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Hexslinger & Gun-Doc


"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you."
- Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction


A wandering hexslinger and gun-doc, Itinerant (or just "Ten" for short) is a wandering spellslinger- and armorer-for-hire.


Itinerant is a handsome human male, with dark black hair and blue-grey eyes. He is broad shouldered and several inches over six feet. Though he keeps himself immaculately groomed, his clothing is beat-up and dusty from his extensive travels.

Attributes & Skills

Body 4, Agility 4, Reaction 4, Strength 2; Charisma 4, Intuition 2, Logic 2, Will 4 (9); Magic 6; Edge 3, Essence 6, Initiative 6 (9)/1 (4);

  • Condition Monitor Boxes: Physical 10, Stun 10 (11)
  • Movement: 10m/25m


  • Active: Armorer 5, Assensing 2, Astral Combat 3, Clubs 3, Counterspelling 6, Dodge 3, Etiquette 4, Intimidation 3, Navigation 2, Pilot Ground Craft 1, Pistols 4, Spellcasting 6, Summoning 3, Survival 2, Tracking 2
  • Group: Mechanic 1
  • Knowledge: Agriculture 2, Bandit Gangs 2, Firearms Designs 4, Theology 2
  • Language: English N, Spanish 2, Sioux 1


Gunslinger's Code

The gunslinger is the law in a time when there is no law. He must aid the weak, help the injured, uplift the downtrodden and fill criminal and cruel motherfuckers with as much lead as their raggedy bodies will hold. He is a man of honor, but rarely sticks around to collect on the gratitude of those he helps.

  • Advantages: Well respected by those he helps, and gets a quick reputation. With respect to the gunslinger, those who are in need of help or generally life lawful lives are considered Friendly when dealing with Social Modifiers. Additionally, the character receives a bonus die on all Intimidation tests against those who are threatening, abusing, exploiting or otherwise antagonistic toward lawful folk.
  • Disadvantages: Gunslingers don't deal well with those who are antagonistic towards lawful folk. When dealing with them, the gunslinger must make a Composure (3) Test in order to avoid treating them with open contempt and hostility. He also gains a point of Notoriety everytime he walks away from a situation where someone needs help.

Positive Qualities

  • Code of Conduct (5): Gunslinger's Code
  • Guts (5): +2 dice pool to resist fear and intimidation, including magical fear.
  • Juryrigger (10): May make an appropriate Mechanics skill test with the Build/Repair table to do the following:
    • Jury-rig a destroyed device so that it will operate just one last time.
    • Tweak a device to function at a rating one higher than normal for one turn.
    • Coax extra performance from a vehicle or drone's components, increasing its Sensors/Handling by +1
    • Improvise a one-shot device or weapon from various pieces or parts.
  • Magician (15): Christian Theurgy magical tradition
  • Mentor Spirit (5): Wise Warrior: +2 dice for Combat and Detection spells; -1 die to all tests if acting dishonorably, until the character atones

Negative Qualities

  • Distinctive Style (-15): +3 dice to identify, trace or locate per distinctive trait recalled (maximum +6)
    • Preacher Man: Itinerant wears his duster, gunbelts, boots and hat wherever he goes. But truly distinctive is the priest's collar under his neckerchief, the lapel pin showing St. George the Dragonslayer and the beat-up old Bible he frequently quotes from.
    • Extremely Clean-Cut: In an era in which concerns of appearance are usually trumped by the struggle to survive, Itinerant stands out with his perfectly cut hair and shaven square jaw.
    • Impeccable Manners: Itinerant's use of "gentleman's manners" stands out in the normal rough-and-tumble circles he moves in.
  • Geas (-10): Incantation: Biblical Quotes
  • Wanted (-10): Because of his tendencies towards helping the poor and downtrodden against those in power, Itinerant has more than a few bounties on his head, meaning he has to deal with the occasional bounty hunter coming to collect.


