Star Wars: Trials of the Jedi

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For Hundreds of years - the Obrim Drift has remained a collection of secluded, backwater worlds contained within one of the largest stellar nursery nebula's in the Mid-Rim. In fact, up until a few centuries ago - the entire region was thought to be uninhabited and unnavigable by the Cartographers of the Republic. This is not to say that no intergalactic travel reached into the purple and green gas clouds that span hundreds of light-years --- Simply that the people of the Core were unaware of it. The Zygerrian and Hutts, along with several Corporations, have colonized, settled, negotiated and conquered the life-sustaining worlds within this galactic oddity.

Then nearly three hundred years ago, Republic explorers - led by a Jedi Navigator - stumbled upon a safe route into the Drift from its core-ward side. The excitement of this discovery quickly evaporated when it was discovered that there were several well known routes into the Drift from its rim-ward side - and that the bulk of the resource rich or life sustaining worlds either already had civilizations of their own - or were under the thumb of another galactic power. Given this, interest in this area quickly waned and the route fell into obscurity.

Then two years ago - a Jedi wanderer, named Qi'vrex, was drawn into the Drift by a calling in the Force. On the world of Adaloosta-Rae, the Gand Jedi discovered the remains of an ancient temple - around which the Force was turbulent. Shortly there after - other Jedi began to arrive, and the Order established a permanent presence at the Temple.

The Galaxy of 2245BBY
Technology in 2245BBY

Player Characters


Character Value Threshold Emotional Strengths & Weaknesses
Merfi 63 4 Compassion • Recklessness
Zashto Tis 32 6 Malleability • Weariness
Qi'vrex 48 5 Compassion • Obsession
Reffex Jagrulo 66 4 Dedication/Consistency • Dogmatic
Bhalixa Onda 61 4 Disciplined • Coldness

Character Creation

Locations within the Obrim Drift


Lundigost Prime

Gulkrim IV
Rudo Station

Organizations of Note

Order of the Whills