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Prime Time Adventures

Producer: Link
Current Season: Name To Be Determined


Premise: Two families on either side of the law, joined in peace for many years by a marriage, begin to fray and unravel when the wedded couple suddenly dies.
Tone: Dark and gritty; Snappy dialog and gruesome realities
Genre: Crime Drama with Soap Opera
Setting: Verona, RI

Recommended Viewing

  • The Godfather, Part One
  • The Departed
  • In the Line of Fire
  • The Shield
  • The Black Donnellys

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The Cast

Creegan Family

  • Police Chief Jonathan Liam Creegan: Police chief who will do anything to see justice done. Played by Eddy Webb.
    • Father was former Irish mobster? Made a promise to his son (Ryan Creegan). One of the executors of the will.
  • Henry Creegan: Dysfunctional father and public defender. Played by Russell Bailey.
    • Supporting character. Jonathan's brother, Bridget's father. Fuck-up. Poor father. Public defender. Tried to defend Franco, but only to cover up corruption on the family's side.
  • Bridget Marie Creegan: Little girl lost. Played by Kelley Barnes.
    • Recent divorcee. Loved Franco, but married the "next best" guy. Kind of slutty.
  • Lt. Michael Creegan: Police lieutenant with a secret. Played by David Bounds.
    • Owned and/or blackmailed by Vitaglian. Works directly for Jonathan.

Vitagliano Family

  • Dona Esmaretta Vitagliano: The matriarch. Played by Joseph Carriker.
    • Grieving wife of the don, current matriarch of la familia. One of the executors of the will. Mother of Julia Creegan (nee Vitagliano).
  • Franco Vitagliano: Loyal family thug. Played by Ned Coker.
    • Second brother, relatively rank-and-file. Lives by a code. Helped dispose of corrupt member of the Creegan family. Was in jail for 10 years, three years before Ryan and Julia's wedding.
  • Father Salvatore Vitagliano: Father confessor. Played by Michelle Webb.
    • Priest. Moral conscience of the families.
  • Nicolas "Nick Vitagliano" Podleski: Young turk. Played by Jason Bolte.
    • Adopted into the family. Polish. Fanatically loyal, and will do anything needed to help the family. Views the family code as "justice." Loyal to the Don, but not necessarily the Dona.

Supporting Characters

  • Candy McLeski
  • Dimitri Podleski
    • Nick Podleski's brother, a butcher. He's an honest fellow who disapproves of the life Nick's chosen.
  • Fabian
  • Frank Creegan
    • Son of Ryan and Julia Creegan.
  • Hans von Staten
    • Socialite and meddler who grates on Father Salvatore. "That damned Lutheren."
  • Jack Evans
  • Janice Chaplain
    • Megan Creegan's psychologist twenty years after the events of Verona.
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Joseph Marlow
    • Other driver involved in the car crash which claimed the lives of Ryan and Julia Creegan and which put Luciano Vitagliano in a coma.
  • Julia Creegan
    • Deceased daughter of Esmaretta and Luciano Vitagliano.
  • Karl Green
  • Luciano Vitagliano
  • Mary Anne Creegan
  • Megan Creegan
    • Daughter of Ryan and Julia Creegan. Twenty years after the events of Verona, she narrates in conversations with Dr. Janice Chaplain.
  • Patrick O'Malley
  • Ryan Creegan
    • Deceased son of Jonathan and Mary Anne Creegan.
  • Sal
  • Thomas Heanly
    • Verona city justice presiding over the custody battle for Frank and Megan Creegan. In the pocket of the Vitagliano family.

Series Sets

  • VPD Station
  • O'Malley's Pub
  • Vitagliano Manor
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Church
  • Castle Motel
  • Waterfront industrial area
  • Courthouse
  • Downtown neighborhood, ext.
  • Former Creegan home

Air Dates

Showtime: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Network: CCPN

Title Episode Air Date
Crash 101 Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
Crash; No Ned. Set-up episode.
Family Tradition 102 Monday, July 14th, 2008
Family Tradition; Casting notes: Family man and divorcee. (Creegan spotlight)
The Wages of Sin 103 Monday, July 21st, 2008
The Wages of Sin; Casting notes: priest and turk. (Vitagliano spotlight)
Loyalty 104 Monday, July 28th, 2008
Loyalty; Casting notes: Ex-con and blackmailed lieutenant.
War and Conflict 105 DATE TBA
War and Conflict; Casting notes: Donna and police chief.