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House V'neef Geneology

House Elevation: RY 736
House Blood Aspect: Wood
House Colors: Green and Purple
House Income: Merchant Fleet, Vineyards, Satrapies in South
House Home Prefecture: Qishi Prefecture
House Allies: House Cathak, House Cynis, House Tepet

Heads of Household


Wood AspectV'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle
V’neef herself, the youngest (and some have suggested favored) daughter of the Empress heads up this youngest and smallest of the Great Houses. Subtle and non-confrontational, V’neef manages her family more with carrots than sticks. The Empress conceived V’neef specifically as an experiment in blood purity. V’neef’s father had the purest Dragon-Blooded pedigree of any of the Empress’s husbands, and with the Empress’s strong blood, that gives V’neef the purest blood in the Dynasty. Thus far, all of her children who are old enough to Exalt have, and with numbers like that, V’neef’s House could grow to be as popular as Mnemon’s for breeding purposes. As the Great House that bears her name grows, V’neef will inevitably find it more difficult to keep a direct hand in all operations, but she is set on doing so for as long as possible. V’neef herself is only 60, and the entirety of House V’neef is smaller than a single household of some of the older Houses. V’neef has seven children (all fathered by her husband, one of the wealthier and less decadent Cynis), six of whom have Exalted thus far. V'neef is 60 years old, and Exalted at the age of 6.

V'neef Chosul

Wood AspectThe Vineyards, Qishi Prefecture, Blessed Isle
Handsome, and considered somewhat conservative in his pleasures by his birth family, House Cynis, Chosul is the loving spouse of V'neef, chosen for her by the Scarlet Empress. Though the Empress' choice was fostered far more by the extreme purity of Chosul's blood rather than his temperament, he has turned out to be the perfect mate for V'neef: quietly supportive where she is gregarious, pragmatic where she can be idealistic and a loving father to their children, when the necessities of political life frequently call V'neef herself away from her household. Chosul prefers to live in the House's Vineyards estate, in Qishi Prefecture, away from the expectations of alliance that his birth House lays on him when he journeys to the Imperial City. Chosul is 85 years old, and Exalted when he was 9.

The Children of V'neef

Mon of House V'neef

The Healer & the Vintner

  • V'neef Mesara (Wood AspectV'neef Wing, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): An extremely skilled healer and sorceress, Mesara graduated from the Heptagram with flying colors, despite a measure of scandal in her early days as an apprentice. Though she won't have anything to do with demons, she does have a very strong affinity with elemental spirits, and has an extensive collection of elemental court connections willing and ready to answer her smallest summons. Mesara's marriage to Jegan is a contented one, though it can't really be said to be happy, per se - Mesara is the oldest of V'neef's children, and her duties are far, far too many to let herself love. She is a very contented mother, however, loving her children dearly. Mesara is about 40 years old, having Exalted at the age of 7.
  • V'neef Jegan (Earth AspectV'neef Estate outside Kirigast, Harborhead, the South): Born into House Tepet, Jegan was considered an embarrassment - all he wanted to do was retire to a vineyard and make wine. Eventually, he was effectively banished from his family's estates on the Blessed Isle, forcing him to set up a new operation in Harborhead, some thirty years before V'neef was even born. As a young woman, V'neef studied wine-making with Jegan, by then the acknowledged master of the art among the Dragon-blooded. So, when the Scarlet Empress elevated V'neef and her household to Great House status, V'neef immediately provided her oldest daughter as a wife for her esteemed mentor, and he gladly joined the house's eldership. At this time, he is over 300 years old (Exalting at the age of 10), and a powerhouse within the House - although he still insists on tending to his vineyards, refusing to even return to the Blessed Isle and its onerous politics.

