Halo Frontier Contact Networks

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Core Worlds Groups

These groups are closely tied to the Core Worlds, in terms of culture, politics, or corporations.

  • Imperial Bureaucracy (Kanz Sector): The government bureaucracy for Imperial interests in the sector.
  • World Seeker Corporation: A Bothan-owned corporation of navigators, explorers, and suppliers of such. Max Traits: x
  • The Mining Guild (Kanz Sector): A galaxy-spanning guild that aims to dominate all mining concerns above a certain size. They have recently become interested in the Halo Frontier and its potential riches, although they find themselves running afoul of Tiliq Consortium.

Education Groups

These groups are closely tied to academic systems, universities, researchers, and medical facilities. Some corporations tied strongly to research and development may qualify for these as well.

  • The Berav Academies: A variety of academies for the children of the wealthy and powerful throughout the Kanz Sector (and particularly the Halo Frontier).
  • University of Lorrd: A major galactic university, based out of the Lorrd system in the Kanz Sector. Largely dominates upper-tier education in the Halo Frontier.

Lore Groups

These are academics, mystical groups, or religious traditions.

  • Bausec Monastery: A monastery of cloistered Gand findsmen on Donia.
  • Sokrinti Disorthodoxy (Gandrian Government): A theocracy centered on a faith called the Sokrinti Disorthodoxy. Made up of multiple sects, each run by a Bishop, who serve on a council in service to the Codexant.
  • Guardians of the Whills: A sect of mendicant preachers and ascetics who revere the Force. Found throughout the Halo Frontier, but particularly among the poor in Halo Station.

Outer Rim Groups

These groups are tied to the Outer Rim, in terms of culture, politics, or corporations.

  • Halo Board: The governing council that runs Halo Station.
  • Halo Station: The Crown: The operating system that runs the flight control tower and shuttle system for Halo Station.
  • Halo Station Proletariat: A union comprising most of the more skilled and better-connected technical and menial laborers throughout the Halo Station.
  • Halo Station Corps: Smaller corporations who are either based entirely out of Halo Station, or who have large operations in the station. Does not include major galactic corporations.
  • Houses of Kobagari: A gaggle of competing noble houses from the nations of resource-rich Kobagari, arguably the wealthiest society in the Frontier. Kobagari nobility all wear ornamental masks as an aspect of their culture; many cultures on Kobagari favor veils or other mask-coverings as well.
  • Tiliq Mining Consortium: A large mining corporation, based in the Frontier, who dominate the mining world of Sacaya.

Underworld Groups

These groups are all tied to criminal or intelligence communities

  • Imperial Security Bureau: The intelligence arm of the Empire.
  • Rebel Intelligence Service: The intelligence arm of the Rebel Alliance.
  • The Voidfang Syndicate: The largest but far from the only criminal syndicate in the Frontier. Rumored to have connections to one of the larger galactic syndicates (Black Sun, Crimson Dawn, Hutt cartels, or similar).
  • Redcloud Pirates: Pirates who prey on the spacelane just outside of the Gandria Nebula, and on some of the shipping lanes within the Frontier proper
  • Tzotha Smugglers: Smugglers who work all around the Frontier, bringing goods in from elsewhere
  • The Sons of the Razor: A Kobagari criminal syndicate favoring cybernetic enhancements and illegal modifications
  • The Cham'eha Krin: A gang of spice-runners

Warfare Groups

These are groups tied to active military powers, or to organizations and groups closely tied to the war machine, including some arms or ship manufacturers.

  • Imperial Army (Kanz Sector): The ground troops and armored divisions of the Empire.
  • Imperial Navy (Kanz Sector): The fleet of the Empire.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Corps (Kanz Sector): The stormtrooper corps of the Empire.
  • Rebel Alliance (Kanz Sector): The Kanz-based insurgency aligned with the Rebel Alliance.
  • Halo Station Defense & Security (HSDS): The security and defense forces maintained by Halo Station.
  • Harean Rangers: Survivalist mercenary rangers based out of the virulent world of Harea II.

Xenology Groups

These are groups tied closely to specific species, or to the academic, political, medical, or culture study of those groups.

  • Lekanton Sovereignty: A chevin dictatorship over a population of rodians, with extensive mining projects in and around their homeworld. (Extensive slave-running)
  • Deepsong: A nautolan/karkaradon colony in Deepsong Trench, on Lyn'Kati.
  • Slayn & Kopril: A verpine tech corporation based out of Roche, the verpine homeworld. They have set up several hive-factories on Sacaya, where they purchase raw ore and do the smelting themselves for their own industrial process.