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Grizz (real name unknown) • Gay tank with poor impulse control • Power Level 7 (105 PP)

  • Gender: Male; Age: indeterminate (appears early 20s); Height: 6'2"; Weight: 215 lbs (pre-manifested) now 875; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Dark Brown; Other Features: For reasons either sinister or lazy, Grizz looks a lot like actor Adam Baldwin



One pissed off bear with the power to mess you up!

You up for pitchin' some shit this way about me walkin' down the road holding my lover's hand? Fine. You can end up in the dirt with the rest of them redneck scumbags who took potshots at us. Guess they figgured it'd make their puny pricks bigger for their cunt-faced girlfriends. Or maybe it was too close to home for some of em. What the fuck do I care? Cubby is stuck in a wheelchair now and they got their Dodge RAMmed up their asses for it. But that pricktard judge gives me 12 to 20 years because the courtroom is packed with "God fearing Christians". Screw waiting for an appeal. I got my pardon right here. Bastards.

Grizz's first memories are as a young man on the streets of Detroit. He survived by becoming a small-time crook depending on larceny, burglary, assault, grand theft auto and a stint in a couple of gangs doing "protection" work. No one could ever find an actual ID on him but he had a tattoo across his shoulder of a bear so people just started calling him "Grizz". He was never particularly educated, he could barely read or write, though he enjoyed working with his hands. He spent years in and out of foster care and JuV detention. He and a youth officer named Brandon Cubowski took a liking to each other over several months, with "Cubby" (as Grizz called him) finally taking leave of his position as a social worker to be with his Grizz full-time. Their relationship was often tempestuous but Cubby seemed to have made it his life's work to rehabilitate a man whom no one else seemed to care about, but he believed in. Finally Grizz even began working on a volunteer basis with some youth gang violence projects, with Cubby's encouragement. Even though Grizz could never remember his past, he seemed to be able to imagine a future.

When the two of them went away to visit some of Cubby's friends in Louisiana, they drew unwanted attention from several locals. Rather than pick a fight (which Grizz would have done), they left at Cubby's urging. But the retreat turned into horrible violence when three of them piled into their pickup truck and caught them on the outskirts of town. In the now brutally iconic image of a hate crime, they intended to shoot and kill both of them and then drag their bodies behind their truck before dumping them both in the river. Cubby was cut down first. Seeing that prompted Grizz' nature as a Savant to manifest. His body mass multiplied many times and he became ferociously strong and tough. He didn't so much kill the shooters as he crumpled up their truck and turned them to paste inside of it. Thus far that is the most extreme level of power that Grizz has demonstrated. He wanted to aid Cubby but was helpless until the authorities arrived. His lover would be paralyzed and mute, forever an invalid, regulated to a series of run-down nursing homes in Lousiana. Cubby had no family but Grizz. Grizz was sentenced to 12-20 years for "vehicular manslaughter" (it was said he climbed into the truck with them and drove it off a nearby rocky ravine). After a short time Grizz busted out of jail and tried his best to care for Cubby while being simultaneously "on the run". After nearly being recaptured on a few occasions Grizz was approached by members of the Thaumaphorous Academy who promised to see that Cubby would be looked after and that Grizz would be able to see him, if he would in turn agree to come to study at Merveille House in New Orleans. Not having many other options at this point Grizz reluctantly agreed.



  • Abilities (46 PP): Strength 4(8), Stamina 5(9), Agility 2, Dexterity 3, Fighting 3, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 4
  • Defenses (0 PP): Dodge 2, Parry 3, Fortitude 5(9), Toughness 5(9), Will 2
  • Skills (14 PP): Athletics 2, Close Combat (Street Fighting) 4, Expertise (Streetwise) 6, Intimidation 4, Ranged Combat 2, Technology (mechanics, construction, carpentry, metalsmithing) 4, Vehicles (cycles) 6
  • Advantages (14 PP)
    • Combat: All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Takedown(2pts)
    • General: Great Endurance, Benefit (Cypher -20/4pts)
    • Skill: Connected, Contacts, Jack-of-all-Trades
  • Powers (46 PP): Cellular Density
    • Density Increase: 4. Permanent, 2 points per rank. Abilities and Defenses in ( ) are as a result of this always-active power.
      • This is why Grizz weighs over 800 pounds and can usually shrug off simple blades and small caliber arms. It's also why he swims like a rock and needs a custom built motorcycle to carry him. His boots are custom made too. He cannot turn it off, so spents most nights sleeping on the floor.
    • Regeneration: 4.
      • His physical metabolism is many times more efficient than normal due to the strength and density of his cell structures. He can heal from most broken bones and internal injuries in a day or two.
    • Impervious Toughness: 4.
      • See above
    • Leaping: 4.
      • His leg muscles seem especially well fortified not to just carrying his extra mass, but propelling it in sudden explosive leaps
    • Immunity to Disease, Aging: (Each cost 1 point)
      • No known disease can get affect his enhanced cellular structure, and his aging is drastically reduced. These powers may have been manifest for some time
    • Bracing: costs 10 pts (Immunity to being moved, sustained action)
      • By bracing himself Grizz can resist being moved. Use of this ability doesn't seem to exponentially increase his mass or toughness however.

  • PranaNet starting equipment: 1
  • Heavy Duty Motorcycle: 3
    • Think of an armored car on two wheels
  • Complications: Bad attitude, Criminal Record, No Background (but has fake ID), Limited memories for only past 5 years