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Founded in the foiling of a murderous usurpation, House Durwald earned their hound heraldry by guarding even against those they might be expected to be loyal to. But honor trumped loyalty, and this small Three-Rivers house was awarded their domain by a grateful Warden of Three-Rivers.

Now, generations later, they are the masters of Houndsreach, and the military academy that has grown up in their midst has seen to their prosperity. With rolling vineyards that produce a fine vintage of wine, these nobles seek to uphold the legacy of their forebears by achieving renown and glory in the eyes of the Crowndom.

These are the chronicles of House Durwald, of Three-Rivers.

Player Characters

House Durwald


Wrightfolk • Wealdfolk
Winter Hunt Guests 519 CR

Noble Houses

Ilbarych Noble HousesNoble House Roles

Heraldic Fellowships

Heralds of Ilbarych

  • Fellowship of the Palfrey, a fellowship of heralds who have demonstrated great fortitude and speed in their roles as messengers and couriers.

Knightly Orders

Knights of Ilbarych

Sorcerer Cabals

Sorcerers of Ilbarych

  • The Chamber of Damanesk, an elite order of Crown-sponsored magi, all of whom are All-Wise sorcerers.
  • The Obelisk, an order of historian-warders made up mostly of nobility.

Unctuary Covenants

Unctæ of Ilbarych

  • Covenant of the Arch, a monastic covenant dedicated to Eleah of the Arch, made of up dedicants who help with the upkeep of arcadae and civic beautification.
  • Covenant of the Red Flower, a monastic covenant of healers, midwives and doulas dedicated to Imira of the Red Flower.
  • Covenant of the Crook, a monastic covenant of herdsmen and animal husbanders dedicated to Rigantus of the Crook.
  • Covenant of the Hill, a monastic covenant of vineyard agriculturalists dedicated to Kalepsa of the Hill.
  • Covenant of the Chalice, a monastic covenant of vintners and holy sommeliers dedicated to Atrolix of the Chalice.
  • Covenant of the Fountain, a monastic covenant of water engineers and builders, dedicated to Zaleria of the Fountain.