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Geographical Information
Size: Village • Location: Dessarin Valley, the North
Societal Information
Populace: 700 (500 in village, 200 in outlying farms) (Humans 64%, shield dwarves 10%, elves 10%, lightfoot halflings 5%, half-elves 5%, gnomes 3%, half-orcs 2%, others 1%)
Religion: Chauntea, Waukeen • Shrines: Tempus
Imports: various
Exports: Agricultural produce, fine horses
Political Information
Government: Lord Warder
Ruler: Dauner Ilzimmer
Military: Waterdeep Guard patrols

A village on the Long Road between Waterdeep and Red Larch. Amphail is named for one of Waterdeep's early warlords, Amphail the Just, who had estates here, and whose spirit is believed to still patrol the streets.


The people of Amphail are mostly farmers and horse-ranchers, as well as those who cater to the needs of visiting nobles. Many of the nobles in Waterdeep treat Amphail as their own personal rustic resort town, going on holiday here to ride horses, hunt, and revel in its "country charms." Many of the folk in Amphail resent them, but are more than willing to tolerate being looked down highnoses for the coin these spoiled nobles spread about liberally while they are here.


Amphail is effectively run by three Waterdhavian families: House Amcathra, House Ilzimmer, and House Roaringhorn. They take turns filling the position of Lord Warder for the village, switching once every four years during Shieldmeet. The current Lord Warder is Daunder Ilzimmer, a tall thin man with a nose for business.


Amphail is among the areas patrolled by the Waterdeep Guard.

Places of Interest

  • The Great Shalarn (1): Statue. A statue of black stone depicting a famous war stallion bred and reared over a hundred years ago. It was long ago gelded by some prankster.
  • Town Well (2): A simple well that serves as a source for water for many of the houses, and a social gathering spot for some of the locals.
  • The Old Dead Rowan (3): A leafless old tree whose trunk is as large as some cottages. It is a popular meeting place for locals, who sit on plank benches at its base, sipping cier, smoking pipes, playing at dice, or gossiping. Legend says a sorceress of great power is buried at its base, and her power keeps the tree from rotting.
  • The Horse Pond (4): A muddy pool home to frogs and water lilies that local legend says hides an underwater entrance to a tomb that belongs to the Maiden King, a female war chieftain of ancient days. It is said that she sleeps in her tomb, a magical two-handed sword clutched to her breast.
  • The Middens Heap (5): A simple dumping ground for the filth and garbage of the local dwellings. It is set fire to once a month in a controlled burn.
  • Lord Warder's Keep (6): Keep. The keep for the Lord Warder's household.


  • Ulvinhand Smithy (7): A smithy run by a retired Waterdhavian soldier.
  • Blodhlar's Wares (8): A general goods store run by an eccentric tiefling amateur taxidermist.
  • Ammakyl Flowers and Foods (9): A flower and foods market owned by House Ammakyl.


  • The Stag-Horned Flagon (10): A tavern run by a retired carnival performer.
  • The Stone Stallion (11): An oversized inn run by a couple of would-be nobles.

Temples & Shrines

  • The Earth and Coin (12): Temple to Chauntea and Waukeen. A temple run by dwarven siblings.

Trade Routes

Roads & Trails

  • The Long Road: An inland trade route stretching from Waterdeep in the south to Mirabar in the north.

With thanks to Eventyr Games whose Amphail sourcebook on the DM's Guild informed this page.