Wardens Character Creation

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  • All characters start at PL 8.


  • Each sorcerer focuses on a type of magic: the otherworldly source that the sorcerer draws up on for their magics. These will come as a "package" of spells, Modifiers, Complications, and Advantages.
  • Sorcerers use invocations, which are explicitly a basic power with a specific list of Alternate Effects that can be gained as part of mastery of that invocation. The exact invocations available will depend on the magical type the sorcerer practices.
  • Confer with the Narrator to determine what kind of magician you wish to start as, and to generate a set of invocations appropriate to that concept.
  • All sorcerers also have the Sorcerer Complication:
    • Sorcerer (Complication): In order to use your magics, you must be able to speak and gesture. If you cannot do both of these, you cannot use your Sorcerous Arcana. (You may still have other magical abilities that you can use, however.)


  • Each reliquarian has at least one magic item which is the source of their abilities.
  • All such abilities are built with the Removable Flaw, allowing them to be removed with varying levels of ease.
  • Confer with the Narrator to determine the nature of the relics and the abilities gained from them.


  • Each Invested embodies the power of a single modern city, called an "Awakened City." These abilities should reflect the city's spirit and themes.
  • Invested have a variety of small, useful abilities granted to them while they are in any Awakened City. Invested heal faster and never need to eat or drink while within an Awakened City. They can also move rapidly through cities and even retreat within a cyst of asphalt and concrete, which is absorbed by the city only to reappear in another city, transporting them to a new location. All Invested must have at least two of these power sets, though they all eventually develop all of them.
    • Asphalt Cyst: 3 pts/rank, min 3pt. Teleportation 1+ (Extended, Reaching; Awakened Cities only) • Reaching allows the Invested to spend extra time in transit to places their teleportation can't quite reach; increase the Time of 0 by +1 per rank of additional Distance needed to reach target Awakened City.
    • City Creature: 4 pts. Immunity 1 (starvation & thirst), Regeneration 6 (Source: urban)
    • With the Flow: 7 pts. Feature 1 (showing up at moments important to city), Movement 3 (Safe Fall, Sure-Footed)
    • Words from the City: 20 pts. Communication 3 (city-speak), Comprehend 4 (languages 2, city 2)
  • Finally, Invested have the following Complication:
    • Awakened City Dependence (Complication): When you are outside of an Awakened City, you lose access to your Invested-specific abilities, gaining a Hero Point if you are in a situation where you need them. This counts as a Power Loss Complication.


  • Each of the Invictus is a surviving warrior or defender of a now-fallen culture or civilization. Each of them must have been in some way a power in its time.
  • The Invictus are literally immortal survivors of the twilight years of their culture, and were always fighters of some kind. They may have minor powers that reflect the nature, spirit, and themes of their culture.
  • Additionally, each of the Invictus gains a package of abilities. These are just the basics of these abilities – many Invictus develop stronger or more specific refinements of these conceptual powers:
    • Invictus: 22 power points.
      • Unconquered in Mind (10 pts): Mastery of Tongues (Comprehend 2, all languages) • Unconquered Senses (Senses 6: Danger Sense, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Extended Visual, Tracking)
      • Unconquered in Body (8 pts): Sanctity (Immunity 3: aging, disease, poison) • Recovery (Regeneration 5)
      • Unconquered in Battle (4 pts): Warrior's Spring (Leaping 8, Athletics Action required)