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Lawful Good
Lesser Goddess of the Sun & Civilization
Also called the Bright Maid, the Lady of the Sun, Light of Civilization
Cleric Domains
Knowledge, Light
Tenets of Khoro
Seek to always protect civilization from the dangers of the wild and barbarism • Revere poetry, philosophy, and law, for these are the basis of true civilization • Be as the sun is to the earth, shining ever the light of order and justice to cast away the darkness of chaos and despair • Respect the laws of the land, working with those laws to change them if they are unjust
Khoro is depicted as a beautiful dusk-skinned maid with either dark black or pale gold hair. She wears a fringed helm and bears a spear in one hand, and a solar disk (or a shield, in some depictions) in the other. She wears a gleaming golden breastplate under long, flowing toga-like robes of white embroidered with golden edging. A mighty eagle perches on her shoulder, her companion and messenger to her father Aevo.
Khoro's holy symbol is an Empyrean Star crafted of gold, with a sunburst in its center. Her other symbols include eagles and spears, as well as golden chariots of fire. Gold (both white and yellow) and stones of a solar hue such as topazes, golden garnets and sunstones are favored by her priesthood, and her champions often wield spears.
Where Aevo and Edyma commingled their divine essences, Khoro rose from their union with the rising of the sun. Gleaming golden of countenance, with the nobility of her father and the desire to see the natural world tamed to a degree even greater than her mother, Khoro is a champion of the Empyrean Court. She was born at the same time as her brother Xanayr, and the two maintain a loving rivalry between them.
The Hearkenvale (Heaven)
The whole of the Harkenvale is actually divided between two domains. The Shining City is a great white, marbled city full of poetry and philosophy, where the faithful souls of Khoro discuss those subjects sacred to the sun-goddess, while her solar angels fly overhead in defense of the Shining City. The Twilight Wold is the wilderness that surrounds the Shining City on all sides, a place of wild beasts, vast free-growing vineyards and orchards and the wild souls who hunt them, all in Xanayr's name. His lunar angels call the faithful to the dance and to the hunt.
The Faith of the Holy Throne (Tamous)

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