Vallaki Shops

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Town Square Shops

  • The Cracked Anvil: A smithy that largely caters to the needs of the local townspeople and farmers. The Cracked Anvil is run by the smith Dagomir and his wife Magda.
    • Goods for sale: Simple Weapons, Chain Shirt, Chainmail, Arrows, Quarrels, Bows(Custom Made, Requires several days)
  • Lukresh Tannery: A tannery owned by Fatima Lukresh.
    • Goods for sale: Mundane Leather Goods, Leather and Studded Leather Armor (Custom Made, Requires several days)
  • Endless Delight Clothiers: A clothing shop run by three siblings (Alek, Andrej, and Alana Alastroi).
    • Goods for sale: Various Clothing including Heavy Winter gear.

Other Shops

  • The Coffin Maker's Shop: A shop that used to sell coffins and occasional Vampire Spawn. Now out of Business with a hole in the roof. Henrik the Carpenter owns the shop, but has recently gone missing.
  • Blinsky’s Toys: A shop that sells a rather morbid variety of toys, run by old man Blinsky.
  • Lazlo the Wainright: A wagon makers shop owned by a man named Lazlo.
  • Nimir’s Used Goods: A small out of the way shop that sells an eclectic variety of goods. Kithiri recognizes that the shop is inherently shady, and is a probably involved in fencing stolen goods and other illegal activities. The shop is run by Nimir Strazani and his two brutish sons.
    • Goods for sale: Sundry Goods, various Jewelry, bottles of alcohol and other liquids, strange knickknacks.