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  • Ten-Thousand Steps: A No Moon-caste Lunar with the Centipede totem, Ten Thousand Steps is a stealthy sorcerer (though the only spell he's known to wield is one that summons a hunting hound made of the five winds). He managed to escape despite intense efforts to prevent his get-away.
  • Horn of the Peak: A Changing Moon-caste Lunar with the Mountain Goat totem, Horn of the Peak is an archer with impressive leaping skills and strange social charms that inflict lust and terror in his victims.
  • Anointed Starfall: A very private & secretive Lunar in Great Forks that agreed to teach Crimson Slate the secrets of celestial sorcery when she was ready.
  • Epiphany of Granite: Earth aspected dragon-blooded and Arch Prelate of Soaring Majesty Father
  • Yrai Maheka: Earth aspected dragon-blooded met by Alabaster Mountain at the spa
  • Ebon Midwife of Wormwood Dirges Deathknight of the Walker in Darkness and ambassador to Great Forks.

First Age

  • Auspicious Mystery: deceased first age Eclipse caste; buried at The Sunspire; First Age incarnation of Crimson Slate.
  • Scarlet Morning: deceased First Age Dawn caste; First Age incarnation of Aapo. Also called "the Wanton Slaughterer."
  • Dreaming Pearl: deceased First Age Night caste; First Age incarnation of Sapphire Veil. Creatrix of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan style of martial arts.
  • The Deacon of Stone: deceased First Age Zenith caste; First Age incarnation of Alabaster Mountain.
  • Kodushan Rel: deceased First Age Twilight caste; First Age incarnation of Lin.
  • Consecrated Arrow: deceased first age Dawn caste; buried at The Sunspire.
  • Most Resonant Ahisa: deceased first age Zenith caste; buried at The Sunspire.
  • Thrice Fortuitous Stone: deceased first age Twilight caste; buried at The Sunspire.
  • Gander: deceased first age Night caste; buried at The Sunspire.



  • Taruzake: One of White Field Steward's children, Taruzake is the god of a unique, spicy rice wine (brewed using snake poison). He now accompanies a Circle of Solars who have agreed to spread the recipe for his wine, in order to grant him additional worship. He appears as a white fox with three tails.
  • Potrimpos: The Vermillion Serpent: Village-Father of Mahanaga, God of Serpents and former Herald of the Unconquered Sun, Potrimpos has been in hiding from Heaven since the end of the First Age. He was reportedly recently captured by the strange men in black who destroyed Mahanaga.


  • White Field Steward: God of Rice in the village of Mahanaga, White Fields Steward was also worshipped as a fertility god. His servants and children were the White Fox Guardians. White Fields Steward's precise fate since the destruction of Mahanaga is unknown.
  • White Fox Guardians: Small gods of Mahanaga's rice fields; they appear as small white foxes.

The Keldin Cliff-Cities

  • Soaring Majesty Father: local god of the Keldin Cliff-Cities
  • Eternal Ivory Dowager: once the dowager of the Keldin Cliff-Cities & Alabaster Mountain's grandmother. After having the current heir executed for being unfit, the Soaring Majesty Father lifted her up and made her a goddess charged with the task of weeding out unfit rulers in the realm.
  • Golden River Hunter: God of the Lionsroar waterfall and City Father of Lionsroar

Great Forks

  • Spinner of Glorious Tales: One of the three gods of Great Forks
  • Weaver of Dreams of Victory: One of the three gods of Great Forks
  • Shield of the Different Day: One of the three gods of Great Forks
  • Scales Beneath the Water: God of the Yellow River. Carries Black Jade Armor and Twin Blade Daggers.
  • Twelve Threats Rasp: God of Rattlesnakes. Takes form from a seething pile of Rattlesnakes.
  • Moonlit Ophidian Sybil: Goddess of Prophecy by taking snake venom. White robe and veil with pale scaled skin and possible writhing mass of snakes for a face.


  • Tien Yu: Goddess of Lookshy and the Seventh Legion
  • Sunipa: Eastern god of war; claims Lookshy as home


  • Father of the Pale Embrace: God of ghost pythons in Black Chase outside of Sijan.


