Half-Elves of Liminal

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The Lands of Liminal
Gods & Religion
Greater Gods
Aevo, the King of Gods • Edyma, the Hearthmother • Ulandira, the Earthmother • Aeldryn, the Magicwright • Ildinmara, the Divine Seas
Lesser Gods
Aldinmure, the Crossroads God • Kaedlah, the Great Mystery • Khoro, the Sun Goddess • Xanayr, the Moon God • Elbitara the Triple Goddess of Love
The Gaunt, God of Death • Augdos, Underworld God • Makoryn, the Iron God • Gildammar, the Plaguewright • The Red Lady, Queen of War • Varum, God of Murder • Iritsa, Goddess of Seduction and Deceit • Admaak'Raas, the Mad God
Primordials, the First Makers • The Archfey of the Feywild • The Primal Spirits of the Natural World • The Starry Wisdoms of the Firmament • The Dark Powers of the Shadowfell • Alien IntelligencesAbyssal Lords, Masters of Demonkind • Vestiges of Power, Ancient and Fallen

There are a good number of half-elves in the world, although fewer with the fall of Liminal. In some ways, people think of half-elves in association with Liminal, due to the large population of them that once dwelled where the Feywild came into close contact with the world of mortals.

  • Of interest is the fact that when the elves of the Delannwood dally with their shifter neighbors, the shifter blood is human enough to result in half-elves with no trace of lycanthrope taint to it. Such half-elves are almost always brought up among the shifter tribes.