  • Black Coin: 160

Weaponry & Ammo

  • Ruger Super Warhawk (3)
    • Regular Ammo: 6P • AP -2 • Mode SS • Ammo 6c
    • APDS Ammo: 6P • AP -6 • Mode SS • Ammo 6c
    • EX-Explosive Ammo: 7P • AP -3 • Mode SS • Ammo 6c
  • Quick-Draw Holster (2)
  • Ammo Bag: 740¥ • 160 APDS, 88 EX-Explosive Rounds, 450 Regular Ammo
  • Speed Loaders (12): 300¥ • Regular Ammo (5) • APDS Ammo (5) • EX-Explosive Ammo (4)


Total: 12/6 (17/11)

  • Lined Coat: 6/4 (11/9 with Armor)
  • Form Fitting: 6/2

Magical Gear

  • Rifle-stock Blackthorne Blasting Rod: Spellcasting (Combat) Focus Rating 3, with Imaging Scope
    • As Club: Reach 1, (Str/2)+1P


  • Harley Scorpion: Handling +2 • Accel 15/30 • Speed 120 • Pilot 2 • Body 8 • Armor 4 • Sensor 1

Technical Gear

  • Armorer Kit
  • Chemistry Kit
  • Ammo Making Materials: 3000¥ worth
  • Firearm Making Materials: 2000¥ worth

Survival Gear

  • Glasses: 325¥ • Rating 3 • Flare Comp, Low-Light, Thermo
  • Respirator: 75¥ • Rating 3
  • Stim Patches (3): 400¥ • Rating 4
  • Rations (20 days): 100¥
  • Sleeping Bag: 75¥
  • Water Purification Tablets (4 bottles): 20¥


Christian Theurgy
  • Combat: Fire
  • Detection: Water
  • Health: Air
  • Illusion: Earth
  • Manipulation: Guidance
  • Drain: Willpower + Charisma


  • Demolish Guns: Combat • Type P • Range LOS (A) • Damage P • Duration I • DV: (F/2) +2 • Inflicts damage to all guns in (Force meters) area
  • Powerbolt: Combat • Type P • Range LOS • Damage P • Duration I • DV: (F/2) +1 • Generates a bolt of raw, physical magical power. The "magic bullet".
  • Combat Sense: Detection • Type M • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +2 • Each hit adds 1 die for Reaction on Surprise Tests and when defending against ranged and melee attacks.
  • Enhance Aim: Detection • Type P • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) -1 • Each hit reduces the Range category for ranged attacks
  • Spatial Sense (Extended): Detection • Type P • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +4 • Provide awareness of landscape, geography and architecture in (Force x Magic x 10) meters
  • Mindnet (Extended): Detection • Type M • Range T (A) • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +5 • Low telepathic communication between a group of voluntary people. Everyone in the group can freely talk, exchange images, and emote as long as they remain within range of the spellcaster. The number of people participating in the group (excluding the caster) serves as the threshold for the SpellcastingTest.
  • Heal: Health • Type M • Range T • Duration P • DV: (Damage Value) -2 • Each hit repairs 1 box of Physical damage or reduces time for spell permanency by 1 Combat Turn (normal time is Drain Value x2 in Combat Turns); may only apply magical healing once per set of injuries
  • Increase Willpower: Health • Type P • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) -2 • Force must be higher than rating; increased by hits.
  • Increase Reflexes: Health • Type P • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +2 • Threshold determines bonus to Initiative and Initiative Passes: Threshold 2 = +1/+1, Threshold 3 = +2/+2, Threshold 4 = +3/+3
  • Armor: Manipulation • Type P • Range LOS • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +3 • Each hit provides +1 Ballistic and Impact
  • Deflection: Manipulation • Type P • Range LOS • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +1 • Each hit grants +1 pool modifier to defend against ranged physical attacks.
  • Magic Fingers: Manipulation • Type P • Range LOS • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +1 • Hits equal Strength and Agility of telekinetic manipulations; -2 dice pool to use Skills remotely
  • Makeover: Manipulation • Type P • Range T • Duration P • DV: (F/2) • Clean up appearance
  • Workshop: Manipulation • Type P • Range T • Duration S • DV: (F/2) +2 • Telekinetic; Functions as a Shop for Build/Repair Skills; Skill use is limited by Force or hits.


