World of Darkness: Spirits

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Spirit Creation

Rank Descriptor Attribute Dots Attribute Limit Max. Essence Numina
1 Squire/Page, Lesser Gaffling 5-8 5 10 1-3
2 Knight, Greater Gaffling 9-14 7 15 3-5
3 Baron, Lesser Jaggling 15-25 9 20 5-7
4 Count, Greater Jaggling 26-35 12 25 7-9
5 Marquis, Minor God/Incarna 36-45 15 50 9-11
6 Prince, Lesser God/Incarna -- -- -- --
7 Duke, Greater God/Incarna -- -- -- --
8 King, Lesser Celestine -- -- -- --
9 Emperor, Greater Celestine -- -- -- --
10 Beyond Manifest Conception -- -- -- --

Essence Use

  • Survival: Spirits spend one Essence per day to survive, at moonrise. If it does not have Essence to spend, it falls into slumber until it regains Essence somehow.
  • Trait Boost: Spirits can spend one Essence to increase Power, Finesse or Resistance by +1 for one scene. They can increase these Traits up to double their normal ratings.
  • Manifestation: On the material side of the Gauntlet, a spirit spends [Rank] Essence per hour it remains in Twilight. It cannot regain this Essence until it returns to Shadow, and if it loses all its Essence, it enters slumber and slips through the Gauntlet, losing 1 Corpus. This loss is eliminated if it has a host body or Fetter.
  • Death or Discorporation: As long as a spirit has at least 1 Essence remaining when it loses all its Corpus, it discoporates rather than being destroyed.

Essence Recovery

  • Thematic Resonance: +1 Essence per day spent near the things that reflect its nature.
  • Resonant Sources: At a site of something resonant with the spirit, it may draw Essence from it with a Power + Finesse roll, modified by the Gauntlet, with each success granting 1 Essence. It can only do this once per day. If the source is also a locus, it may add the locus rating to the die roll.
  • Barter: Spirits often barter with other spirits and entities for Essence.
  • Theft: A spirit may steal Essence from another spirit with an opposed Power + Finesse roll against the target's Power + Resistance. The one with the most successes gains his net successes in Essence.

Spirit Types

Spirit Organization

  • Broods: Organized by Resonance theme. Broods are collections of spirits who have fed long on a given type of Resonance. They are made up of both spirits to whom that Resonance is natural, and those whose nature has changed by supping long on that Resonance. They are either Roving or they are Territorial.
  • Mobs: A gathering of one kind of spirit, which dominates others in the area. These spirits infest a territory, attempting to force their preferred Resonance into every aspect of that area.
  • Courts: Like a feudal court, with a single or small gathering of powerful spirits enacting vassaldom on those who wish to remain in their territory, who must pay a "tax" of Essence and service if called upon, but are permitted protected places in the territory in exchange.
  • Pantheons: The kindly term for when a vicious, powerful spirit or group of spirits lord it over other spirits and denizens of Shadow. They do not pretend to polite interactions or protection - they rule through fear, violence and the threat of outright consumption.