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A Savants Unlimited: Thaumaphoros Academy Campaign, using Mutants & Masterminds, Third Edition

Thaumaphoroi: Year One

A tale of young Savants, enrolled in the specialized curriculum of the Thaumaphoros Academy. Its goal: to train those with unique posthuman gifts in the mastery of those gifts, and to provide an education far above and beyond the normal educations of even the finest schools available.

Beta Class

Based out of Merveille House, New Orleans.

Gamma Class

Based out of DaVinci House, Angel Island, San Francisco.

Non Player Characters

  • Theogenes, Dean of the Academy. Multimorphic; Teleprojective (low level). Theogenes also functions as the entirety of the teaching staff, splitting himself off into "otherselves" to give one-on-one individual instruction for each student.
  • The Logioi, the Board of Directors of the Academy. The Academy is funded by the other branches of the Trust. As such, they have a say in the operations of the Academy. A representative of each of the other branches is thereby part of the Logioi (singular Logios), the council that acts as a board of directors and facilitators for the Academy.