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A Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition Campaign
Welcome to the Great City of Liminal.
Forgive me for speaking out of turn, but you're clearly new to our fair city. At the risk of offending, it was obvious - only outsiders stare the way you were. No, no, it's no shame. Liminal is wondrous to behold, after all!

You obviously come from the Countryside around Liminal. From the foothills of the Savyrn Ranges, perhaps, or the hamlets in the shadows of the Delannwood? No matter - the Countryside is the Countryside, and you have never seen the things that Liminal has to offer you. We call her "the City Between," for reasons that will become apparent. Where else, after all, can you find the paths to walk that you can here?

Oh, certainly, a great many of the avenues and districts here are found in the world you know, the world that is the home to the Countryside, and all the nations beyond it. But look there. Do you see the dim red glow of the Coalman's District there at the far end of the wall, there? That is where this world touches the world of flame and fire. Beyond the Brass Gate in the Coalman's District is the terrible burning world, home to the ifrits and the red dragons, salamanders and fire elementals.

Likewise, do you see the rich green park-plaza there, the Greensward? Just beyond it is the Feywild, and the Greensward is the place where the Feywild and this world meet, like fingers touching in forbidden dalliance. Beyond the Gate of Thorns awaits the rest of the Feywild, and the fey lords of that world.

Will you find the Blackstreets, which touch the Shadowfell, or perhaps the temple district of Empyros, where the Great Heavens await on the other side of the Adamant Gate? Liminal is the great between-place, where the myriad worlds overlap like the petals of a rose, each distinct, but folding in on one another, to create the beauteous blossom that is the Great City.

If you would remain here, watch your step. The power of the City of Brass, the Feywild, even the Eternal Hells themselves meet and mingle here. The politics our nobles play are not for mere power or wealth: they are for the existence of Liminal itself.

But such concerns are above people like you and I. Come! I know of a wonderful bar where romantic devils and scandalous angels like gather to watch the most sinuous, barely-clothed fae dancers in all the worlds. They also serve the finest drinks mortal money can buy.

Company of the Rose & Thorn

The Crossroads City
Imbricate Cities

The Lands of Liminal
Gods & Religion
Greater Gods
Aevo, the King of Gods • Edyma, the Hearthmother • Ulandira, the Earthmother • Aeldryn, the Magicwright • Ildinmara, the Divine Seas
Lesser Gods
Aldinmure, the Crossroads God • Kaedlah, the Great Mystery • Khoro, the Sun Goddess • Xanayr, the Moon God • Elbitara the Triple Goddess of Love
The Gaunt, God of Death • Augdos, Underworld God • Makoryn, the Iron God • Gildammar, the Plaguewright • The Red Lady, Queen of War • Varum, God of Murder • Iritsa, Goddess of Seduction and Deceit • Admaak'Raas, the Mad God
Primordials, the First Makers • The Archfey of the Feywild • The Primal Spirits of the Natural World • The Starry Wisdoms of the Firmament • The Dark Powers of the Shadowfell • Alien IntelligencesAbyssal Lords, Masters of Demonkind • Vestiges of Power, Ancient and Fallen

The Rose & Thorn, Traveler's Quintan

Previous Characters

People & Places

  • Refugees: Those fleeing the attack of their Borderlands homes by the imperialistic nation of Tamous.
    • Jothium: Refugee leader.


  • The Society of Deeds Valorous: A fraternal organization of adventurers who extended an invitation to the Company of the Rose & Thorn.

Traveler's Quintan

  • The Rose & Thorn: Inn where our heroes have long-term rooms.
  • The Devil's Due: Tavern near the Hellgate where devils, tieflings and similarly shady sorts are known to congregate.
  • The Valdari: A rumored society of seekers of forbidden lore, with emphasis on soul-magics. The Devil's Due is tied to them in some capacity.

Workman's Quintan

  • Almath Knives: Ruling crime syndicate in the Workman's Quintan.
    • Galvanyk the Knife: Dwarven boss of the Almath Knives. Dreadlocked, short-bearded, heavily scarred from knife-fights.
    • Mother Crow: Rotund proprietress and madame of the Table of Three Crows.
    • Ildikar the Silent: Half-drow master knifesman; once hired as a henchman by the PCs.
  • The Table of Three Crows: Inn and brothel facing Almath Square; defacto headquarters of the Almath Knives.

Market Quintan

  • The Prosperous Mercantilist's Guild: The caravaneer and merchant's guild in the Merchant Guilds. Very rich and powerful.
    • Master Drinlea: Dwarven Master Mercantilist. She is very influential, dominating several trade routes in and around Liminal. Unassuming and unadorned in appearance; worships Aldinmure.
  • Sundaryn's Philtres & Elixirs: Spellwright's shop that deals in alchemical consumables, including potions, unguents and ointments.
    • Master Sundaryn: Eladrin Master Spellwright. Quite old.


  • The Iron Gaol: Temple to the god Makoryn. Also serves as a prison for Liminal, its priesthood acting as wardens and caretakers, each cell a shrine to Makoryn.
    • Atera Wynn: High priestess of the Iron Goal. Her title, "Atera" is a religious title, derived from the Infernal tongue, meaning "one who subjugates". Half-elf, with long dark hair and darkly shadowed eyes.
  • Razor's Caress: A brothel run by a tiefling dominatrix, that caters to "darker tastes".


  • The Spellwright's Guildhall: Guild Hall of the Most Numinous Spellwright's Guild, part of the Merchant Guilds.
  • Temple of the Serene Tempest: Monastery dedicated to the guardianship and service to the Grandmaster of Tides, an enlightened githzerai sage.


