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Qualities of Note

  • Limited Ammo 1 You may only fire this weapon a single time before it must be reloaded. This requires a Maneuver to draw an additional projectile. In addition, the Narrator may spend Threat-result.png generated on an attack made with this weapon to cause the fired projectile to become permanently lost - reducing the number your character possesses by the Threat-result.png Spent. This is how I will manage ammunition
  • Fast (New Quality) If the target of your attack has not acted in this Combat Round - you gain a Boost-die.png to your attack.
  • Slow (New Quality) If the target of your attack has not already gone in this Combat Round - you suffer a Setback-die.png to your attack.
  • Sunder You may spend ONE Advantage-result.png to cause a one level of damage to a weapon, armor or accessible item carried by the target of your attack - this is in addition to the damage dealt.
  • Prepare X You must take the a number of Maneuvers to draw, pull. ready or otherwise make the weapon ready to fire. This is in addition to the Maneuver required to draw another projectile.
  • Defensive Increase your Melee Defense by value f Defensive. Unlike other Passive Qualities, multiple sources of Denfensive Stack in the following manner: Starting with the highest value of Defensive, Increase that value by 1 for each additional source of Defensive.

Melee and Brawl Weapons

Weapon Skill Damage Crit Rating Qualities Encum Rarity Cost
Knucklers Brawl +1 4 Fast 0 3 15
Punch Dagger Brawl +1 3 Pierce 1 1 5 35
Vambrace Brawl +0 5 Defensive 1 0 3 25
Axe Melee +2 2 Vicious 1 3 2 75
Baton Melee +1 4 Disorient 2 1 4 50
Blade Breaker Melee +0 4 Defensive 2, Pierce 1, Sunder 1 7 100
Buckler Melee +0 5 Defensive 2 1 5 50
Club Melee +1 4 Disorient 1, Knockdown 2 1 15
Dagger Melee +1 4 Accurate 1, Pierce 1 1 1 25
Dueling Blade Melee +2 4 Accurate 1, Defensive 1, Piece 1 2 8 275
Greataxe Melee +4 2 Cumbersome 4, Vicious 2, Slow, Sunder 4 6 200
Greatsword Melee +4 3 Cumbersome 4, Defensive 1, Sunder, Vicious 1 4 6 350
Great Shield Melee +0 5 Cumbersome 4, Defensive 2, Deflection 2, Disorient 1, Knockdown 5 6 125
Hammer Melee +2 4 Disorient 2, Knockdown 3 6 50
Hatchet Melee +1 2 None 2 1 15
Longblade Melee +2 3 Defensive 1, Vicious 1 3 6 250
Maul Melee +5 4 Concussive, Cumbersome 4, Disorient 2, Knockdown, Slow 5 5 225
Parry Dagger Melee +1 3 Defensive 1 1 8 75
Shield Melee +0 5 Cumbersome 3, Defensive 2, Deflection 1, Disorient 1, Knockdown 2 4 75
Shortblade Melee +1 3 Defensive 1 1 4 25
Spear Melee +3 3 Pierce 3, Unwieldly 3 4 4 150
Staff Melee +2 4 Defensive 1, Disorient 3, Unwieldly 3 3 3 45

Bows and Crossbows

Weapon Skill Damage Crit Rating Range Qualities Encum Rarity Cost
Heavy Crossbow Ranged-Archaic 7 3 Long Cumbersome 4, Limited Ammo 1, Pierce 2, Prepare 3 4 8 275
Light Crowssbow Ranged-Archaic 5 3 Medium Limited Ammo 1, Pierce 1, Prepare 2 3 6 75
Long Bow Ranged-Archaic +3 3 Long Cumbersome 3, Limited Ammo 1, Prepare 1 2 6 125
Short Bow Ranged-Archaic +1 3 Medium Limited Ammo 1, Prepare 1 1 3 30
Throwing Knives Ranged-Archaic +0 4 Short Fast, Limited Ammo 1 0 2 20 (for five)
Bolts/Arrows NA +0 +0 NA Count as Edged Weapons 1 4 30 (for 25)

Rare Materials

Note: A single item may not be made from more than one of these materials.