  • Grade: 3
  • Initiate Powers: Cleansing, Quickening, Shielding (+Grade to Counterspelling against spells)
  • Ordeals Performed: Asceticism (40 days and nights in the desert), Deed, Metaplanar Quest

Quickened Spells

  • Combat Sense (4): +4 to Reaction for surprise tests and defending against ranged and melee attacks
  • Spatial Sense - Extended (3): Spatial sensing out to 150 m.
  • Increase Reflexes (4): +3 Initiative/+3 IPs
  • Increase Willpower (5): +5 Willpower
  • Armor (5): +5 B/P armor
  • Deflection (4): +4 defense against ranged physical attacks
  • Magic Fingers (5): Str 5, Agl 5 telekinetic effects used in LOS; Skill use at -2
  • Mindnet (4): Mental connection that can transmit messages, images and emotions in a 240m radius; Nate, Star, Geremy, Xander.

Biblical Incantations (Geas)

  • Demolish Guns: And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. - Isaiah 2:4
  • Powerbolt: The Lord is a jealous and avenging God; the Lord takes vengeance and is filled with wrath. The Lord takes vengeance on his foes and vents his wrath against his enemies. - Nahum 1:2
  • Combat Sense:
  • Enhance Aim:
  • Spatial Sense (Extended):
  • Heal:
  • Increase Reflexes:
  • Armor: Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. - Ephesians 6:13
  • Deflection:
  • Magic Fingers:

End Game

  • After peace settles into the new Colorado Free States, Itinerant ends up leaving, and taking to the hinterlands again, continuing his personal crusade of peace and justice for hardworking frontiers-folk, and eliminating bandits and other lawlessness who prey on good folk.
  • He adds a task to his endeavors, however: seeing what kind of evil takes root in places of corruption, he also seeks out places with Background Counts and cleanses them with his metamagic, calling on his former allies for aid when it proves beyond his personal capabilities.
  • At some point when he returns to the Colorado Free States, Ten has acquired a pair of "apprentices" - a boy and a girl, aged fourteen and twelve, who are both magically active. Orphans he helped rescued, Ten is teaching them his ways. In the span of five years, they are the first of a group that people are just calling the Churchmen.
  • The Churchmen (who all take Biblical names) take their motivation from Itinerant's goals: to be a force for righteousness, always on the move.
    • They are preachers who believe that no building can contain God, and that - like Christ's disciples - they ought to remain constantly on the move.
    • They ride motorcycles, and all bear "badges" that are the medal of St. George.
    • They are all also armorers, skilled gunsmiths who frequently augment their craftsmanship with magic. Many of them become enchanters of some talent as well, and nearly every one of them carries a combat focus in the shape of a blackthorn blasting rod with a rifle butt and scope.
  • The Churchmen maintain alliances with the Knights of the Dragon, the Defiance School and several others of importance, but are not actually part of any of them. The Shadow Network occasionally funnels orphans - often too old to be adopted - with magical talent for rearing by Churchmen, who train them to use their abilities and give them the option of becoming Churchmen themselves.
  • Ten's actual fate is ultimately unknown, fading into the larger work of the Churchmen as a whole, so that it is assumed he is still wandering the frontiers, meteing out righteous justice and cleansing the land far after he can be reasonably assumed to be doing so.


Total Earned: 199

  • 4/24 Session: 8
  • 5/22 Session: 5
  • 10/16 Session: 30
  • 10/23 Session: 4
  • 12/11 Session: 13
  • 2/26 Session: 11
  • 3/26 Session: 10

Spent: 199; Unspent: 0

  • Counterspelling 5 (10 Karma)
  • Counterspelling 6 (12 Karms)
  • Initiation: Grade 3 (14 Karma)
  • Language: Sioux 1 (2 Karma)
  • Quickened Armor (5) on Star
  • Quickened Armor (4) on Xander
  • Quickened Armor (8) on Nate
  • Quickened Armor (5) on Nate
  • Mechanic Group (1)
  • Magic: 6 (18 Karma)
  • Spellcasting: 6 (12 Karma)
  • Spell: Mindnet (5 Karma)
  • Quickened Mindnet (4) on Group
  • Pistols 4 (8 Karma)