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By Game Line & Era

World of Darkness (Modern)

New York

  • New York Mortals, detailing those who are simply normal people, or mortals who have been touched by the supernatural in some fashion.
  • New York in Shadow, detailing the spirit world of New York City.


Vampire: the Requiem (Modern)

New York

Consilii of the World

North America


British Columbia, Canada

  • Scepter & Crown Consilium: Vancouver, BC

Quebec, Canada

  • Consilium des Tours: Montreal, Quebec

District of Columbia, United States

  • The Columbia Tetrarchy: Major Seers of the Throne holding on the East Coast, based out of Washington, DC

California, United States

  • The Consilium of the Mists: San Francisco, CA
  • The Sanctified: Sacramento, CA
  • The Consilium of Angels: Los Angeles, CA

Georgia, United States

  • Fireheart Consilium: Atlanta, GA

Illinois, United States

  • Consilium of the Winds: Chicago, IL

Louisiana, United States

  • The Sanctuary: Garden District, New Orleans, LA

Massachusetts, United States

New York, United States

Oregon, United States

Tennessee, United States

Texas, United States

  • Consilium del Corazon: Austin & San Antonio, TX

Washington, United States

  • The Bodhisattva Mandate: Territory belonging to the Seers of the Throne, covering southern British Columbia and most of Washington

Distrito Federal, Mexico

  • Consilium del Aguila & Serpiente: Mexico City, DF




Historical Consilii

Victorian Era

The New York Reclamation (2006 - 2007)