Twilight Stirring

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Lingering Dreams

The Waking World
The Folk
Class Notes

The world is waking from its Dream. But here, on the wooded edge of the world, the Dream is never far, a colorful haze on the day's horizon or lights splayed across the night sky. It reveals new wonders as stretches of land rouse from their slumber, just as the black wadi, with their bounty of herbs and fungus, awoke some fifty springs ago. The Dream even deposited the gobeol village Bright Ridge here, washed away from distant mountains and flowing with silver and jewels.

But the Dream never lies easy, as ravening creatures glimpsed in nightmare emerge from its promise as well. The folk of these lands understand that with possibility comes terror, and they guard against Dream-born danger even as they rejoice at the discovery of new awakenings.

Only the wise wonder why the Dream once gave the world the beauty of the gael and the precociousness of the gobeol but now births only monsters. Were the Dreaming folk a rare gift, or is the Dream disturbed into malevolence? Can such questions even be asked of the Dream? In the end, they can only advise to safeguard the waking when nightmares burst into day.

Player Characters


The Folk

The Stone Horns

The Stone Horns range the eastern reaches of this region, near to the Dream and Bright Ridge. They are known as fierce warriors for combating monsters from the Dream, and their name originated from one such fight. Their range is rich in a variety of mushrooms as well as wild game, and they are known for preserved preparations of both. One of their members, Balaam, is one of the few trained blacksmiths in the area.

  • Enlil-Bani
  • Koal-Bani: Although a proficient hunter, Koal-Bani is best known for his cooking; many consider him to have mastered the intense flavors abundant in the black wadi.
  • Lelha: One of the great hunters of the band, thanks to her deep empathy with the beasts of the Stone Horns' range.
  • Balaam

The High Falling Band

The High Falling Band ranges just to the northwest of the Stone Horns. The two bands work together often and share a number of relatives. Their lands include several high waterfalls, the enjoyment of which has led to the band developing prodigious leaping skills from a young age.

  • Eshe: A distant relative and close friend of Lelha's.

The Gray Bears

The Gray Bears earned their name by helping to put a great elderly bear to rest in a hunt blessed by the spirits.

  • Leka: A young ocaithe recently taken as a promising student to Enlil-Bani. Despite her obvious physical gifts, she was learning pottery, at which she showed good skill but no real passion, before being apprenticed to the monk.
  • Furat and Qisa: Leka's parents
  • Kashif: Represented the band at the Heart's Braid council.

The Ibex Hides

A band that ranges the southern reaches of the region, the Ibex Hides take their name from the large ibex herds they tend. They are unfailingly well-dressed in their hides and leathers, which are considered the best in the region.

  • Esan: A famed hunter thanks to his watchful and suspicious nature, bordering on paranoia. He is a strict parent who expects excellence from his children. Esan has grown suspicious of all Dream things, including its folk at Bright Ridge.
  • Merishal: An Ibex Hide whose first child Melagra'ashaam was born thanks to Tsedhli's blessing. Merishal recently visited the spirit to gain assurance that the spirit hadn't turned their back on the band and took a motherly concern toward both Leka and Sapeya.

The Pine Cliffs

This far northern band ranges the foothills of the mountains that form the edge of this region. They are rarely seen outside of the Mid-Autumn Festival, where rare resins they've harvested from their range are much valued.

  • Bahz: A singer of the band who won the eudor glass jug in the song contest by performing the tragic song To Hunt the Mist.
  • Guldahl: Represented the band at the Heart's Braid council.

The Storm Flames

Another northern band, they took their name from a massive lightning fire that swept their range a few generations ago. The fires cleared the way for many wildflowers, and honey has become a staple of their range, which is also abundant in herbs.

  • Sahar: An elderly Storm Flame. Sahar's parents were part of a lost band, but they never openly spoke of it, even in front of their child.
  • Pero: Represented the band at the Heart's Braid council.

The Lost Band

A band once ranged somewhere in the northeastern reaches of this region. They were said to have lived too close to the Dream and endured many attacks by its monsters. The band dispersed after some sort of tragedy caused the spirits to curse their lands and cast them back into the Dream. The former members of the band refused to speak of the incident, and the band's name and even the knowledge of its existence has faded in the modern day.

  • Arela: A druid of the band who lived in solitude after its dispersal. She was close to the spirits of the lost band and occasionally served as a mentor to other ocaithe who sought her wisdom in her late years. She is reputed to have known Mundrak as one of those spirits.

The Gobeol of Bright Ridge

  • Pilik: One of the first of the Bright Ridge gobeol to spend much time among the ocaithe, he early on sought aid in learning survival in the unfamiliar woods. He is a personable and adventurous fellow comfortable away from his workshop, unlike many of the others, in part because he is a woodworker who appreciates the plethora of material the forest has to offer. Indeed, he is a fine bowyer and fletcher, but his passions lay in wood adornments and instruments.

Pilik has dull yellow skin, rich nut brown hair and beard with a very long and pointy nose and chin.

  • Qual: Just leaving childhood, Qual only began accompanying Pilik on his hunting excursions and forays among the ocaithe this past spring. Her very keen senses mark her as a promising hunter, and she has taken to the task with relish. However, she is still uneasy being away from Bright Ridge for long periods, leading her to be gruff at times among other folk. She is learning to tan hides from her kills and has already produced some acceptable armor and clothing while practicing the craft.

Qual is a hairless gobeol with purple-toned skin. Her large ears are pointed and floppy, and the irises of her eyes are large and nearly pitch black.

  • Balaghan: A peach-skinned gobeol with rich, blushing pink hair. His face is rather round and his features small, and his fingers and hands are quite long and spindly. He is a potter known for the quality of his finishes and glazing.
  • Keri: Tall for a gobeol, Keri is a lemon-colored man tinged with green at the tips of his ears, fingers, and nose. He is a cook fond of aggressively spiced dishes who specializes in cheese and wild game sausage.

The Moth's Promenade


The Spirits

  • Tsedhli
  • Vericathe
  • Bael'yta
  • Ouregol'sophe
  • The Futrhei

The Land

The Stone Horns' Range

  • Farjil'wadi
  • The Narrows

The High Fox Range

Bright Ridge

The Glow Wood

The Moth's Promenade

The Twined Commons