  • Glory to the Highest: entity that replaced Potrimpos as Herald of the Unconquered Sun
  • The Momus: Leader of the Harbingers of the Last Breath


  • Sondok: She who stands in doorways. Guardian Soul of Ligier who was bound in the First Age to stand guard over The Sunspire. She was recently freed from that onerous duty by Crimson Slate, who is the reincarnation of the Solar who bound her originally, and thus had the authority to free her. She bought her freedom with the treasures of the Sunspire's tombs.


  • Tsi: Wood Mantis
  • Gold in the Shallows: Water aspected Sobek summoned by Crimson Slate


Aapo's Crimson Fox Warriors

  • Ginger: Destined Blazing Brazen Babe of Burning Bladed Band of ...fighters. 10 years old.
  • Thorn: A young 9 year old boy who was part of Aapo's beginning training with the Red Foxes, Thorn seems much more anxious to learn how to fight since his capture; where before it was just a game to him, it is clearly now something more.
  • Capering Puma: a slave given as a gift from Lily to Aapo

Sapphire Veil's Retinue

  • Grace: Former slave taken in by Sapphire Veil for training as a courtesan.
  • Viridian Spider: Tall and strangely androgynous Chayan slave, skilled in poison-lore and herbalism.

Alabaster Mountain's Retinue

  • Loyal Ash: Alabaster Mountain's remarkably talented & versatile manservant.

Serpent Monks

  • Copper Fang: A neophyte monk, Copper Fang had his legs broken by the strange men when he tried to defend his brethren, and now walks with a limp. His great shame is the loss of the scrolls containing the techniques for Golden Janissary, entrusted to him by his dying sifu.
  • Sturdy Python: A monk of some experience, Sturdy Python was on the verge of enlightening his Essence when the attack came, and his captors refused to feed him properly or allow him to perform the exercises needed. He has now watched his potential fade and has become very bitter about it.

Crew of the River Sparrow

  • Winter Duty: An older, matronly woman, Winter Duty takes care of the crew. Cooking, cleaning, repairing clothing and sails, and bending her wise eye toward the weather, she nurtures with a firm hand. She doesn't hesitate to scold, but she isn't shrewish. She has never spoken of her own family, though most assume that they were taken as slaves, considering the way she anxiously watches every slave the River Sparrow frees, as though looking for someone. Winter Duty was there when Foam Dancer Exalted, and it was she who connected the new Twilight caste with the prophecy of the Maiden of Rivers.
  • Bronze Dusk: A young, brash adolescent, Bronze Dusk takes a great deal of pride in being treated as an adult, and is utterly surly when treated as a kid. Though he wants to learn the Blade-Sage ways, he so far hasn't mustered the discipline that River Sword has claimed are necessary to learn it.
  • River Sword: A man in his late 20s, River Sword is one of the Blade-Sages of the Riverlin, skilled swordsman martial-artists dedicated to defending their tribesmen. River Sword is very protective of the Maiden of Rivers, and believes in her destiny almost more than she does, sometimes. However, he also dislikes the way Winter Duty pushes those expectations on her; he believes that she cannot be bullied into her fate, but must come upon it in her own way. It is clear to anyone that River Sword loves his wife Weeping Peony more than anything else, but his brotherly affections toward Foam Dancer are quite strong as well.
  • Weeping Peony: River Sword's wife is a charming, spry young woman around Foam Dancer's age. Though she was initially quite jealous of Foam Dancer when they first met because of River Sword's attention, she has since grown to accept that not only would Foam Dancer never think of betraying her trust, but River Sword's affection for the young Exalt is purely brotherly. She and Foam Dancer are the best of friends.
  • Three-Toe Toad: Toad is a surly, loutish older man. Scruffy-faced and balding, he is drunk more often than not. Despite this, he is probably the best sailor aboard the River Sparrow, capable of guiding the ship through the worst shallows and rapids with an ease that borders on the supernatural. Frog is probably the only one of the crew who doesn't fully believe that Foam Dancer is the Maiden of Rivers (at least, he claims not to). According to him, he is simply along so he can be there when it is proven that she isn't. He doesn't discount the good she is doing, however - he respects her for that, and thinks she is terribly brave. She just shouldn't bother with all that Maiden of Rivers nonsense.

