Legacy of the Vermilion Serpent

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Six Solars, all fleeing the trauma and fear of their Exaltations.

Six Solars, brought to the King of Serpents to learn from his wisdom.

Six Solars, inheritors to a legacy they never asked for, never wanted, never sought.

Nontheless, it will seek them out, and they can but pray to be prepared for it. In the small village of Mahanaga, they learn to wield their blazing white-hot Essence, mastering the most potent power in all of Creation.

Will they use this power to uplift Creation to the glories of ages past?

Or will their hands be the hands that finally cast Creation into the darkness forever?

Only they can decide.

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Dreams of the First Age


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Scavenger Lands

Also called the River Lands, the Scavenger Lands is Creation's melting pot, a confluence of all the strange cultures and peoples in the world. The breadbasket of Creation, the Scavenger Lands is known for its Scavenger Lords, adventurer-archaeologists who specialize in raiding the ruins of the First Age and recovering the rare relics and artifacts of that fabled Age, making themselves obscenely wealthy in the process.

  • Mahanaga, once the Village of Serpents built at the base of the Monastery of the Serpent King, Mahanaga was destroyed in RY 768, in the month of Descending Air by strange men clad in black. It has since become a shadowlands, and the trade route it occupied between the Giarian Protectorate and the Keldin Cliff Cities abandoned for fear of the things that await within its tragedy-haunted borders.
    • The Sunspire The Tomb of a circle of Solars from the first age, ever so slightly west of Still Sky
    • Still Sky Far west of Mahanaga, Still Sky is a small village just outside of a bamboo forest with some eccentric individuals.
  • Nexus, the great trading city and headquarters of the Guild. Sapphire Veil's original home.
  • Great Forks, the City of Temples, known for its party atmosphere and the large number of small gods that dwell there. Aapo's original home.
  • The Keldin Cliff-Cities, home of the Ivory Star Dynasty of the Mountain Kings. Alabaster Mountain's original home.
  • The Marukani Alliance, a tribe of horsemen who occupy the lands south of Lookshy. Crimson Slate grew up among the Marukani, and considers herself one of them.

House Rules

  • Exalted Downtime Rules, a set of suggestions for handling swathes of downtime in Exalted.
  • Four Flaws of Invulnerability, an alteration to the Flaws that apply to the Perfect Defenses of the Exalted.
  • Silver and Jade, a rule set to reflect the fluctuation of Resources, and the system of investments meant to increase such, in Exalted.



  • You may have an unlimited number of specialties, though none can be higher than 3. No single roll may benefit from more than three dice worth of specialties, either.


  • Occult Basics, the Thaumaturgy that anyone with at least one dot in Occult can perform.
  • Gaining Thaumaturgy Specialties costs the normal cost for Specialties.
  • Procedures must be purchased individually, using points derived from the Thaumaturge Background.
  • Art of Spirit Beckoning: Additional Procedures for the Art of Spirit Beckoning.

War of Ages

A rule set intended to replace the Second Edition Mail & Steel system.