The Twins

  • V'neef Atufu (Wood Aspect • Travels around the Blessed Isle and the South): X. Atufu is 37 years old; Exalted at the age of 15. AJ's Character
  • V'neef Lyhisa (Wood Aspect • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): A Senator in the Deliberative, Lyhisa is Cynis distantly related to Chosul. She approached him about marrying into House V'neef shortly after she came of age, while she was still a student in the Spiral Academy. Her aspect and blood purity are impeccable, and V'neef took the young woman under her wing, sponsoring her to the Deliberative and in general ensuring that her bloodline was added to House V'neef. As a Senator, Lyhisa has plenty of time for her many pregnancies, and she is very careful to make sure that she spends plenty of time with her husband. As a result, they have quite a few children, including two sets of twins; indeed, Lyhisa is currently pregnant once more. Lyhisa is 35 years old, Exalted at 16.
  • V'neef Jiana (Wood Aspect • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): X. Satrap of the Varang City-States. Jiana is 37 years old; Exalted at the age of 15. Link's Character
  • V'neef Ririon (Water Aspect • Merchant Fleet Headquarters, Arjuf, Arjuf Dominion, Blessed Isle): When the Merchant Fleet was taken from House Peleps and given to House V'neef, the young matriarch was ready. She'd already identified the Peleps man with skill at doing what she needed done, but without the social graces and connections to get him there. So, she approached him as the Peleps were pulling out of the Merchant Navy operations and introduced one of her daughters to the eligible Merchant Fleet officer, inviting him to join her house as Fleet Admiral. Predictably, he accepted, and has been loyal to V'neef ever since. Ririon is 70 years old; Exalted at the age of 17.

The Wastrel

  • V'neef Celtis (Wood Aspect • Cherak, the North): A skilled musician and song-writer, Celtis found himself in one form of trouble after another all throughout his years in formal schooling. His talents made themselves apparent early, and he Exalted while still in primary school, in the middle of a performance mocking the administration of his school. He's only gotten worse since then, eventually forced to flee the Blessed Isle for the relative safety of the North, where he can pen biting satires lobbed at everyone who draws his ire in the Great Houses. He is quite the partier, too, and though his mother would love nothing more than to see him turn his talents to "something useful," he is quite determined to continue his wastrel life. Celtis is 30 years old; Exalted at the age of 13.

The V'neef Dragons

The V'neef Dragons, as these identical twins are called by those who hear of them, are part of a Sworn Brotherhood, the Sundering Tide Brotherhood. Though they are technically in the West establishing trading partnerships for V'neef wine and firedust in the West, they are also pirate-hunting, spirit-thrashing, ruins-crawling adventurers in high Dragon-Blooded style.

  • V'neef Virisa (Wood Aspect • Traveling in the West): Virisa is a graduate of the House of Bells, and an archer of no small talent. She has also been learning Sailing Charms, and hopes to one day augment the defenses of her family's Merchant Fleet with an increase in war-vessels. In the meantime, she is learning all she can about shipboard life, and hopes to find a First Age war vessel to captain at some point in the future. Virisa is 23 and Exalted at 15.
  • V'neef Pala (Wood Aspect • Traveling in the West): Pala is the quiet twin, and has always been the serious, contemplative one, working to temper her twin's more rambunctious nature. Pala surprised no one by entering the Cloister of Wisdom, the first time she'd ever been separated from her sister for longer than a few days. She did, however, surprise everyone by taking up monastic vows upon her graduation from the Cloister - a move which stymied her mother's plans to see her betrothed to a promising Tepet boy. In the end, though, it's worked out for the best - Pala now accompanies her sister in the West, honing her own expertise with the Wood Dragon style while keeping her sister from getting killed. Pala is 23 and Exalted at 15.

The Baby of the Family

  • V'neef Imiros (Un-Exalted • Vineyards, Qishi Prefecture, Blessed Isle): A small boy, Imiros never leaves his father's side - unless he is riding his beloved horses. Though not yet old enough to Exalt, he shows the same marks that his six older siblings have, and his parents know it's just a matter of time and opportunity before he Exalts. Primary schools from around the Blessed Isle are already clamoring to enroll the young boy next year, though Chosul jokes that they'll have to find a way to peel him off the horses at the Vineyards long enough to get him to go to school. Imiros is 7 years old.