The Keldin Cliff-Cities

  • Worthy Conflict: Bodyguard of the Ivory Star Heir and Champion of Lionsroar
  • Decisive Conclusion: Alchemist and martial artist; Worthy Conflict's lover
  • Tolmen Bruth: Major Domo and Heir's Regent for Lionsroar
  • Violet: Messenger-girl for the Guild of the Ever Shifting Leaves; Sapphire Veil attempted to gain her employ
  • Thrice-Honored Indigo: Secret mistress of The First and Forthright Son Unfettered in Endless Triumph; showed up pregnant at his funeral
  • Blue Fountain: Captain of a cargo vessel leaving Lionsroar; met at a tavern
  • Strong Oak: the son of August Rose, originally rescued by the Circle from slavers (Prelude, Chapter One, Descending Earth 24, RY 768). His mother was killed during the Massacre. A young man of about sixteen years, Strong Oak is very quiet and withdrawn.
  • Sweet Jasmine: the newly-wed bride of Sturdy Hound whom the Circle saved from heart wasp infestation. Her husband and family died in the Massacre, and she has scars from where she was beaten by the slavers.
  • Coral: An older woman, Coral was known as the central hub for all gossip in Mahanaga.
  • Autumn Storm: A pretty girl of fourteen, Autumn Storm is very quiet about what she experienced at the hands of the slavers who took them. She and Brave Frog were taken in by Sweet Jasmine after they were freed from slavers by the Solars.
  • Brave Frog: A little boy of six years old, Brave Frog seems to wander around, lost. Autumn Storm has taken to caring for him, though they aren't related in any fashion, and he very nearly never leaves her side.


  • Boundless Night: Sijan Mortician's Guild contact
  • Ashen Phoenix: Sijan Mortician's Guild contact
  • Sanctified Bull: Mort write from Mortician's Guild
  • Whisper of Vermillion: Funerist from the Mortician's Guild
  • Forsaken Dusk: Deadspeaker for the Mortician's Guild

Great Forks

  • Loquacious Suitor: painted fop & owner of the Emerald Masque in Great Forks; friend of Lily & admirer of Sapphire Veil
  • Vision of Gold: old blind man who tends to the Unconquered Sun's shrine in Great Forks
  • Osalva: Speaker of Serpents at the temple
  • Pale Heavens: Air-blooded performer who works at Emerald's Mask.


  • Sandusk Mantir: adventurous, pays guards well, tends to prefer more dangerous routes
  • Emerald Heaven: fop, jewel-ish Guard 'sargeant', safe routes caravan-master
  • Prosperous Standard: slaver in the bandit camp wanting freedom; knows the truth about the solars. Re-encountered in Lionsroar with a crop of slaves, some of whom included citizens of Mahanaga.
  • Weeping Cloud Lily: rising guild member residing in Nexus, childhood friend of Aapo
  • Silver Threnody: Guild Factor of Lionsroar


  • Torfalhen Dar: Savant in Nexus

Still Sky

  • Singing Cup: Dreadlocked Bamboo haired leader of people of Grove Folk in Still Sky?

The Deceased


  • Winter Star: Lost Egg Dragon-Blooded Air Aspect slaver with sleet-storm anima, wielded Thrice-Voracious Eater of Clouds (blue jade Cloudsplitter); deceased
  • Burning Orchid: Lost Egg Dragon-Blooded Fire Aspect slaver with fiery orchid anima, wielded Two-Fang Glory (paired red jade short Daiklaives); deceased
  • Dark Moon Blade: (deceased) Panther lady, black power - I mean Lunar Exalted
  • Abbot Uncompromising Viper: Abbot of the Mahanaga Serpent Temple. Serpent-totemed Lunar Exalted.
  • Swift Unrelenting Dragon: Dragon-blooded priest of the small town of Reverence; dead SPLAT


  • Trout: town drunk? (RIP: heart wasps were hungry)
  • August Rose: Widow lady attacked by slavers; mother of Strong Oak. Died in Mahanaga Massacre.
  • Iron Crow: non-Guild bodyguard/mercenary. Died in Mahanaga Massacre.
  • Righteous Mist: second-in-command at the monastery. Died in Mahanaga Massacre.
  • Sturdy Hound: married to Sweet Jasmine. Died in Mahanaga Massacre.