  • Hell-wrought Steel:
    • Hell-wrought Steel is forged in fiery volcanic furnaces common known as Hell-Forges. Because of the sulfuric gases and impurities in the metal, items made from Hell-wrought Steel take on a sickly yellowish hue. Hell-wrought is most commonly found in ingots that can be reforged in a common smithy into weapons, armor and other items, making it the most common of the Rare Materials. In any case, Hell-wrought Steel items increase the Rarity by 2 and the Cost by triple (a 25cr item becomes 75cr).
    • Hell-wrought Weapons gain or increase their Vicious by +1. In addition, when a Character rolls to recover from a Critical Injury inflicted by one of these weapons, they Upgrade the difficulty of that roll once.
  • Black Iron:
    • Black Iron gets its name from the dark grey, nearly black coloring that times forged from it take on. It is exceedingly rare to find in any large quantity and thus smaller items are often more common than larger ones. To complicate matters, Black Iron can only ever be forged a single time, and once quenched, it hardens into its permanent shape.
    • Items forged from Black Iron simply cannot be destroyed by any known means. They are immune to any damage inflicted on them, including the Sunder Quality. They remain forever sharp if edged - and often become family heirlooms, handed down through the generations. Increase the Rarity of items made from Black Iron by 4 and increase their cost by x10. Lastly, because for their weight, items forged from Black Iron increase their encumbrance by 1/2 - rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • Silversteel:
    • Silversteel gets its name from the milky-silvered appearance items crafted from it take on - even when polished. Their are light and easy to wield, making them ideal for races of small stature or those of slight frames. The metal, however, is not as hard or durable as even common steel and are prone to damage if abused.
    • Silversteel items decrease their Encumbrance by 1 (to a minimum of 1) and reduce the Cumbersome or Unwieldly Quality by 1. In addition, weapons gain the Fast Quality (but this effect does not stack with weapons that already have it), and Armor decreases its Encumbrance by 2 instead. Lastly increase the Rarity of such items by 3 and double their cost. Finally, Silversteel Items items are can suffer one fewer level of damage before they are destroyed.
  • Aristone Ash:
    • Aristone Ash is a tree native to a distant land that takes the same name. It was introduced to The Kingdom generations ago through long trade routes. The wood of this Ash is extremely hard and durable - nearly as hard as steel itself and thus is prized for adding penetrating power to bows. The wood is a warm pink color and does not stain or polish.
    • Bows and Crossbows made from Aristone Ash increase their Damage by 1. However because of its hardness, they also increase their Prepare by +1.
    • All other items increase the number of Advantage-result.png needed to cause damage to items made of Aristone Ash by 1 - thus it now requires Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to temporarily disable them, and Sunder now requires Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png to activate instead of Advantage-result.png.
    • In either case, increase the Rarity of such items by 3 and their cost by x5.
  • Everliving Elm:
    • Everliving Elm is a rare tree whose harvesting is closely watched and regulated by the Kings Laws. They are very rare, and all attempts to transplant or grow new Elms have all ended in failure. The trees themselves resonate strongly in the Arcane - though they are often concealed by natural forces and can be difficult to locate at any distance. The Elms regrow harvested limbs with exceptional speed, and more astonishingly, items made from such wood continue to live on. While they need no soil, they do require regular watering - most often accomplished through wiping them down with a damp cloth.
    • Bows, Crossbows and other wooden items gain the ability to recover from levels of item damage as if they were Critical Injuries applied to a Character whose Brawn is 2. Each Level of damage is treated as a separate Critical Injury and the recovery difficulty begins at 1 and increases by 1 for each level there after. Further, such weapons can be "healed" through Sorcery as if they were a Character and can be detected through Divination as though they are alive. Increase the Rarity of items made from Everliving Elm by 3 and triple their cost.