The Grandchildren of V'neef

Mesara & Jegan's Children

  • V'neef Kenet (Fire Aspect • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): X. Kenet is 25 years old, and Exalted at the age of 17. Mandy's Character
  • V'neef Mahina (Wood Aspect • Traveling in the North): A compassionate young woman who takes the testament of Sextes Jyles very seriously - much to the delight of her grandmother - Mahina is a traveler. Having graduated from the Cloister of Wisdom recently, she is traveling the Threshold, soul-searching and seeking to better understand her role as one of the Princes of the Earth, and endeavor that her parents would rather she gave up in favor of something of use to the house, but V'neef is so impressed with Mahina's spiritual urge that she's ordered they give her the time she needs. Until recently, Mahina was betrothed to a Tepet scion. Mahina is 19 years old, and Exalted at age 10.
  • V'neef Takaro (Wood Aspect • House of Bells): Newly Exalted within the past couple of years, Takaro is a young man of very serious demeanor. His sisters are his role models, and though his mother and grandmother scare him somewhat, he quite loves his father, and wishes he were allowed to go and visit him more often than once every couple of years. Takaro has some measure of martial aptitude, enough to impress the dominie of the House of Bells, where he was just accepted for schooling. Takaro is 16 years old, and Exalted at 13.
  • V'neef Aliset (Wood Aspect • Primary School in Chanos, Chanos Prefecture): A dynamic young woman of superb breeding, V'neef Aliset is an expert strategist as well as being charismatic. She has plans on attending the Heptagram and is the most elegable bachleorette in House V'neef, and she knows she should marry soon and well. Aliset is 15 years old, Exalting when she was 9.
  • V'neef Isira (Un-Exalted • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle) One of Mesara and Jegan's unExalted children, Isira is sweet-natured and inquisitive. Unfortunately, this has gotten her in trouble more than once, as the other inhabitants of the Imperial Palace fascinate her, and she has wandered away from her mentors before, turning up in the Wings of other Great Houses. Mesara loves her daughter dearly, but will be glad when she can be sent to a primary school. Isira is 8 years old.
  • V'neef Urado (Un-Exalted • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle) A little boy just out of toddler's clothes, Urado is the apple of his grandmother's eye. He seems to feel the same way about V'neef, as he follows her around whenever he can get away with it, although his nurses do a good job of keeping him well-corralled. Urado is 4 years old.

Lyhisa & Atufu's Children

  • V'neef Sitia (Wood Aspect • House of Bells): Lyhisa and Atufu's firstborn are a pair of identical twins, Sitia and Haria. A young Wood aspect of a particularly martial bent, Sitia is on the verge of graduating from the House of Bells. She was also married to a young Cathak, Faros, a year ago, although they've had almost no time together as a married couple. Sitia's talents in combat lie as an archer, and as a leader her specialty is units of skirmishers and archers. Sitia is 18 years old, and Exalted at age 7.
  • V'neef Faros (Wood Aspect • In Legion Service, the Northern Threshold): A young Cathak legionnaire, Faros is in service in the Threshold currently. He and Sitia fell in love while they were in the House of Bells. Though he was a promising young Cathak, he agreed to a union with House V'neef; though he does not know what he'll do once his terms of service with the Legion are done in a few years, V'neef has already promised that she intends to put his talents and experience to good use when that day comes. Faros is well aware that he is one of the few military in the House. Faros is 22 years old, and Exalted when he was 16.
  • V'neef Haria (Wood Aspect • House of Bells): Sitia's twin, Haria is a swordswoman of no small skill. Her specialty is small-unit tactics, and she has already applied to membership in the Imperial Guard portion of the Black Helms when she graduates from the House of Bells. Haria is 18 years old, and Exalted at age 7.
  • V'neef Kiro (Wood Aspect • Spiral Academy): Precocious and quick-witted, Kiro's time in the Spiral Academy has been marked by one commendation after another from his instructors. Kiro is still fairly young, though, and his know-it-all attitude has landed him in more than a few fights. Kiro is 16 years old, Exalting when he was 9.
  • V'neef Malasaya (Wood Aspect • Cloister of Wisdom): Shy and given to flights of fancy, Malasaya did poorly in her Primary School. Her mother, Lyhisa pulled more than a few strings to get her into the Cloister of Wisdom early hoping that it would teach her discipline. So far, all it has done is make the young girl miserable and rebellious, though her masters there have confided in her mother that she seems to be coming around slowly. Malasaya is 14 years old; Exalted at age 10.
  • V'neef Viniro (UnExalted • In Primary School, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): Viniro takes after his father and grandmother: he is gregarious, likeable and tends to win friends easily. His instructors are watching him carefully, as they have some experience with Lyhisa and Atufu's children, and know they tend to Exalt between the ages of ten or twelve. Viniro is 10 years old.
  • V'neef Zirato (UnExalted • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): Zirato is what his grandfather calls "a boy's boy" - he loves climbing, play-fighting and in general getting into trouble. Things often get broken around him, due to his rambunctious play, and he is something of a frustration to his nurses for his tendency to run off and explore the Imperial Palace. Zirato is 6 years old.
  • V'neef Lasaya (UnExalted • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): Lyhisa's darling, Lasaya is a quiet, thoughtful little girl. She loves to find spots to set up her toy tea set in the V'neef gardens, and can play quietly on her own for hours. Her brother Zirato's insistence on including her in his rowdy games often leads to tears. Lasaya is 4 years old.
  • V'neef Waliya & Aiya (UnExalted • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): The two youngest of V'neef Lyhisa's children are identical daughters. They are still constantly in the care of their nurses, but one thing is certain: they recognize and adore their father, attaching themselves to his legs and shrieking happily at the tops of their little voices when he returns home. Waliya and Aiya are 2 years old.

