Wine, Waves and War

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Wine, Waves & War

Theme Song: Tomorrow Never Comes, by VNV Nation

Heaven help us, we've lost control.

This should be our finest hour.

But we're racing toward the end of days.

House V'neef: The youngest of the Dynastic Houses of the Blessed Isle.

V'neef herself is a Dragon-Blooded of exceptional bloodline, a Wood-aspected matriarch at the tender age of sixty. Her house, made up of six Exalted children, their spouses and the few grandchildren sired so far, is tiny but influential. V'neef had the favor of the Scarlet Empress, and was clearly being groomed for something major before the Empress disappeared without a trace.

But V'neef has no illusions: the Scarlet Throne is beyond her grasp. She simply wishes to make sure that she rides the tide well, and maintains the prosperity of her growing house, a sure thing considering its interests. V'neef owns the only vineyards in the Blessed Isle, and the vintage they craft is in high demand. They also have managed to hold on to their Satrapies in the South, and their coffers continue to fill from those endeavors.

But the biggest point of power for the V'neef is also the biggest source of contention among the Great Houses. In effort to shake up the status quo a bit, the Scarlet Empress granted House V'neef control over the Imperial Merchant Navy, a massive trading fleet that oversees the huge majority of commerce between the Blessed Isle and the Threshold. As a result, V'neef coffers overflow dramatically...and the jealousy of the other Great Houses burns brightly.

The characters will begin on the Threshold, tending to the needs of the Satrapies and the Merchant Fleet.

Player Characters

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Storyteller Characters

Great Houses

Varang City-States (The South)


The South (Threshold)

  • The Delzahn Empire, also called the the Great Southern hills, from Chiaroscuro along the coast down to the Desert Wall Mountains, just before the Great Desert of the South begins.
  • Varang City-States, a vast nation of allied city-states joined by a common culture noted for its caste system, its reliance on astrology and its fascination with clockwork mechanisms. The Varang City-States are one of the few V'neef Satrapies.
    • Sugati Bahudeya Estate, the estate of the Satrap of the Varang City-States, located a ten-minute ride outside of Yane. Its name is Old Varangian for "Star-Auspicious Munificence".
  • Harborhead, a tribal nation to the north of the Varang City-States. Well known as a nation of cattle-raiders and warlike tribal clans, Harbourhead has an uneasy peace with the Realm. Though the Satrap of Harbourhead has significant legal power, it is still not enough to quell the worship of Ahlat, the Southern God of War and Cattle. His temples - and the elite warrior-priestesses known as the Brides of Ahlat - wield a cultural influence that the Immaculate Philosophy does not dare to attempt to quash.

The Blessed Isle