in the Eastern-most Hundred Kingdoms, where the Shinitai Kingdoms are found. Strange beasts have come rampaging from out of the wild places of the world, and hungry ghosts seek the warm blood of the living on moonless nights. Worst yet, strange storms and unseasonal, deadly weather have blown through the Shinitai for the last year.

Rumors have reached the ears of the people of the Shinitai Kingdoms. Rumor of strange, golden heroes. Those rare few who follow the Immaculate creed say that they are the dreaded Anathema, wicked demons that have eaten the souls of good men and women, taken over their bodies and now use them to work their infernal will in Creation. Others, however, claim that these are mighty heroes, come to save the Shinitai in a time of great need.

Now, priests have been seen across the lands: strange priests from the ancient Temple of Amber Tears in the center of the Shinitai Forests. The great unknown god of that temple forbids his servants to ever leave its demesnes, and yet they have emerged from the deep parts of the forests, seeking something.

These are strange times. These are deadly times. These are times that will be spoken of for generations to follow.


The player characters are Exalted, one from each of the Shinitai Kingdoms. I am allowing the following types of Exalted:

  • Solar Exalted: These should probably make up the majority of the characters. The idea is one of returning cultural heroes - imagine what would happen if King Arthur were to return to England. That sort of thing. Solar Exalted fit this assumption the best.
  • Lunar Exalted: I will allow one or two Lunars, as long as your character adheres quite strongly to the faction of the Silver Pact that believes in helping to shape civilizations to live in accordance with Lunar philosophy. No burgeoning Ma-Ha-Suchis, please.
  • Dragon Blooded: If you really want to play a Dragon-Blooded, you may, but be aware that I am not going to give anyone additional XP or other power-ups to bring Dragon-Blooded characters on par with the Celestial Exalts. If you choose to play one of these characters, you should be aware that the disparity in power will grow between yourself and the other characters as time goes on. You will be using Lost Egg generation rules.
  • Other Types of Characters: If you have a concept for a character that fits into the sorts of themes I'm going for with this game, let me know, and I will consider it. Chances are, however, that I'd rather you made one of the above types.

In addition to creating your characters, each player will also detail your home kingdom using the Mandate of Heaven rules, as well as detailing five other concepts about the nation. It can be anything, from religion to how it is ruled to its major trade goods to any other odd cultural aspects. The idea here is to make the culture one's character best epitomizes: the brave warrior of the mercenary nation, the scholar-sorceress who comes from the nation of great learning, the nomadic horseman who comes from wandering horse-tribes.


This is an Exalted, Second Edition chronicle, for up to five players. All players will play beginning Exalted characters.


Please feel free to use any of the following when creating your character.

  • Exalted, Second Edition (I mean, you know, duh)
  • MoEP: The Lunars
  • MoEP: The Dragon-Blooded
  • BoS: Black & White Treatises
  • BOS: Oadenol's Codex
  • Scroll of the Monk