Jiana & Ririon's Children

  • V'neef Tatewaki (Water Aspect • Various locations with Merchant Fleet): X. X is 20 years old, Exalting when he was 14. Chillos' Character
  • V'neef Ashuru (Wood Aspect • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): Ashuru is 19 years old; Exalted at age 15. Keith's Character
  • V'neef Aola (Air Aspect • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): Former Tepet. Aola is 22 years old; Exalted at 14. Chris' Character
  • V'neef Arida (Wood Aspect • Spiral Academy, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): A proper young Dragon-Blooded Dynast, Arida fully intends to follow in her mother's footsteps. She is deeply uninterested in the Blessed Isle, save insofar as it might one day allow her the authority to rule as the Satrap of Varang does. She is full of stories about the wonders and strangeness of the Threshold, and has already begun making allies with others who intend to likewise leave the Blessed Isle when they are finished with their schooling. Arida is 15 years old, Exalting when she was 11.
  • V'neef Amarana (UnExalted • Primary School in Arjuf Dominion): Amarana is a shy and somewhat awkward girl, very much in the shadow of her older sister and her twin, Amerion. Her time in the Arjuf primary school has done her some good, however, giving her the opportunity to shine on her own. She eagerly anticipates the time when she Exalts, considering it a foregone conclusion (and, to be fair, considering the purity of her blood, she's probably right). Amarana is 9 years old.
  • V'neef Amerion (UnExalted • Primary School in Arjuf Dominion): Amerion is a quiet young man given to athleticism and physical endeavors. He is also his sister's fierce protector, and has already gotten in trouble a few times at their primary school in Arjuf for defending his sister quite aggressively. Amerion is 9 years old.
  • V'neef Susana (UnExalted • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): The apple of her mother's eye, little Susana is treated like a princess in the Satrap's palace. She has several djala playmates/nurses who watch over her, and everyone in the palace adores her. Her dark-colored skin and deep green hair virtually guarantee a powerful Exaltation some day in the near future, as well. Susana is 4 years old.

Adoptees & Found Eggs

House V'neef Geneology

It would be fair to say that the majority of the Terrestrial Exalted in House V'neef are not blood relations of the family, but Lost Eggs and other adopted Outcastes. The majority of these Dragon-Blooded can be found scattered among V'neef holdings: managing wineries, captaining Merchant Fleet ships, in the V'neef Wing of the Imperial Palace, tending to the needs of V'neef satrapies in the South and serving in a wide variety of Imperial functions. Most of the rest of them are situated in one of the two Legions maintained by House V'neef.

The main exception to this policy is the Immaculate Order - there are damned few V'neef in the Order, as the House can scarce spare them.