  • Grok's Family: Grok's mother and siblings have settled into the Warrens House, in the neighborhood inhabited by orcs and half-orcs, finding it more comfortable.
    • Shareen: Grok's human mother and the prize concubine of the old warlord Khash.
    • Togrek: Grok's younger brother, trained as a scout. (15 years)
    • Adasha: Grok's younger sister, who has been stealing away and raising runt worgs. (13 years)
    • Rahl: The youngest of the siblings, Rahl is quiet and shy. (6 years)

Outpost Three-Coin

  • Khathi Redforge: A master in the Ancient & Revered Order of Ironwrights, now in charge of Outpost Three-Coin.

The Delannwood

  • River Star Tribe: A clan of elves based around the river-city of River Star.
    • Aluviel the Lantern-bearer: A River Star ranger-mage who met the Company on the road through the Delannwood.
    • Theldir: A River Star ranger assigned to keep guard over the Company's night encampment.
    • Eresdiel: A River Star armorer who crafted L'loyrian's dragonclaw hide armor.
  • The Shifter Tribes: The three remaining tribes of the Delannwood shifters.
    • Draia: The chieftainess of the shifters.
    • Dausrig: A shaman of the shifters; one of Draia's consorts.
    • Paleris: A huntsman of the shifters; one of Draia's consorts.
    • Rhoys: Son of Draia; took an interest in and spent a night with Silvestre upon his return with the head of the Wolf Queen.


A city-state with a magocracy of astrologers in the River Kingdoms. The center of the city-state is the massive, twelve-towered Citadel of the Celestial Eye.

  • Knights of the Celestial Eye: A group of cavaliers and swordmages (called "starblades") dedicated to the defense of the Citadel of the Celestial Eye.
    • Perceptor Alimans:' A Knight-Seer of the Celestial Eye.
    • Sir Jaumrel:' A starblade that accompanied the Company of the Rose & Thorn on their expedition into the Badlands.
    • Edresh: An astrologer of the Intellect of the Vault who also accompanied them to the Badlands.
  • Tower of the Intellect of the Vault: The tower in the Citadel of the Eye dedicated to the Intellect of the Vault, a Starry Wisdom associated with concepts of madness and sanity.
    • Wisdom Cavernal: The Wisdom of the Tower, a somewhat perpetually distracted older human. He often speaks in the deep terminology of astrology, not seeming to realize when others can't follow his meaning.

The Ushtarak Gijak Tok

The massive horde gathered by Khash Razortooth. Their name means "Horde of the Blooded Earth". Its tribes are the Angijak Ishi (the Iron-Blooded, known for their blade-dervishes called "swordborn"); the Natbaur (Night Sons, known for their archer Raiders); the Staun Golog'thor (Season of Elf-Massacre, known for their elf-hunters who wield elf-bone bows); the Ragur Rrahmabi (Coward-Rapers, known for their berserkers); the Blug'kala (Castle Grinders, known for their Maul-Orcs, heavily armored, maul wielding juggernauts).

  • The Night Sons: A tribe well-known for their midnight raids, ambushes and the skill of their archer raiders.
    • Gojash: A raider of the Night Sons who aided the Company of the Rose & Thorn into sneaking into the horde

Campaign Rules

The Great City of Liminal

The Eight Imbricate Cities


There are eight cities imbricate to Liminal itself. Indeed, both Liminal and each of these cities share a single district in common that acts as the "crossing point" between Liminal and that city.

  • Arilan Atrin: Eladrin City of the Feywild. The Greensward acts as the crossing point between Liminal and Arilan Atrin, the eladrin City of Silver Spires.
  • Gauntpeak: Shadar-Kai City of the Shadowfell. The Blackstreets act as the crossing point between Liminal and Gauntpeak, a city populated by shadar-kai within the darkness of the Shadowfell.
  • Xanastyr: Githyanki City of the Astral Sea. Greytown acts as the crossing point between Liminal and Xanastyr, the githyanki city ruled by the lich-queen Eternal Xana.
  • The City of Brass: Efreet City of the Elemental Chaos. The Coalman's District acts as the crossing point between Liminal and the City of Brass, the ancient city of the efreet.
  • The Ruins of Gruenmar: Demon-Ruined City of the Abyss. The Warrens act as the crossing point between Liminal and the ruins of Gruenmar in the Abyss. An ancient city once settled by scholars of the Abyss, orders of demon-hunters and myriad interpid mortals there to support them, nothing but ruins remain on the surface. Only the Warrens connection to Liminal allows those who still dwell there to do so.
  • The Empyrean Court: Angelic City of the Empyrean Gods. Doorstep to the Great Heavens themselves, the Empyrean Court is a realm the serves the myriad needs of the gods and those who worship them. It skies are crossed by angels constantly, and its streets filled with the many peoples of the planes who revere the gods. It is a place sacred to priests, pilgrims and the faithful.
  • The Talion Court: Devil City of the Talion Gods. The battlefield on which the final battle of the Dawn War was waged, and the primordials defeated, the Talion Court acts as the threshold to the realms of the Talion gods. Devils in plenty are found here, as well as dynasties of tieflings, those who worship the Talion gods and all the other sorts of folk who might find benefit here - or who simply have nowhere else to go.
  • Basinadath: River-Trading City of the Elemental Chaos. The interweaving of Elemental Chaos rivers, called the Riverweb or Great Confluence, is a nature place for those who engage in planar trading. One of the largest cities there is Basinadath, a city of traders built around a handful of githzerai monasteries.