Personalizations and Modifications

  • Superior: - This modification can be applied to any suit of armor or weapon.
    • Superior Weapons apply a Boost-die.png to any Check made involving them (Combat or otherwise) and Armor increase its Soak by 1 and decreases its Encumbrance by 1. In addition increase the Rarity of the item by 2 and double the cost.
  • Inferior: - This Modification can be applied to any suit of armor or weapon.
    • Inferior Weapons apply a Setback-die.png to any Check made involving them (Combat or otherwise) and Armor increases its Encumbrance by 1. However it reduces the Rarity of the item by 2, to a minimum of 1, and reduces the Cost by 25%.

Hilts and Hafts: - A Weapon may have no more than 2 Selections from this Group.

  • Well Balanced:
    • The weapon has been finely balanced making it easier to strike. Gain Accuracy +1.
    • Cost 150cr
  • Custom Grip:
    • The grip has been made specifically for you. You remove up to one Setback-die.png when making attacks with this weapon.
    • Cost: 500cr
  • Ornate:
    • The weapon has been decorated and finely detailed, making it a true work of art as well as an implement of war. You gain Boost-die.png to any Charm, Negotiation, or Leadership Checks if the weapon is visible.
    • Cost 1000cr
  • Paired Weapons:
    • This is applied to two weapons intended to be used together. You reduce the Advantages Required to activate the second attack with your off hand to 1.
    • Cost 300cr.
  • Extended Grip:
    • The grip and handle of this weapon has been extended, making it usable with either one or two hands. Increase the weapons Damage by 1, but suffer a Setback-die.png to your attack if you wield it in one hand.
    • Cost: 500cr

Edges and Heads: - A Weapon may have no more than 1 Selection from this Group.

  • Poison Reservoir:
  • Honed Edge:
    • In addition to being sharpened, the edge has been honed - giving it a far sharper and stronger cut. If you successfully inflict Wounds after Soak has been applied, increase the Wounds inflicted by 1.
    • Cost 100cr.
  • Serrated Edge:
    • The blade of your weapon has been given a jagged and regular edge. Gain Vicious +1
    • Cost 50cr
  • Weighted Head:
    • While all blunt weapons are designed to use the force of impact to inflict injury, this modification makes the weighted head larger and of heavier materials. Increase the damage of Club, Hammer or Maul by +1, but increase its Encumbrance by +1 as well.
    • Cost: 250cr
  • Spiked Head:
    • Your blunt weapon has a long spike on one end, giving you penetration power if needed. When spending Advantages on an Attack Check, if your Weapon has the Disorient Quality, you may activate it, but treat at the Pierce Quality with the same rating instead.
    • Cost 75cr.


Armor Defense Soak Encum Rarity Cost
Light Leather 0 1 1 1 50
Padded Leather 0 2 2 1 500
Chain 1 1 3 6 1000
Scale 2 1 1 6 1600
Breastplate 1 0 4 6 2000
Coat of Plates 2 2 6 8 5000
Fullplate 3 2 6 9 10000