The Southernmost Satrap

  • V'neef Iria (Wood Aspect • The Flame Wall Manse, outside Chenau, the South): A daughter of Chosul's from a previous marriage to a patrician, Iria was still an unExalted adolescent when Chosul married V'neef, and so accompanied him to his new House. She resented V'neef for a while, but the House founder invariably won her over, particularly after the trauma of her Exaltation at the age of thirteen, while she was home from primary school. Iria is married to a patrician and has five children, one of whom has reached adulthood without Exaltation, plus two who have Exalted (one in primary school in the Qishi Province, and one in the Cloister of Wisdom), and two who have yet to reach adolescence. Iria is 55 years old, and Exalted at age 11.
  • V'neef Farus (UnExalted • The Flame Wall Manse, outside Chenau, the South): Iria's husband was a member of a patrician House from the Scarlet Prefecture associated with House Cynis. A half-decade older than Iria, Farus is moving into his old age, and cannot father children any more. He fears that it is only a matter of time before Iria replaces him for the good of the House, a concept he abhors - he loves her deeply, and wants to spend the last of his days with her, the House be damned. Farus is 60 years old.
  • V'neef Danaio (UnExalted • The Flame Wall Manse, outside Chenau, the South): Devoted to his father, Danaio has largely gone unnoticed by the House. Its matriarchs are too busy finding spouses for the House's Exalts to take notice of Chosul's unExalted grandson living in the fear reaches of the Threshold. So, he assists his mother, tends to his father and generally goes unnoticed. He has counted on this with other parts of his life, too - a decade ago, he began living with a woman, who has borne him two children out of wedlock. The oldest is nearly ten years old now, and Danaio worries that the child may Exalt, which would cast an uncomfortable spotlight on him and surely ruin the life he's set up for himself. Danaio is 30 years old.
  • V'neef Kolen (Wood Aspect • Cloister of Wisdom, Blessed Isle): Quiet and devoted to the ideals of Sextes Jylis, Kolen is a young man who finds himself in a dilemma. Though it is only because of the work of House V'neef that he has been able to train with the Cloister, it is also V'neef's need that prevents him from achieving his foremost desire: to become an Immaculate monk. His mother, Iria, has made it very clear that his duty to his House comes first - House V'neef can't afford to allow any of its Exalts to take the vows of celibacy and chastity that Immaculates take. Not while the House is still struggling to establish itself. Kolen is 16 years old, and Exalted at age 15, a relief to his mother who feared another of her children might not Exalt.
  • V'neef Orisa (Wood Aspect • Primary School, Qishi Province): Vibrant and charming even at her young age, Orisa just recently Exalted. She knows this will mean that she has less and less time to spend with her beloved grandfather, Chosul, but it also means that she's an important person now. She is quite enthralled with her grandmother, V'neef, and has made it very clear to her grandfather that he must help her impress the House founder. Orisa is 12 years old, Exalting at the age 11, the same year as her brother Kolen.
  • V'neef Warin & Liann (UnExalted • The Flame Wall Manse, outside Chenau, the South): The two youngest children of Iria and Farus, Warin and Liann are ages 9 and 4, respectively. Iria has begun the application process for Warin's inevitable journey to Primary School, a thought that fills the little boy with terrible dread. His plucky little sister, however, finds the thought of him leaving her all alone intolerable, and throws fits when anyone discusses him leaving (unless her mother is around, of course).

General of the Thirty-Fourth

  • General V'neef Marilus (Earth Aspect • Imperial Garrison, Kriss): The general of the V'neef Legion in the South, Marilus was a Lost Egg who took the Coin upon his graduation from Pasiap's Stair thirty years ago. He'd already drawn the attention of V'neef, and she played his patron from behind the scenes. In short order, he found his way into the V'neef Legion and rose quickly in the ranks, despite attempts to sabotage his career by the then-general, Sesus Imiro. Once he had the experience he needed under his belt - experience that V'neef made sure to provide by sending them to guard V'neef holdings in the South - V'neef quickly sent the old general packing, and gave Marilus the title, and a formal adoption into the House, as well. Marilus is married to a patrician, and has four children, two of whom have Exalted. Both of them followed their father into the House of Bells. Marilus is 56 years old, and Exalted at the age of 16.
  • V'neef Pazia (UnExalted • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): The wife of an Imperial general is no picnic, but Pazia is more than up to the task. An UnExalted Dynast of House Cathak, Pazia sees the opportunity that lies before her husband, and has been a great motivator towards helping him to achieve that. She is something of a capable soldier herself, having gone through House Cathak's training as a young girl, and though she never Exalted and got the opportunity to matriculate at the House of Bells, her training regimen for her own children is fierce. She is very proud of the fact that both of her oldest children to date have Exalted, and has high expectations of her younger children as well. Pazia is 36 years old.
  • V'neef Teliwa (Fire Aspect • House of Bells, Blessed Isle): "The V'neef Hellion," they call Teliwa, and it's a nickname she's worked really hard to get, and harder to keep. Though not the best tactician, Teliwa is a fierce soldier and combatant, and those she leads find her courage and bravado deeply inspirational. She wields a pair of red jade short daiklaives, a gift to her from V'neef herself upon her acceptance into the House of Bells. Teliwa is 17 years old, and already has a commission with the Thirty-Fourth Legion waiting for her graduation. She Exalted at the age of 11.
  • V'neef Vanis (Earth Aspect • House of Bells, Blessed Isle): Vanis is a calm, methodical soldier. His skill with mace and shield are good, but not quite as good as his tactical acumen. Even as a young man, he is already showing tremendous promise as a leader of soldiers, capable of wielding units of men with far greater aptitude than some Legion officers of twice his age. He is a favorite of several instructors at the House of Bells. Vanis is 15 years old, Exalting at the age of 14.
  • V'neef Tolura (UnExalted • Primary School, Qishi Prefecture): Tolura expected life on the Blessed Isle to be a fierce, demanding time, if her mother's preparations were any indicator. Instead, she's found her primary school to be an excellent chance to learn and make new friends. More importantly still, she has fallen in love with the northern part of the Blessed Isle and the V'neef estate, the Vineyards, where she has spent two of her school holidays now. Though she rather dreads the prospect of Exaltation, if she does, she would like to go to the Heptagram, and Grandfather Chosul has hinted that he might be willing to help her achieve that. Tolura is 10 years old.
  • V'neef Xani (UnExalted • Yane, Varang City-States, the South): Currently the only recipient of Pazia's training, Xani is well-suited to it. Unlike her more thoughtful older sister, Xani loves the activity of battle, and dearly hopes to Exalt, so that she can join the legions like her father. She loves nothing more than parade days, and the rare chances when she can accompany her father to the garrison, to see the men drilling, resplendent in their red lacquered armor and perfect in their form. Xani is 8 years old.

