Victorian Resources Merit

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The Resources Merit, mechanically speaking, works the same as it does in the Chronicle of Darkness Corebook. The only difference lies in the specifics of each dot in the Merit, as follows:

  • Scraping By (•): You've generally got a few weeks paid for in a local lodging house, though you don't eat very well. Whatever you own most likely travels with you, including heirlooms and the like.
  • Middle Class (••): You have a flat in a terraced building, probably, or a slightly larger place in a worse-off area.
  • Bourgeois (•••): You live in a townhouse or detached country home and chances are good that you belong to a social club of some sort, most likely affiliated with your church or neighborhood.
  • Well Off (••••): Clearly upper class, you have a lavish townhouse or a sprawling country estate.
  • Tremendously Affluent (•••••): An esteemed landowner with generations of accumulated wealth. You likely have multiple townhouses and estates throughout England and the continent. You are expected to demonstrate your wealth.