  • Parchment
  • Ink and Quill
  • Messenger Bird
  • Messenger's Pouch

Detection Devices

  • Spyglass


  • Poultice (25cr - Encumbrance 0 - Rarity 2)
    • Poultices are common treatments for mild to moderate injuries. They consist of various medicinal herbs and what-not and are meant be applied directly to an injury for several days. First, a Poultice negates ongoing effects of Easy and Average Critical Injuries, second when a character makes Resilience Checks to recover from Critical Injuries they gain a Boost-die.png. Finally, a Character recovers 1 additional Wound each day while they are being treated with a Poultice.
  • Healing Herbs (25cr - Encumbrance 0 - Rarity 1)
    • Healing Herbs are commonly found throughout The Kingdom and different herbs can be used to treat a variety of aligments. With a few minutes of boiling, a tea can be made to alleviate stress, headaches, upset stomachs and other minor issues. Each consumption of Healing Herbs allows the Character to make an additional Strain Recovery roll. On this roll, Advantage-result.pngAdvantage-result.png may be used to also regain 1 Wound.
  • Potion of Healing (100cr - Encumbrance 0 - Rarity 8)
    • Potions of Healing are rare but powerful things. Made through Arcane Rituals, these droughts can instantly recover Wounds and cure injuries. Upon consumption, the Character immediately recovers 3 + Willpower in Wounds and may make an immediate Critical Injury Recover Check.
  • Healers Kit (250cr - Encumbrance 2 - Rarity 4)
    • Healers kits contain various remeadies and whatnot that allow for the use of the Medicine Skill without Penalty. Occasionally these supplies may be exhausted, and must be replaced. This can be accomplished by foraging, an Average Survival Check, or from a merchant, for 50cr.



  • Manacles (25cr - Encumbrance 2 - Rarity 6)
    • Manacles or Shackles are iron bands that attach around a Characters hands and feet and often have a chain that allows them to be locked to a specific location.
  • Lock-picks (50cr - Encumbrance 1 - Rarity 8)
    • Lock-picks are a set of thievery tools that allow a Character to attempt to defeat a mechanical lock. They have no effect on Arcane type barriers.
  • Pad Lock


  • Travelers Pack (50cr - Encumbrance 1, Rarity 0)
    • Traveler packs are common among The Kingdom. While they take many forms, they all perform the same basic function. A Traveler's pack can contain up to 4 Encumbrance worth of reasonably sized items.
  • Belt Pouches (25cr - Encumbrance 0, Rarity 0)
    • Another common item, Belt Pouches a fix to a persons belt and allow for the storage and easy access to various small items. Belt Pouches can contain up to Encumbrance 1 worth of items, and when drawing an item from the pouches, the Character is considered to have the Quick Draw Talent.
  • Saddlebags (75cr - Encumbrance 2, Rarity 2, Cumbersome 4)
    • Saddlebags are common for any mount or mule. While far to cumbersome for the average person to carry for long periods, they are designed to drape across the back of a mount carry numerous items. Saddlebags can hold up to 8 Encumbrance worth of items.
  • Quiver (35cr - Encumbrance 0, Rarity 1)
    • Quivers are tubular containers that are afixed to a characters back and allow for the drawing of Bolts or Arrows. They can hold up to 1 Encumbrance worth of Bolts or Arrows.
  • Marksman's Quiver (125cr - Encumbrance 0, Rarity 6)
    • Marksman's Quivers are designed to allow for quick drawing of arrows in the heat of battle, and are usually hung from the Characters belt. Like normal quivers, they can hold up to 1 Encumbrance worth of Bolts or Arrows, and when drawing from this quiver, the Character is considered to have the Quick Draw Talent. However, the items inside are not as protected and can fall if jostled. While using a Marksman's Quiver, the Narrator may now spend Threat-result.png on any appropriate check to cause one arrow to be lost.
  • Hunting Quiver (75cr - Encumbrance 1, Rarity 4)
    • Hunting Quivers are commonly used by hunters, rangers, and woodsmen to give them access to a larger number of arrows or bolts while in the wilds. Further, these quivers have special caps that are water resistant and protect the contents inside. Hunting Quivers can hold up to 2 Encumbrance worth of items.


  • Torch
  • Hunting Kit
  • Survival Kit (100cr - Encumbrance 3 - Rarity 1)
    • Survival kits include basic equipment needed in the Wilds. In includes 25m rope, flint and steel, small knife, a torch, a blanket, a water skin, and three days of dried food.
  • Kanaan Traveler Rations
  • Tent
  • Fur Cloak


  • Beast Call
  • Rope
  • Signet Ring
  • Trench Tool
  • Musical Instrument
  • Crossbow Lever - Encumberance 1 - Rarity 3 - 75cr
    • reduce the prepare quality of a crossbow by 1.