In the Palace

  • V'neef Shar (Air Aspect • V'neef Wing, Imperial Palace, Imperial City, Blessed Isle): A tall young well-muscled man with white-blonde hair, Shar grew up and Exalted in the Icewalker tribes of the North. When his elemental powers manifested, he accidentally killed two of his tribemates, and the rest of his tribe drove him out and into the port-town of Cherak, where Dragon-Blooded were known to frequent. There, he was taken into custody, but it was the compassion and kindness of V'neef Mahina (visiting her uncle Celtis) who calmed him down and made him aware of the greatness of the legacy he'd just inherited. He accepted the offer to be adopted into the House and attend schooling in the Blessed Isle, and proved to have the aptitude to attend the Spiral Academy, which he recently graduated from. V'neef works to find him a good wife, but marrying off what the rest of the Great Houses consider a savage from the North isn't exactly easy. What she doesn't know is that he is well and truly in love with Mahina already. Shar is 23 years old, Exalting at the age of 14.

In the Merchant Fleet

  • V'neef Odessa (Water Aspect • Various locations with Merchant Fleet): As a child, Odessa was found by a sworn brotherhood of adventuresome Dynasts - including V'neef herself in one of the rare moments she could escape her mother's scrutiny. Rescued from a tribe of beastmen pirates, the child showed the signs of strong Terrestrial blood, and when V'neef returned to the Imperial City, she did so with a child in arms. Odessa grew to adulthood following V'neef around the Imperial Palace, and when her idol was made the founder of a new House, Odessa immediately applied for membership, even before she'd Exalted. To this day, the V'neef have all grown up around "Aunt Odessa," who is fiercely protective of her nieces and nephews. Though she currently serves in the Merchant Fleet, Odessa returns to V'neef holdings frequently. She is unmarried, and shows little inclination to change that. Odessa is 50 years old, Exalting at 11.

In the North

  • V'neef Yarus (Air Aspect • Three Towers, between Sirinnin and Ildomus, the North): Finding himself frequently stuck between the ambassadorial rock and a hard place, Yarus' position as the satrap of both Sirinnin and Ildomus puts him squarely in the responsibility of attempting to broker peace between nations with such a long-running feud, no one remembers how it started. Originally of Patrician stock, Yarus' family, House Arunal, help manage V'neef holdings on the western part of the Blessed Isle. When he Exalted, they immediately brought him to the Vineyards, and V'neef adopted him into the House. He would much rather return to the Blessed Isle, but knows that part of his duties now involve proving himself as part of the Thousand Scales. Yarus is unmarried. Yarus is 29 years old, and Exalted at 16.

In the South

  • V'neef Qatia (Air Aspect • Satrap's Palace, Yane): A young Varangian woman, Qatia Exalted at the age of twelve, and was quickly brought by the Wizarat to the Satrap. House V'neef formally adopted the young woman, and sponsored her entry into the Spiral Academy, where she excelled. With her graduation, it was simple enough to see that she was placed in the Foreign Office and assigned to the household of the Satrap of Varangia, to take advantage of the young woman's origins for the benefit of the Satrap. Here, she serves as advisor and the Satrap's second. Qatia is 23 years old, Exalting at age 14.