The New Millenium Assembly

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Consilium of [Place]

Hierarch: XXX, of [Cabal]

Councilors: [Info on Councilors, including how they are chosen and who/what they represent]

  • [Group]: XXX

Herald: XXX

Sentinel: XXX

Curator: XXX

Emissary of the Free Council: XXX

[Other Titles]:'

Cabals of the Consilium

[Quick description of how cabals are permitted entry into the Consilium]

  • [Cabal]:

Consilium Orders


Adamantine Arrow


Free Council

Strategos (Status •••)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Voter (Status •)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Unproven (Status -)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)


  • Emissary (Status • - •••): XXX
  • Minutemen (Status • - •••): XXX
  • Syndic (Status •): XXX
  • Host (Status ••): XXX
  • Letter Carrier (Status •• - ••••): XXX
  • Citizen Agent (Status •• - ••••): XXX

(Unfiled -- GM feel free to put where you need them ;) )

    • Manitou -- Storm's closest friend among London Mages. The two originally met because of Manitou's interest in Native American spiritual practices, and altough Storm wasn't alot of help on the subject they took to hanging out and discussing his concepts on the Supernal at length, as well as many other things.
    • Bodb -- A hauty Thersis that went out with Kelly a few times

Guardians of the Veil

Magister (Status ••••)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Famulus (Status ••)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Neophyte (Status -)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)


  • Epopt (Status ••••): XXX
  • Susceptor (Status •••): XXX
  • Interfector (Status ••): XXX
  • Emissary (Status •): XXX
  • Cultor (Status •): XXX

The Labyrinth

  • [Organization]: XXX Cultor: XXX


Hierophant (Status ••••)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Daduchos (Status ••)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)

Neokoros (Status -)

  • [Cabal]: XXX (Path; Faction)


  • Acquisitor (Status •): XXX
  • Censor (Status •): XXX
  • Savant (Status ••): XXX
  • Curator (Status •••): XXX

The Athenaeum

  • XXX

Silver Ladder


Charter Declaration of the [Consilium]