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God of the Moon and Ecstasy

Xanayrite PCs
  • Domains: Freedom, Luck, Moon
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Aumanator, Avandra's Rescue, Favor of Tymora, Light Within, Eyes of Selûne

Avengers of Xanayr


Clerics of Xanayr


Invokers of Xanayr


Paladins of Xanayr


Runepriests of Xanayr


Also called XXX

  • Portfolio: XXX
  • Depiction: XXX
  • Symbols: XXX
  • Origins: XXX

The Harkenvale (The Twilight Wold)

The whole of the Harkenvale is actually divided between two domains. The Shining City is a great white, marbled city full of poetry and philosophy, where the faithful souls of Khoro discuss those subjects sacred to the sun-goddess, while her solar angels fly overhead in defense of the Shining City. The Twilight Wold is the wilderness that surrounds the Shining City on all sides, a place of wild beasts, vast free-growing vineyards and orchards and the wild souls who hunt them, all in Xanayr's name. His lunar angels call the faithful to the dance and to the hunt.

Known Factions