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V'neef Atufu

A wide-bellied, bearded Exalt of Wood aspect. He is very jolly looking, with a grin and smile-lines around his eyes. He basically looks like someone's Favorite Uncle, with a long beard and long hair that's pulled back. His skin has a slight green tinge to it, and his hair is the dark of wood bark. He dresses in nice Dynastic clothing, favoring a tunic, vest and baggy pants. In one hand, he holds a tonfa-shaped opium pipe, and in the other hand, he wields an exact same pipe as a tonfa. He should have a bandolier with a variety of little pouches, and a flamepiece tucked into his belt.

  • Worn Artifacts: Green jade drink-gourd at his belt, black jade Perfected Kata Bracers (spiraling like prayer strips wrapped around wrists), big awesome green jade God-Kicking Boots.
  • Other Notes: I'd prefer he weren't in a martial arts pose, but rather just standing there, looking like he's having a good time.
  • See V'neef Atufu - a placeholder image is in place that gives a rough idea.

V'neef Tatewaki

A tall, androgynous young man. He doesn't have the look of the Dragons to him at all - for the most part, he looks like a normal bureaucrat. He wears a simple bureaucrat's robe, and his hair is black, long and beautiful, with part of it done up in an overly elaborate hair-style in back - his sole point of vanity. He wears a set of simple pince-nez spectacles, usually walks around with a simple parasol and a simple clipboard.

  • Worn Artifacts: Pair of green jade rings (one on each hand), black jade hearthstone bracers (empty socket) and a blue jade torc/collar (jade version of Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light)
  • Other Notes: He has a sandpiper bird on one shoulder, and a tongma monkey (think big-eyed chibi lemur with a long tail) peeking out from behind him.
  • See V'neef Tatewaki - a placeholder image is in place that gives a rough idea.

V'neef Aola

This character's inspiration is the British pop star Robyn - full of attitude, short pale white hair, curvy. She perches atop a floating cloud (the Cirrus Skiff spell, in fact), with one hand pulled back, with lightning arcing around it. She has a brace of javelins slung on her back. She tends to wear form-hugging robes (cut to leave enough leg room to move) with a jade breastplate.

  • Worn Artifacts: jade Hearthstone Bracers (with hearthstone), jade knuckle ring (though if the lightning effect would occlude it, no need to include), jade breastplate
  • Other Notes: If possible, can you place her neomah servant in the picture, too? The link below has an image of her at the very bottom of the page - curvy, vamp-y, and fond of wearing wigs and "tiny, cute hats". Where Aola is clearly savvy and battle-ready, the neomah reclines like a pinup, all full lips and too many piercings.
  • See V'neef Aola - a placeholder image is in place that gives a rough idea.

V'neef Kenet

Kenet is tall, slender, and pale. His crimson hair and eyes mark him as a Fire Aspect, but his pale skin is due to his demon blood. There is an eerie perfection to Kenet's features, everything just a little too even and symmetrical. His skin is perfectly smooth and uniform--no birthmarks or blemishes, no wrinkles or lines, no variations in skin tone whatsoever. Except for the hair on his head and his eyebrows, he has no body hair, not even eyelashes. When he is angry or embarrassed or gripped with any other strong emotion, strange writing begins to blossom on his arms and torso, writhing and slithering across his fair skin.

  • Worn Artifacts: Red jade hearthstone bracers with Candent Carbuncle, white jade hearthstone amulet with Gem of Surface Thoughts, black jade hearthstone amulet with Prism of Focused Passion
  • Other Notes: Kenet's anima consists of three revolving red rings, circling him furiously, burning with white flame. Each one is etched with tiny Old Realm writing which, if someone managed to somehow read it, details the terms of the Malfean imprisonment from the records of Heaven. Also, I'm not crazy about the high collar in the placeholder image, so feel free to leave that out. :)
  • See V'neef Kenet - a placeholder image is in place that gives a rough idea.

V'neef Jiana


V'neef Ashuru