Harper Cell Safehouses

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Safehouses are ranked according to their effectiveness as safehouses.

  • A safehouse has a Rank, which determines the maximum Rank of any of its Traits. Thus, a Rank 2 safehouse can have a maximum of 2 in its Traits.
  • When a cell gains a new rank of Security, they gain a new safehouse of that Rank, with a single trait at its maximum. Its other traits are rated at 1, though they can be improved (see Downtime Activities below).

Safehouse Traits

Safehouses are rated in three categories: Capacity, which is how many people can hide there; Obfuscation, which is how well-hidden they are; and Amenities, which is what life is like while living there.


Amenities determines the quality of the lifestyle lived while at the safehouse in question.

  • Rank 1: Wretched
  • Rank 2: Squalid
  • Rank 3: Poor
  • Rank 4: Modest
  • Rank 5: Comfortable


Capacity determines how many people can be holed up in the safehouse.

  • Rank 1: One person
  • Rank 2: Two people
  • Rank 3: Four people
  • Rank 4: Eight people
  • Rank 5: Twenty people


Obfuscation provides concealment for characters hiding out in the safehouse in question. This DC is the difficulty for characters using contacts, spy networks, informants, or simply searching for them on their own. This provides no protection unless the agent remains inside the safehouse – leaving it for more than a few hours negates its protection.

  • Rank 1: DC 15
  • Rank 2: DC 17
  • Rank 3: DC 19
  • Rank 4: DC 21
  • Rank 5: DC 23

Downtime Actions

Establish Safehouse


Cultivate Safehouse