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Lawful Neutral
Greater God of Skies & Kingship
Also called the Lord of the Skies, the One King, First of the First and the First of All Lords
Cleric Domains
Light, Tempest
Tenets of Aevo
Aevo is envisioned as a great kingly figure, a tall man seated on a throne, with close-cut but full beard and hair and a powerful body adorned by robes of the highest quality. His head is surmounted by a halo of spinning stars that is the crown of his kingship, and he bears a great sword across his lap. The four winds are his servants and heralds, and serve him depicted as kingly gryphons.
Aevo's holy symbol is an Empyrean Star crafted of gold, with a crown in its center. The other symbols of his faith are depictions of winds and gryphons (as well as hawks and lions), diamonds and lapis lazuli, as well regal swords. Because Aevo formed the first order in the universe, notions of civilization have their origins in him (although his daughter Khoro is rightly the goddess of civilization), so the heraldry of nations are also considered symbols of Aevo. Aevo's holy power in his champions shows forth as a hot wind and a brilliant white radiance.
Of the Greater Empyrean Gods, Aevo was the first made by the whim of the Primordials, and so powerful was the effects of Aevo's creation that the multiverse first split into Elemental Chaos and Astral Sea. Aevo led his breathren in the Dawn War. Since that time, Aevo has led the Empyrean Court, and it was by his command that the Talion Gods were wrought.
The Vault of Heaven (Heaven)
A vast realm of bluest sky, the terrain of the Vault of Heaven is made up of wispy clouds. In some areas, these clouds have been condensed to be like cloud-white marble, upon which structures of sublime grace and airiness are built. In these skies fly the angelic servants of Aevo, and a variety of his other winged servants, including the gryphons which are his symbol. The faithful dead of Aevo are also capable of flight, given silvery wings by their faith in the Sky Father.
The Aevonian Church of Angelic Revelation, the Almanni Theocracy, the Ancient and Orthodox Church of Aevo, the Faith of the Holy Throne (Tamous)

The Faithful

Worshippers of Aevo

Those who worship Aevo tend to be noble families and courtiers, as well as anyone in a position of leadership. Those who are thankful for effective and wise leadership may offer sacrifices to Aevo in thanks.

Priests of Aevo


Clerics of Aevo

Clerics of Aevo are the well-revered living saints of the Church of Aevo, and they inevitably rise to positions of prominence and respected leadership in the faith of the One King. Sword-wielding holy men who bring the word of civilization and order to the world, backing up the authority of nations in their dealings with men.

Paladins of Aevo

Practically the archetypal knights, Aevonian wear helmets that feature stylized crowns worked into the brow of the helm, to denote their status as the lords of battle. Paladins of Aevo are the most common knights errant, traveling the lands to see good wrought and uphold the strength of good common folk and nobles alike by slaying dangers at the edges of civilization.

Known Temples

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