Three Shadowrun Proposals

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What follows are three proposals for Shadowrun games. Please read through them carefully, and let me know which one you prefer.

The Touristville Runners

  • Votes: 3

Ask anyone who doesn't live in Touristville, and they'll tell you that Touristville is edgy, pre-hip and the best place to party in Seattle. Ask someone who lives there, and they'll tell you the same - only they'll give themselves the credit for it all. Life is a party in Touristville, and daytime is for dealing with hangovers.

It's also a great place to be a runner - who is hotter than the SINless mercenaries of the shadows, after all? Touristville is where you can be a virtual star, without selling out and going public, of course. At least, that's what you all thought - as it turns out, it's all glitz and glamor from the outside. When you're one of the non-Tourists, life is a little more grim here.


Redmond, Seattle. This campaign is set in Touristville, a small neighborhood filled with clubs, bars and other nightlife in the middle of the otherwise-desolate Redmond Barrens. Touristville is known for its incredible nightlife, luring the rich and beautiful from all around Seattle with its wild decadence and cutting-edge fashions and music. It is the place where next year's "street chic" trends are born.

  • The Tenth Floor: The PCs are a team of runners who have taken up residence in an old abandoned hotel just outside of Touristville proper.


The PCs are all members of a shadowrunning team who use an old abandoned hotel in the Redmond Barrens as their headquarters.

The Widow's Revenge

  • Votes: 1

Everybody knew the fixer named Shotgun - he was a fixture in Tacoma. You heard rumors a few weeks back that someone had killed him, though. You don't know too much about all of that, being new to the shadows - so why is his widow contacting you, the new guys on the block?


Tacoma, Seattle. The Tacoma district is a working-class district, rife with crime, desperation and corrupt corporations looking to get ahead of their rivals. In short, the perfect environment for shadowrunners.


PCs are new shadowrunners hired because they are unknowns. PCs may start knowing one another, or not.

Fallen Angels

  • Votes: 0

Everyone knew the Seraphim. They were one of the best-known, most professional teams of shadowrunners in Seattle's shadows. They were one of a literal handful of teams who'd been around since shadowrunning started sometime in the 2030's, in fact. No, they weren't the same guys, because they were always looking to take in talented prospects - train them up good and make them a useful part of the team.

But something happened. You weren't privy to their runs, of course - they were much too professional for that - but a week has passed, and they haven't returned. You're not sure what's going on, honestly - every means of getting in touch with them has failed. But the team's central contact commlink has a backlog of messages, several of which are tagged as belonging to the team's various employers, and it's time to do something.

Think you can pick up the legacy? Can you be one of the Seraphim?


Puyallup, Seattle. The Seraphim's headquarters is a former corporate complex called simply Heaven. Though none of the Seraphim lived there full-time, all of you did, and you've been there for a week with no word from your mentors. Now what?


PCs are all beginning Shadowrun characters. You will have access to slightly more starting resources for character creation due to your apprenticeship.