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• Advantages • 
Benefit: Dvaravat Membership: You have a membership at the esoteric nightclub and lounge, Dvaravat. You bear on your body a permanently-henna'd Sanskrit sigil that is your passkey into the establishment. By using your finger and a standard action to draw that sigil on any solid door that sits fully in a doorframe, you can turn that door into a portal into one of the many doors in Dvaravat. Opening the door grants you and whoever else accompanies you through the door passage into the establishment (although you are responsible for any non-members you bring with you). You may not open any of the other doors in Dvaravat save the one that you entered it through, although if you leave by any other means (leaving through someone else's door, or by other dimension-traveling magics), the symbol disappears and the door resets.

The extradimensional Dvaravat is a strange and wondrous place. Located outside but contiguous with the Earthly realm, Dvaravat is run by the hijra sorceress Chandi. Dvaravat is known to be seven stories in height, although it has two additional levels: one beneath it connected to the Underworld, and one above it, which is the personal sanctum of Chandi.

The Many-Gated




Chandi's Sanctum


The Marici Cabaret

x - cabaret, "ray of light"

The Kitava Hall

x - casino, gambler

The Apya Taproom

x - pub, friendship

The Sasura Taproom

x - pub, intoxicated

The Sahanartana Ballroom

x - ballroom, ballroom

Anandena Nightclub (Joyful)

x - bright, happy nightclub

Aroke Nightclub (Darkened)

Perhaps appropriate for the level above the underworld, Aroka (the name means "darkened") is a nightclub whose music embraces the darkness of many musical genres. Metal, goth, and industrial are in heavy rotation here, and there are far more shadows than there are lights to be found on this level. The main floor is a dance floor, with bars set up in the ramp rooms. The vestibules tend to be dance floor overflow and room in which to stand and socialize, while the myriad lounges have tables and chairs. The private rooms here are outfitted for intimate encounters, with room for plenty of participants; patrons rent these rooms out for events, though, so they are not open to general use. x - nightclub

Saniara (Mist-Bound)

The low-lying mist on the floor of this level gives it its name. The doors of Saniara are the only ones in Dvaravat not connected to the Earthly realm: instead, they connect to the myriad underworlds. Those who have been members of Dvaravat during their lives remain so after death, and are capable of visiting its halls once more. Though they may not venture above this level, the living may come down to see them. Drink sours and food spoils here, however, and music is always discordant, so few tend to venture here casually or without purpose.